Dealing With Compare And Contrast Essays

Dealing With Compare And Contrast Essays

Have you ever had to create a paper? Maybe it was an essay? For sure, it was as this type of paper is the most common way of evaluating the knowledge of students and their ability to deal with data. 

Nowadays, more and more teachers give the task of preparing compare and contrast essays. This is a good idea to see how people think and be able to analyze things. So if you wanna know how to create such a good paper, this article is for you to discuss key aspects of successful papers.  

Step 1. What Will Be Inside?

Begin with a careful reading of the instructions. If there are some requirements on how to write, follow them, as it is a must. Pay attention if there are some limitations. 

While writing your file one by one, check whether you follow the given requirements. Apart from them, it is a good option to go through the useful pieces of advice that are written below and use them. 

Create a Basis for the Comparison

Then you are supposed to evaluate the list. Go through the points you include in your list and decide whether they are connected to your topic. Think of the way you will compare things in your writing. Start with a theoretical approach that a practical one will follow. Decide whether you would like to find a solution or just analyze the historical topic. Deciding on this has an influence on the manner and style of writing.

Pay attention that the comparison should be based on the author’s thesis or on the main idea. It is possible that the teacher of yours can present the basis for comparison, so before you begin your work, don’t fail to read the instructions. Also, this very basis can be formed by the topic itself or some features of the essay. 

Still try to pick only those things that will be interesting in analysis and compare not to get bored and not to make the readers bored too. 

Research Is Required

Before something is compared, conduct a small research. For sure, you should have a clear understanding of what will be discussed. Especially when there are some serious topics, take your time to get enough sources and knowledge about them. 

Working on Thesis

Don’t forget that the essay should include short and clear sentences having the essence of the paper and explaining what will be mentioned further. It should prove the things you discuss are worth paying attention to.

Step 2. Deal With the Content Itself

Begin this step by creating a project. Let it be a draft. It could look like a common plan, including key things and their sequence in writing. Also, you can already write your points that will be developed just after the list of them is prepaid. 

You can mix your details in every paragraph. This means the subjects are discussed in every paragraph. For instance, the second paragraph is all the colors of two items, followed by the comparison of the size. When in the third one, the use of the subjects is being talked about. 

This method has the advantage that the attention of the reader is on the two subjects at the same time easing the process of analysis. Use it for rather long writing, but not too difficult. 

Various Topics

Apart from common ways of comparison, there are still some interesting ones. For instance, it is all about alternative topics in different paragraphs. Don’t you know what we are talking about? See: you start with a common beginning, but the following paragraphs look a bit different. Let the second paragraph see one of the aspects of the first subject, while the following one will include the aspect of the second item. Thus each new paragraph describes a new feature of one of the subjects one by one. But make sure the sequence is correct. This method applies to the papers that require really deep analysis. 

The Subject at Once

In case you don’t want to combine talking on two subjects in one paragraph, you can behave in the other way. This means only one subject will be mentioned in the paragraph, while the other thing will be in the following one.  But mind that it could be dangerous enough, and the reader might find it difficult to read. One more recommendation, this method is appropriate only for short papers, where there is not too much data presented. 

Step 3. Finishing

Be calm while writing your paper. Take enough time to meet the deadlines and to spend enough hours on each and every part of the document. Before the writing process starts, why not create a plan for yourself. With its help, the work will be even more productive. In your plan, it is possible to divide time smartly. Then when you know how much time in general you have you won’t be lost. 

There is a good option to start with the second part sharing your ideas there. Doing it in such a way ensures you will create a good and logical introduction. Then follow with the conclusion. When there is a basis, it is time to get down to the final part. Thus you will have time to organize the text in the correct way. 

Create the text of your paragraphs logically. The very first sentence brings the reader to the topic that will be discussed. Then all the sentences in the middle should contain the data that is gathered. Form the connections that will assist the reader to understand what is going on. 

Be careful and don’t try to include additional unnecessary details. It is better to concentrate on the essence. At the same time, don’t overdo analyzing some single aspects of your subjects because the reader could not always get to know the connections and the sense of them.  

After all, as mentioned above, I am ready, write a good ending. After it, the audience is supposed to feel that he/she becomes smarter and gets to know something new. The conclusion needs to review all the documents but avoiding repetitions. The last sentence should leave the reader with the feeling that he/she was dealing with a logical document that is coherent and professional.  Create your paper on a high level of standard and quality!

Various Points of View

Be aware that different people think differently. Knowing it, it becomes obvious that even the comparison of the things could look in various ways. Pay attention that comparisons can sometimes not get to that obvious conclusion. Thus organize your arguments in such a way as to achieve the desired result. Do you have things that are too different? Still, try to find at least one common feature, and talk about it. 

Useful Pieces of Advice to Mind

How can you help yourself while starting writing? Deal with a topic. Establish connections between the things you compare. Followed by the development of comparing them. After deciding on what will be compared, mention it in the thesis. Let it be the end of the first paragraph. 

Then work on the next two parts. When they are ready, go to the analysis of the ready paper. If there is enough time, then leave it for some days. After it, it will be easier to analyze how well the document was written. If there are some mistakes, just correct them. To add more, it is a good idea to ask your friend to read it and look for a problem. 

Check whether all examples were used appropriately and if they describe the subject itself. The key aspect not to forget is telling what will be compared and simply following it. Make the title and the first part so interesting that it attracts the attention of the audience.

Remember That These Aspects Should Be Avoided

When you compare some things or topics, don’t make that common mistake. It is all about saying that they are similar and different at the same time. Unfortunately, this will make the paper of yours very weak and make the audience think you are not specialists in the field. 

There is a need to be specific and clear. Forget about too general sentences and phrases. What’s more, mind that repeating yourself in the very end is a bad idea. Just use other words that will describe your concepts in another way. 

Do you know what a not-balanced comparison is all about? This means when the reader talks more about one of the subjects or topic more than the other one. So this should be avoided too. 

Read the things mentioned above one more time and make sure you follow the necessary steps and rules to prepare a great paper. In case you have some difficulties with writing, why not trust this thing to professionals? The writers of our time are at your disposal any time it is required. Use your chance and increase your chances of becoming one of the best students impressing teachers.

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