What Is Romeo and Juliet Essay All About?

What Is Romeo and Juliet Essay All About?

          “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the most recognizable tragedies, written by William Shakespeare. This is a story of fate and affection. The plot of this love tragedy is grounded on Old Italian tale that was translated into English in the 16th century. The original story version shows mostly situations and lines from the most popular fortune lovers. Each story act is the paper’s section. The version by Shakespeare demonstrates more characters such as Paris, Tybalt, and Mercutio. The tragic scene that was described in a play modified fate and life of 2 families of Montague and Capulet. 

Love Tragedy or Story

           In this play, a number of main critical themes are revealed. Many families were influenced by these young people. Check the next themes if you want to study the main ideas of the play:

  • Value and duality;
  • Love and fate;
  • Meaning of gender.

Value and Duality

         The impressive duality is shown in the plot of the story. The reasons for Verona’s tragedies are the deaths of these young people. However, they bring a new order to the city. The ambiguity is revealed by Laurence Friar, forcing and helping the couple to suffer in the end. There was a reason to marry people for Laurence. 

          He hoped to end the feud between the families of Montague and Capulets grounded on great-unnamed offense, setting two families apart. One more necessary character is Friar John, who hoped to send a message to Laurence but was late with it. The quality of actions and events is vivid. The message by Shakespeare is evil and good. The story of these young people highlights the happiness and blame brought by the major events.  

Love and Fate

           The central concept of the story is fate. It lets look at the affair like a single tragedy. Love is one of the most crucial components of the play. Both necessary concepts are central. From the very beginning, the reader knows that the story will end in devastating tragedy. It represents a great value of destiny and fate events. From the first pages, the story forecasts inevitable deaths. The extreme power of Verona is fate. 

          In the first act, Lord Capulet began his searches of a person who is aware of how to read to assist him in reading the guest list. It was not an accidental meeting but a sign of fate. It was a terrible time for young lovers. Fate was not on their side. Love is one more important component represented in the role of Romeo, Paris, and Nurse. It is depicted as sympathy, romantic affection, and physical attraction. It is impossible to find a real type of love. 

Meaning of Gender

          This is a final theme to be analyzed in Romeo and Juliet essay. The play represents its own masculinity vision. Mercutio is the right character, following the idea of being an active citizen, brave, and a real man. Romeo is just a young boy, seeking for Rosaline and finding Juliet adoration. The reasons for Romeo to kill Paris were lost infatuation, fear, and hate. Then he commits suicide, proving he is less masculine.  

How to Write a Romeo and Juliet Essay?

  1. Conduct research on the topic. Make notes of the most important ideas which you might use in your paper.
  2. Think of the way to organize the main ideas. Make a detailed outline of your paper to help you keep the flow of the essay logical.
  3. Begin with writing the draft. Start the intro paragraph with a catchy hook to draw the reader’s attention. Specify the topic you want to argue in your paper. Compose a strong thesis statement of your paper.
  4. Compose body paragraphs, conveying your ideas, and backing up your thesis with proper details and pieces of evidence. Give relevant citations.
  5. Generate a conclusion. Restate the thesis. Summarize main ideas. Explain why your thoughts are necessary.
  6. Proofread and revise your draft. Edit when it is needed to make sure it is mistakes-free.  

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics:

  1. What is the main role of Mercutio in this story? What makes him set apart from other characters?
  2. Analyze the Friar Laurence character. Explain what motivated him.
  3. Write about the most necessary literary tool in the play and support your point of view with the text.
  4. What is the concept of fate in Romeo and Juliet’s play?
  5. Which Compare & contrast the Juliet and Romeo characters and describe the way they develop through the tragedy. Explain the reason why did they fall in love with each other.
  6. Discuss Romeo and Juliet’s relationships with the parents. Do you believe that they were rebellious in the contemporary sense?
  7. Do you believe that the tragic end of Romeo and Juliet’s story might have been avoided?
  8. Give explanations of how the feud between 2 families is driving the action of the entire play.
  9. Are some of the literary tools utilized in the tragedy to create humor?
  10. Discuss the love as a necessary theme in the tragedy.
  11. Explore the main motifs of light & darkness in a play.
  12. Examine the use of paradoxes in the tragedy and explain the way they relate to the play as a whole.
  13. Who is the one to blame for Juliet and Romeo’s deaths?
  14. Compare Romeo & Juliet and the West Side Story.
  15. Explore the way Shakespeare utilizes imagery to intensify the drama & highlight the most central themes.
  16. Is Romeo and Juliet’s story relevant nowadays?
  17. What is making the opening place scene so efficient?
  18. Compare & contrast the Tybalt and Mercutio characters.
  19. Is Romeo & Juliet a classical play or a tragedy of the circumstances and personality?
  20. Explore the way Shakespeare utilizes gold and silver symbols in the tragedy and explains what each of these symbols represents.
  21. Analyze the way Shakespeare utilizes language (rhyme, verse, prose, and rhythm) to establish characters and set the mood. 
  22. What are the techniques that are utilized to convey the character and his relationship to the entire audience?
  23. What is the main role of foreshadowing in the tragedy?
  24. Analyze the main role of the disorder and hatred in a play and explain the consequences of them.
  25. What are the types of love that are portrayed in the tragedy?
  26. What is the main theme in a play?
  27. Analyze the utilizing of the death theme in a tragedy.
  28. Discuss the main poetic forms which are utilized in the tragedy.
  29. How does the play differ from some other Shakespeare’s tragedies?
  30. What are the most important moral themes in the play?

Romeo and Juliet Essay Example:

Topic: What are the types of love that are portrayed in the tragedy?

           “It is difficult to say that love in its traditional meaning is depicted in a play. It is worth mentioning that there are several types of love. For example, the love “philia” is love as a friend to somebody. There is also a kind of love called “agape,” which means the ability to sacrifice something for the one you love. The third type of love is “eros,” which is a kind of passion that needs sexual relations.

          It is possible to assume that the love described in the play “Romeo and Juliet” is more like a combination of two Greek types of love – agape and eros. To prove, it must be mentioned that the lovers had sexual relationships and were passionate about each other. The agape type of love is present in a play since the lovers killed themselves to prove they love each other till the end. However, this decision might not be called the wisest one. 

          All things considered. There are two types of love described in the tragedy that is interconnected. These kinds of love, however, did not let them finish their affection positively. Perhaps, it might be concluded that the perfect type of love is a combination of 3 types of love. If Romeo and Juliet began their relationships with a simple friendship, the end would not be so fatal.”  


          To sum up, the essay about Romeo and Juliet is rather difficult to write, if you have not read a play and are not aware of what is going on there. To generate a solid Romeo and Juliet essay, you should read the entire play. 

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