Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay

A global warming essay is one of the favorite themes for students’ researches. The topic is as important as this problem itself; it can never become stale in the modern world. Everybody has to realize the risks of global warming because the existence of humanity depends on whether people can fight it. 

Here the form of an essay is the best option to explore this vitally important theme. Besides, it is one of the best educational methods. Writing an essay will encourage the student’s researches and creativity and help to train the skills of working with multiple information sources, polish the personal writing style, prove the ability to think logically, present and defend personal options.

Tips on Preparing for Writing the Global Warming Essay

 An essay is always personal, and it is a free form of written work, but some doubts can take place. On one hand, there are no strict limitations other than defined by the author of the work. On another hand, an essay is supposed to deliver the author’s thoughts to the audience, meaning that the freedom of expression should be somehow structured and organized logically.

Fortunately, there are some useful methods and tips which can help to write a great essay on global warming or any other topic. And below we’ll discover which points you might lay on while doing your work.

Choose Your Theme Wisely

In many cases, there is a list of essay topics, and you can choose a definite theme from it. The global warming problem is huge and many-sided; thus, if several options are referring to this theme, pick that one which appeals to you most.

If there is just one “global warming essay”, you might clarify if you are supposed to give the general overview of the problem or you can concentrate on some definite aspects. Write about what you know or at least would like to learn more about. The main feature of an essay is the presence of your point of view on the problem.

Research on the Global Warming Problem

State the main idea of your work and its aim: what you are going to talk about and what reaction you want to get. Find reliable sources to run your research on the topic. You thought must be supported with facts. Refer to several valuable sources of information about global warming. You may cite some scientists’ opinions to prove your computation or offer different points of view on the problem and build your presentation from them.

While doing the global warming essay, note the following aspects:

  • Use the correct definitions of the phenomena you are going to explore in your essay: “global warming”, “greenhouse effects”, “greenhouse gases”, mention the names of these gases. Explain the meaning of the terms you will use.
  • Describe how the greenhouse effect works. It can also be worth mentioning why this phenomenon is called this way.
  • Define the causes of global warming and accentuate their artificial nature. They are well-known, still, no harm in reminding about the terrific consequences of the coal and oil fuel burning and deforestation.
  • Get facts and numbers. Refer to the historical data and compare how the values have changed during certain periods, especially regarding the amounts of the burnt fuel and CO2 emission into the atmosphere. Argue for human’s responsibility.
  • Describe how global warming is affecting nature at the moment. Here it will be useful to refer to the weather stats data on the temperature records, droughts, and climatic changes. Besides, one of the most dangerous consequences of global warming is reducing the glaciers and melting of the polar ice caps – present the numbers to illustrate the reduction of their areas. Explain how the rise of temperature of the ocean water can affect the water ecosystem and what problems coastline flooding will cause.
  • It would be perfect to bring graphs and diagrams to illustrate these changes in historical context.
  • Get the data on how the world is battling with global warming now. Explore the main documents and agreements accepted on the world level. For example, investigate the regulations of the Paris Agreement. Check which programs of the environment protection are in place.
  • Get the information about the green energy programs and how different countries of the world implement them, like using the energy of the wind, of the sun, and geothermal energy. Perfect if you include the stats data about the amounts of the green energy produced by different countries and how much it takes in the global pie. Name the “greenest” countries of the world.

Make a Plan of Your Global Warming Essay

Though the form of an essay means freedom and almost colloquial style, it would be unwise to present your global warming essay in the form of the stream of consciousness. It is a sort of scientific research, so, make it neat and efficient to not only express your point of view but help the audience understand it, even if that audience consists of one person only. Making a plan of work is a great method of putting all things together.

Do not consider making a plan a strict law to obey. You as an author might prefer free writing without any plans and if it works for you – write as it is natural. And even if you composed the plan, it is not obligatory to keep to it exactly. It is one of the useful methods, but it depends on you whether you are going to take it.

But if you are a “person of planning”, then making a proper structure helps to organize all those data you have gathered during your researches, state your thesis and recite the facts.

Mark the main points of your essay, where each item of the plan would reflect one of the ideas. Then add minor points for each entry and describe what you are going to put there. You are not forced to create an ideal plan at once – you can edit it as you wish in the process, add and remove paragraphs and sub-paragraphs.

The main aim of composing a plan it is to manage the data and ensure that your global warming essay will be logical and have unity. Your main ideas should be tracked easily throughout the work. 

How to Compose the Global Warming Essay


In your essay define the theme of your work and why you chose it. You may refer to some personal association, cite some other person, and explain the importance of this topic. Introduction means much, as here you get the readers’ or listeners’ attention and make them wish to get the rest of your story.


Proceed from the general concept to particular cases. For example, if your global warming essay is dedicated to some separate aspects of the problem, start from the brief description of the process and then specify that you are going to explore the definite subject like the problem of Amazonian forests or glaciers reduction.


Depending on your theme and form selected, divide your essay into several sub-paragraphs. State the idea, show your arguments, and make a partial intermediate conclusion. For example, describe the effects of the sea level rise with proper examples. Here you are welcome to use statistics, the latest results of the scientific researches and even breaking news contents if these data can support your ideas. Avoid referring to the pseudo-scientific claims. There are representatives of the opposite point of view considering that global warming does not threaten our life at all, but the scientists disprove them. And citing their incorrect postulates won’t add diversity to your concept. It will simply make it vaguer.


Here you are supposed to make logical conclusions. Remind about the initial problem of global warming, analyze it in brief and offer some personal deduction on its further impacts, prospects and what people can do to resolve it.

Essays are mostly written in the colloquial style with a high level of personalization. Your language is the way of expressing yourself through the word choice. If you are supposed to read your essay in public, you should deal with the audience and ensure that your text will sound interesting. The language will help to make contact with the listeners.

At the same time, the global warming theme is serious, so, don’t turn your essay into an easy story. It is a scientific investigation, after all. Use correct terms, use citations, but evade sophisticated and rare words with vague meaning. Keep to the mainline and don’t get distracted by irrelevant information. 

With the help of the above methods, you can be sure that your global warming essay will be interesting, informative and properly written to show your best sides as an author and a researcher.

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