Top Secrets of Performing Book Critique

Top Secrets of Performing Book Critique

It’s crucial to understand well the main point of a critique once performing a book critique. A clear vision of a critical writing will be very helpful for every writer who needs to perform a flawless paper. This exceptional kind of paper does not require a simple repeating of the story written in a book. The main purpose of the book critique is to provide a proper critique, thus to perform a review of the book analyzing its main ideas, concepts, events, and characters. Every writer needs to think critically while performing a paper. Definitely, it is complicated to perform a book critique. You need to take into account a bunch of important aspects to include in your paper. In addition, you need to read an analyzed book first and understand its main issues and ideas to be able to explain them to readers.

Proper Format of a Book Critique

Remember to follow a proper book critique structure since this is the only way to perform a flawless final paper. Therefore, create a paper that consists of the three main parts – an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


This part of a book review needs to contain the main thesis statement. Here you explain the main idea of your article as well, together with the main book’ details like authors name, the full title, the year of publication, and the main ideas the author was trying to reveal. You can add your overall impression of the book if needed.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of a book critique contain the main information and a thesis statement with the explanation and supporting details. Your readers can be not very familiar with a book you are writing about, thus provide enough details for readers to understand the main plot of the book. You must provide a perfect picture of the main events described in the book, together with an exceptional analysis of its main characters. Remember to provide a summary of every chapter of a book.

Therefore, the main purpose of the body parts’ writing is divided into two pieces:

  • To summarize the book;
  • To evaluate its main ideas.


The analysis is the major task of your critique. This is the exact stage of a book critique writing, where you demonstrate how you understand the way an author was writing his book, and the main ideas he revealed in it. In order to provide a proper book evaluation, keep following the next writing instructions:

  • Outline the main plot of the book, and figure out whether it is logical or not. Explain the existed inconsistencies if they are provided in a book.
  • Describe the main characters. Write down what you think about them. Tell about the way the main characters were developing through an entire story. Outline positive and negative characters, etc.
  • Analyze the language of the text. Show whether the language used helps to outline the main ideas of the book or not.
  • Reveal the main idea of the book and evaluate the author’s efforts to express it entirely.
  • You should talk about the uniqueness of the writing. Check whether the story author was telling could be interesting for modern readers. Name the books with similar topics, etc.
  • Outline the social importance of an analyzed book. Write about the main things it can teach readers, and how valuable it can be for scientists, researchers, etc.
  • Express your personal opinion. The entire critique is your personal opinion revelation. In the same time, you need to discover the way you see the book, its writing style, the main topic, events and characters described.


The conclusion is the exact part of the paper here you reveal your personal opinion about the book, evaluate its importance for readers and compare a book with other similar books. You can write about your personal point of view, and show how you appreciate or do not appreciate the things the author was writing about. We hope our assistance and instructions will help you to perform a perfect paper written according to all requirements. You can look for other useful materials online if you need more information on how to perform a perfect book critique.

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