Social Issues Topics

Social Issues Topics

Sociology is one of the most interesting subjects. Many college and university students study it with great pleasure. And all because this is a great opportunity to find out more information about the world around us, to discuss various important topics and problems. Especially if you have a good mentor, with professional qualities and progressive thinking.

But, like any other subject, sociology entails a large number of student work. For example, writing an essay. On the one hand, this is a simple task, because no one requires you to quickly answer complex questions. You can calmly express your point of view, prepare good arguments. In your essay, you can even open a discussion, raise issues that were not discussed before. It is also a great opportunity to study research. Writing an essay is often a challenge to yourself. On the other hand, not all students are equally good at expressing their thoughts in writing. After all, you need not just to write a few sentences, but to compose a coherent and reasoned story. You can use our ideas and tips or order a ready-made social issues essay!

What Is a Social Issues Essay?

Social issues are situations that directly or indirectly affect each of us. These are the questions that each person asked. And they can be solved only through collective efforts. Depending on the era, country, economic factors, the list of social issues may be different. In the essay, you need to highlight the problem, describe its importance, provide options for solving problems. So the professor will be able to assess how much you understand modern issues, whether you are able to conduct in-depth analysis and look for a way to solve it.

How to Write a Social Issue Essay?

Of course, you can just sit down, grab a pen and start writing. But it will be much more effective to follow a certain plan. We offer you some simple recommendations that will facilitate the process of writing a social issue essay.

Choose a good topic

You need to analyze the list of current social problems in order to choose one of them. It should be interesting for you, your audience. It is important that the topic causes some controversy. After all, no one is interested in reading about the topic, where everyone adheres to the same point of view. Also, the topic should be in demand so that you can find enough information and arguments. Consult with your mentor to make sure that the selected topics are suitable for the task.

You can read international news in the media, study trending hashtags on social networks, chat with your friends and classmates. There are also problems that never lose their relevance, such as democratic values, bullying, income inequality, post-graduate employment, etc.

Take time to learn information

When writing an essay, you should be guided only by reliable, academically proven sources. Your opinion really plays a big role, but only if you give reasonably convincing arguments and logical evidence. Do not trust the first media that come across, as they often broadcast a biased opinion.

Find compelling examples

Since your essay is dedicated to current issues, it will not be difficult for you to pick up examples from real life. They will help you to make the opinion even stronger, to convey the idea to the reader.

Be simple and concise

Your essay is an opportunity not only to get a good grade and to recommend yourself to the teacher. You are trying to convey any thoughts to readers, to show the importance of the problem, options for solving it. Therefore, you must make sure that you are understood correctly. Use simple and relevant vocabulary. Complicated words and confusing examples will certainly not help attract an audience.

Don’t forget about proofreading

Before you submit your essay on social issues to the teacher, make sure that it meets all standards. Your paper should not have typos, spelling or grammar errors. Even if you express your thoughts competently enough, such errors can scare the reader away. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time for proofing, or order a professional check. Also, your essay must be unique, free from plagiarism.

Some Social Issues Topic Ideas for 2020

Here you will find a list of interesting topics that you can use for inspiration. You do not have to choose a topic from the list, but it will help you understand what it is about and what direction is worth thinking.

  • How different sections of the population understand human rights and their violations
  • Death Penalty: Pros and Cons
  • Is it possible to evict a person from home?
  • What should be fair justice?
  • Are women and men equal?
  • Why doesn’t society trust the police?
  • Why is there a distinction between rich and poor in the 21st century?
  • Who is to blame for poverty?
  • Can our society be called a consumer society?
  • How does illegal immigration affect the US economy?
  • Why unemployment exists
  • Is there a relationship between economics and global warming?
  • How to solve the problem of homelessness?
  • The main mistakes of capitalism
  • Charity: Pros and Cons
  • Why do teens develop anxiety?
  • Child labor: how global is this problem?
  • Does a school uniform really destroy children’s identity?
  • Should a foster family exist?
  • The importance of sexuality in modern schools
  • Why do people oppose vaccinating children?
  • Why is it difficult to find your first job?
  • What determines the trends of modern society?
  • Expression methods for youth
  • To be an individual or a part of society?
  • Where do stereotypes come from?

6 Tips For a Successful Social Issue Essay

A good topic is really the key to a quality essay. It determines the mood of the paper, its main arguments. But this does not mean that it is enough to come up with a topic and an A-grade is guaranteed to you. You have to make your paper really high quality and interesting. Here are 5 tips to help you with this.

Tip 1. Rely on brainstorm

When writing an essay, you need to be original and creative. Actual social problems are well known to people and no one wants to read well-known thoughts for a long time. Therefore, try to study diverse sources, find an opinion that will be the opposite of your point of view. Watch the news and debate. After that, turn off notifications from social networks, set the time on the timer and do a brainstorm. This will help you come up with really new ideas, look at the problem from a different angle. The longer you think, the more interesting your ideas. The very first ones are usually superficial. Try to get to the bottom of the matter.

Tip 2. Define the topic

As soon as you understand what social problem is close to you, it’s time to narrow the topic. You need to write not about something in common, but about the concrete. It is specific problems and stories that attract the attention of readers. This is a very big plus, as you can present a unique vision of the problem. In addition, you will save time on preparation, because you will immediately know what materials and sources will be useful to you.

Tip 3. Think about your goal

Most likely you are writing an essay because you received such an assignment from your teacher. But this reason is not enough. You must be inspired by the topic. What social issue really resonates with you and why? Perhaps you feel involved in it? Faced discrimination personally? Or are you helping other people doing charity work? The goals may be different, but they will help you determine the mood of the essay and write a really informative paper.

If the task seems too simple, you can change the viewing angle and write an essay on behalf of a person unfamiliar with the problem. Or use your knowledge and experience to make the paper more convincing.

Tip 4. Focus on your main argument

The topic of social justice is very complex. Most likely you will be able to find some interesting arguments. But some of them will be stronger than others. Therefore, you need to find such arguments and direct your time and attention to them. Of course, you can write 10 or 20 sentences confirming your point of view. But sometimes even one is enough. Do not waste time in vain and devote it to what is really capable of changing the worldview of your readers.

Tip 5. Write specifically

Social topics are another important issue. Often they are too philosophical or hypothetical. You can talk for ages. But you have already chosen a topic that is truly relevant and based on reality. Therefore, your philosophical reasoning will not be accepted by readers positively. Show real examples and real solutions to the problem.

If you feel that you cannot write a really high-quality paper, you can always entrust this task to experts. Professional authors will choose the social issue’s topic for you and write an essay, taking into account the requirements of your teacher.

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