Research Paper Conclusion Writing: Useful Tips For Students

Research Paper Conclusion Writing: Useful Tips For Students

How can you manage conclusion writing? For many writers, coping with the last part of the research paper is truly challenging. You carefully work on the research paper sections and want the reader to benefit from the investigation. But then it turns out that you should also write a conclusive part. 

For many students, it is so tiring to conclude the information presented in the main body. How is it possible to ignore redundancy and focus on the most necessary data? This is what we are going to cover today. You will cope with the research successfully if you choose the right tactic. This article will show the methods to write a bright and memorable conclusion. 

Writing a Conclusion: What Should You Know About It?

In most cases, students pay major attention to the main parts of the research project. These are body paragraphs and the introduction. However, the conclusive part is usually ignored for no reason. It is a considerable issue that we should address. Why is it necessary to make up a well-structured conclusion? You need to keep in mind the following tips:

  • First off, with an impressive conclusion, you can decently finish your paper. If you ignore this part, you won’t have a complete assignment. So, make sure to work on it if you want a well-organized task. 
  • The second reason refers more to the content of the paper. When working on the research, you are supposed to produce arguments, defend your position and make the readers trust your credible investigation. However, all your efforts can be underestimated if you fail to provide the audience with a well-developed conclusion. With the help of the last structural research paper part, you can strengthen the arguments and focus the attention of the readers on the relevant points. 
  • Moreover, you can always use the conclusions to encourage further investigations. It is quite okay to leave some questions unanswered. So, you should create a memorable and informative conclusion that would cover major points and accentuate attention-worthy facts.

Working with the conclusions can be overwhelming. You have so many facts to be discussed in a small paragraph. To manage the writing like a pro and satisfy the readers, you should learn the building blocks of the conclusion and use them to your advantage. 

Working Tips to Cope With the Conclusion

There are several steps that you should consider before you write the conclusion. Let’s see what you need to work on to ensure everything is well done. 

Research Topic Restatement

What is the conclusion? In short, it is the repetition of the same facts that you included in the paper. Thus, you should follow a similar structure that you had in the main part. What do you start the research with? This is a topical sentence. And you should start your conclusive part by restating the topic of the task. 

In most cases, you should focus on the volume of the paper and then decide on the number of sentences for the conclusion. But usually, it is enough to write 1 or maximum 2 sentences when referring to the topical sentence. If you want to mention why the topic is necessary from the academic point of view, you should write another sentence. But make sure your restatement is clear and doesn’t repeat the same words as in the introduction. 

Main Points

Now we come to the next stage of your conclusion. This is an important part because it makes the most of the research paper. For this reason, you should be careful and apply the structure to your conclusive part. 

In the paper, you have surely addressed several issues. However, you can’t mix them in the last section of the research. If you have a lot of things to discuss, you should reduce the number to the major arguments. The conclusion is thought to draw attention to the major blocks of the paper. Thus, if you have minor issues on the list, forget about them. They will only take extra space that you don’t have. 

Divide your conclusion paragraphs into 3-4 sentences and summarize each argument separately. If the volume of the research is impressive, then you can have more paragraphs to use as a conclusion. When using several sentences, to sum up the arguments, you still need to follow the structure. Start with the opening phrase, summarize the content and finish the utterance. It is necessary to stay organized, especially when dealing with huge amounts of text. 

Research Significance

What you can’t forget about is the significance of the research. It is a natural summarization that you should include in the end. When you are done with the discussion of the arguments, you should move to the relevance of the research. 

What impact doesn’t it have on the academic world? How can it be contributed to the scientific environment? You should ensure the reader that your scientific investigation is worth the attention. 

Time to Sum Up

When finishing the conclusion, you should summarize your thoughts and pronounce the final word. Take 1 or 2 sentences and finish the paper. If your goal is to encourage the readers to further discussion, you can insert a call to action. However, you can leave it plain and address no questions at the end of the paper. 

The decision is up to you. It will depend either on your preferences or on the requirements. Look through the rules and see if you can use a call to action or other writing techniques used in the conclusions. 

Secrets of a Successful Conclusion Writing

Every student wants his research paper to be the best of the group. If you also want to manage the task and perform a nicely written conclusion, here are some working tips to help you. By using them, you will ensure a smooth and effective writing process. 

  • Make sure your writing is clear enough. You can’t rewrite the same information from the paper. You should overview it, transform and render the main idea of the paper. If you resort to all the details, it won’t be a conclusion.
  • Choose your format. It is sometimes challenging to stick to the points and follow a natural flow. If you get stuck and don’t know what to address next, look at the basic conclusion structure. You should follow regular instructions to help yourself. 
  • Look for creative ways to start your conclusion. If you use regular and well-known phrases, you may ruin the impression. Try to find interesting word constructions to present the information compellingly. 
  • Choose only relevant facts. It may often happen that you focus on minor things and forget about the necessary information. When writing a conclusion, your task is to refer to the paramount topics. If you don’t want to confuse the reader, you should keep this fact in mind. 
  • Repetition won’t be appreciated. Nevertheless, you rewrite the main facts from the body paragraphs, and you should mind the structure. 

Do you want to be creative? Then you should check if you can use different types of conclusions. There are various ways to finish the paper. So, if you can deviate from the basic rules, make sure to try new ways for conclusions. 

Let’s Summarize

Research paper writing is a complicated undertaking. It is a complex writing assignment that consists of several sections. The conclusion is one of the most crucial parts of the paper. Its importance is proven, so you can’t ignore writing it. 

Do you struggle to perform a good and well-developed conclusion? You should forget about your fears or difficulties. Our guide focuses on the most challenging parts of conclusion writing. If you seek useful pieces of advice, our guide is here for you. 

We have managed to perform step-by-step guidance with clear tips. Even if you have no idea about the conclusive part, our simple guide will be an easy task. Following our tips, you will surely come up with a perfect writing practice. 

Online Expert Help for Students

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