Steps of Writing a Statement of Purpose

Steps of Writing a Statement of Purpose

Define the Expression First

Every student who wants to apply for further education is encouraged to fulfill this task. In a nutshell, this application is a sort of copy in which you stumbled upon your benefits trying to convince the selection committee you deserve to study here.

Among other things, SOP can demonstrate not only your factual concern in the subject but also competence as a student. The SOP is nothing but a written work. If you compose a paper in compliance with the rules, the committee will consider you as someone they might want to run. 

SOP can be your ticket to a happy future. However, if it is not designed properly, this paper may be ending line. This is why the approach you apply has to be meticulous when jotting down this type of assignment.

A Detailed Copy Format Guidance

Although the importance of the statement of purpose differs from the standard essays on a given topic, the narrative format itself is not very different from the common scheme. Before writing an assignment, the writer receives the demands required for it that must be followed. This case is no exception. Be sure to guarantee that everything you are expected to do is achieved. This pertains to don’t and it’s size, indentation and other technical details that may be required.

It is very important to keep track of the number of words written. Usually, this type of letter does not exceed the length of 1-1.5 pages. If you start stretching the text further, the members of the committee will not appreciate it. It may seem that you fail to express your thoughts clearly and highlight the main points.

Do not try to hook the inspection board with creativity when it comes to the format of the work. Each type of writing has its own guidelines, and changing the structure and making your own shifts is not the best choice, especially when it comes to such an important assignment. By making your own subjective adjustments in the design of the statement, you will make the situation worse. 

First of all, it will look like you are not a very attentive student and have not been able to properly familiarize yourself with the task. Second, the selection committee may consider this as a disregard for the entire institution to which the student hopes to apply.

There is no doubt, it is better not to show yourself here, but stay true to the principles. Beyond that, unreasonable creativity can play a bad joke on you.

Making up a text

SOP, like every type of message, has a specific structure to follow. Devote each passage to one aspect. This means that each subsequent paragraph touches upon one aspect and here it comes to a more in-depth consideration. Obviously, the topics may correlate with each other, but do not disrupt the structure drastically. If your text looks like a whole mess consisting of your childhood reminiscence, mixed with the memories relating to your crush, it is less likely that the committee appreciates it.

You should consider the following aspects:

  1. Personal information and short-term goals to achieve.
  2. ​Reason to submit for training and your motivation.
  3. ​You value the institution.
  4. ​Your long-run objectives.

Each item in the list should be related to the corresponding paragraph. Now that you have a general idea of what the copy should look like in general, you can go deeper into the details and understand the specifics of each part.

1. Personal information and short-term goals

The first paragraph is always the most difficult because it’s always hard to start. Personal information is a concept everyone can define in their own way. It’s your youth, including school and university years, and any information you can recall. It’s manageable to get confused and write something that has nothing to do with SOP. In order not to mislead and provide the admission board with essential and valuable information, focus on the following aspects:

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is the program you want to participate in. If you want to study medicine, connect all your memories and details from your past with medical science. If you want to spend the next few years studying engineering, focus on how you couldn’t have had a better time as a child than designing and exploring the machine parts.
  • Tell the committee about your achievements, successes, and awards that you have received during your studies at other educational institutions. Don’t be modest, but don’t overdo it so that it doesn’t look like you’re bragging. Specify your experience. If you mention you were one of the best students in high school, it will show absolutely nothing about you. However, if you indicate precisely what you received the awards for, different story.
  • In this paragraph, focus not only on who you are but also on who you want to be, so to speak. In other words, describe what you want to achieve in the shortest possible time. Perhaps you have an idea for research, or you are ready to start exploring a topic that you have long dreamed of. Don’t forget to indicate how the graduate school can help you with your undertaking. Simply put, outline your immediate goals if you are successfully enrolled. 

2. The ​reason for applying: what makes you proceed the learning process 

Motivation is actually one of the most important things to mention in writing. It will show your concern and eagerness to study. Again, be more precise in determining your enthusiasm. Do not use set phrases because such statements do not natural. Imagine you have a great craving to learn languages. You should not emphasize that you are an extremely cheerful person so that you can use your language skills to improve your communication abilities. 

To be frank, this is not a strong enough motivation for this kind of educational institution. Second, for graduate school, it will not have much value. For example, you might say that you want to learn more about a particular language in order to track its progress and determine its future direction.  

3. Demonstrate your uniqueness

In this paragraph, you must prove to the Admissions Office that you deserve to be given the opportunity to study with the best. To persuade the committee, you should think of your experience, which is directly related to the discipline of interest. Tell them about participating in business trips, forums or internships. This will show you as a qualified and therefore valuable student.

Even if you cannot remember the background directly associated with the desired domain, draw parallels. If you have participated in important conferences or other events, relate your experience to the discipline you are applying to.

4. Specify ​Long-term goals

The long-term objectives differ tremendously from the goals you want to achieve at the moment. In the final paragraph, you should share your thoughts on where you want to be in 5-10 years, what you see yourself as over such a long period.

Be careful. Your long-term goals must necessarily intersect with the discipline you want to study right now. This will show the Admissions Committee that you mean business and your motivation is really justified.

Do not forget to be specific in this paragraph as well. Keep your writing purposeful, so that the commission consider yours as a reliable candidate. 

Some helpful tips for a good statement of purpose writing  

  • ​Try to write from the heart. Let your text be sincere and readable. Express interest and excitement because only proactive students are a valuable asset for graduate school. You may not have enough experience to enter, but if you show your assertiveness, you will have a much better chance of successfully completing this stage.
  • Be sure to proofread your copy several times. You need to be certain that your text is error-free. Keep it in mind because even if the commission finds the information provided valuable, the mistakes made when writing can dramatically change the opinion of the examiners.
  • ​Ask a professor to evaluate your text and comment on it. You need a fresh look and a more objective assessment before you submit your work. If there is no chance for a professor to check, share it with your family and ask them to look the other way. 

Remember that your true and genuine desire can open any door for you. Do not dwell on your faults. Show yourself in the best possible way and believe in yourself. You just need to try a little, and you will get success in your pocket.

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