Dissertation Results: Coming up with the Most Challenging Section

Dissertation Results: Coming up with the Most Challenging Section

So, you have covered a lot of grass on your student path. And now, you are at the final stage: preparing a dissertation paper.

Conducting research for your dissertation isn’t the simplest task. Actually, many students, even the brightest ones, find it very challenging. Each section of this paper requires a lot of attention, concentration, and free time as well.

If you have already done your primary or secondary research, don’t rush to relax. The next step is the analysis of your data and the preparation of the dissertation results section. If it causes you only irritation and headache, this article is for you.

When we ask students why they find the dissertation writing an impossible task, they usually have two answers. A lot of your peers simply don’t like to write large volumes of papers. There are some students who do not want to analyze the data because this process is pretty long and boring.

If one of these situations is close to you, think about taking advantage of professional help. You can order a dissertation results section right now. Or at least read our detailed guide. We will share with you all the secrets you need to come up with an amazing paper. They will save you a lot of time and impress your professor without much effort!

Quantative results section

You already know that research can have qualitative and quantitative results. This means that you should prepare information on both of these aspects. Below you will find useful tips for this purpose. 

Understand the basics of your research

If you want to avoid mistakes when recording quantitative results, you should start with your main variables.

Any quantitative study has one independent and one dependent variable. And at this stage, you need to clearly identify them. It is also important to indicate whether they were categorical or continuous.

For example, you want to evaluate whether men want to read more science fiction novels. In this study, gender is an independent variable. The dependent variable will be the desire to read the book. Since gender has male and female categories, this variable is categorical. A continuous variable can be used if you evaluate the desire to read a book on a specific scale. But if the participants in your research answer “yes” or “no” only, this is still a categorical variable.

Having identified these aspects, it will be easier for you to write a good dissertation section.

Outline descriptive and frequency statistics

Before you provide any analytical data regarding your hypotheses, you should consider descriptive and/or frequency statistics. This information will help to summarize your data and focus readers on the entire sample or a specific group.

To do this, you need to select all the variables used. Then designate their status: they may be categorical or continuous.

For the first, you will use frequency statistics, and report the number of participants in all categories and the corresponding percentages. For the second, you should use descriptive statistics are used, mean and standard deviation as well.

Report correlation analysis results

When you get the results of specific statistical tests, you need to report them in your section. It’s about correlation, which determines the connection between independent and dependent variables. For example, you can determine if the participants’ eye color matches their self-esteem.

Report regression results

This report will be a little more complicated. You need to inform your readers whether you have fulfilled all the assumptions for your analysis. You have definitely had some expectations, and only some of them were wet during your research. Here are some aspects you should consider:

  • assumption of lack of multicollinearity
  • assumption of no autocorrelation of residues
  • linearity assumption

For each of these assumptions, you need to establish some kind of data. For example, in the first case, it is that not one of your statistics on tolerance is less than 0.01. VIF statistics should not exceed 10. Use the research guide to find information for each type of assumption.

If they were not fulfilled, you should analyze the reasons.

Report a Chi-square analysis

As you already understand, regression and correlation are performed with continuous variables. But your variables may be all categorical. That means you need a chi-square analysis and its results. This will be the Pearson chi-square value, the significance value, the degree of freedom, and also the strength of the association.

Report t-test analysis result

The T-test determines the presence of significant differences between groups of participants when the independent variable is categorical, and the dependent is continuous.

You’ve already outlined descriptive statistics for these variables. Now your task is to determine the obtained value of t, the level of significance, and the degree of freedom.

You will also need to describe the ANOVA, ANCOVA, and Manova results. You can rely on your tutorial or ask for professional help. Our experienced writers will provide you with a quantitative results section written from scratch.

Qualitative results section

Presenting the qualitative dissertation results to readers is much easier. This is because you do not need to deal with numbers and other statistical information. Therefore, this section will be shorter. But don’t relax too early, it is still pretty important.

Starting your section with the results, you should indicate what type of research you conducted. It can be interviews, observations, focus groups. Below you will find more detailed information for each of these three types.

Interviews results

When conducting semi-structured interviews, a thematic analysis for the analysis of qualitative data will appeal to you. In this case, your work consists of:

  • transcription interviews
  • reading transcripts
  • assignment of codes for specific quotes
  • assignment of group codes for the formation of topics

When reporting the results of the study, you need to prepare paragraphs that will relate to specific topics. Each of these paragraphs may contain subparagraphs. You can use quotes from interviews to support your results in these subparagraphs.

Alternatively, before writing a dissertation on the results, you can create a table and list all your topics, subtopics, related citations. This will help you organize your paper and not forget about some really important aspects. Do not lose your train of thought if you want to make the study clear and understandable.

Observations results

The second option for your qualitative research is observation. This is a common thing for psychotherapists and other specialists of a similar profile. Perhaps you watched the work of other experts, such as a therapist, who explains to patients the reasons for their condition.

In coming up with the results for your dissertation, the first thing you should do is to classify your observations.

For example, you noticed that the therapist discussed:

  1. causes of the problem
  2. lack of medical problems
  3. stress level
  4. the connection between the real problem and the imaginary
  5. the new vision of the problem

You can separately report on each of these aspects. Outline the observation, and then provide your comments and conclusions.

Focus groups results

Focus groups have much in common with interviews. But what is the main difference? This is an interview with a large number of people, for example, 12 or 15. Of course, this differs in the features of the conduct, but the analysis has much in common with the analysis of the interview.

Suppose you put together a focus group that identifies the reasons why people love Pepsi and not Fanta. You wrote down the opinions of all participants on the recorder, decoded them, and extracted the topics. You also found a large number of reasons why people prefer a particular drink.

When you compile dissertation reports, you need to prepare two sections:

  1. Reasons supporting Pepsi
  2. Reasons supporting Fanta

Each of the sections will contain both specific reasons and specific quotes.

Order Custom Dissertation Results Right Now!

Of course, high-quality results look much simpler and more understandable. But there are those students who prefer writing a section with quantitative dissertation results. Everyone has their own talents and preferences.

In the same way, everyone has their weaknesses. A dissertation is really a voluminous paper that requires a responsible approach. It defines your further scientific career. And if you provide a low-quality document, you will have no other chance to make a good impression in the scientific community.

This means that at some point in the writing process, you may need expert help. The best solution in this situation is to break the entire task into several small subtasks. For example: preparing an introduction, preparing a literature review, preparing a dissertation on the results. Determine which of these subtasks you find interesting and enjoyable. Assign deadlines and complete them.

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