What You Should Know About Writing Women Rights Essay

What You Should Know About Writing Women Rights Essay

A characteristic feature of a variety of academic tasks is the theme that can interest the target audience and cause a public outcry. One of these ideas is to uncover the problem of women’s rights since many years of practice concerning a wide range of cultures demonstrate constant humiliation of the female sex. The relevance of this topic continues to persist for a long time. 

In this article, we will tell you about the main features of working with a highlighted problem, and all you need to know to write an excellent women rights essay.

A Few Words About the Structure

We have created a detailed description of the steps that will bring you closer to the assignment and applies to any type of written work, the central component of which is women’s rights. Be patient and read the provided information.

After encountering the need to write a paper on this topic, the future essay should consist of such components as:

  • introductory part;
  • 1st body paragraph;
  • 2nd body paragraph;
  • 3rd body paragraph;
  • final part.

Another aspect that may concern selected issues is the women’s rights movement. The above scheme remains the most recommended since all the necessary information associated with each underlined piece of paper.

Some Information About the Introductory Part

In fact, the quality of the introduction plays a very important role since it is here that you make the first impression on the readers. Nevertheless, this topic is different from the traditional part of others where you express your point of view. Here your task is providing supporting sentences and prerequisites for the selection of this phenomenon for analysis. 

The latter is due to the delicate nature of women’s rights issues, which have been in the focus of diverse studies for a very large amount of time. For this reason, your thesis statement should be well thought out and clear. Try to come up with something that can play the role of a starting point for a long and interesting discussion. An ideal volume would be about 40 words. it is also worthwhile to read a few finished works, focusing on the provided thesis.

In addition to the above, you should also pay attention to several points that we have described in the following paragraphs.

  • Capturing audience attention. Try to make it so that the people who will read your women’s rights essay can enjoy it and think about the highlighted topic. To achieve this goal, you can resort to various techniques of literature, the main function of which is to make the reader interested.
  • One of the main components that should be taken care of in the first place is the credibility and, accordingly, the skills associated with this quality.
  • The introductory part of the essay is a kind of synthesis of materials that will be disclosed in other sections. Indicate the main aspects which will help the reader learn about the goals and key features of the work.
  • Don’t forget about confidence phrases and the correct structure. This is a reflection of the fact that you have a deep understanding of the topic and can easily provide a brief description of the paper.

Everything About Body Paragraphs

After completing the introductory part of your women, the right essay, you can safely go to the main body, which is divided into several paragraphs. Earlier, you already provided a brief description of all the work and demonstrated your position on the topic. A key piece of the core is supporting materials that are based on the analysis you performed. The process of creating this part can be difficult and require a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, it will definitely not be wasted and will bring good results.

Earlier it was mentioned that this part consists of three sections that you need to fill out with the analyzed materials. In spite of the limited scale, such a division promotes the concentration of all forces on inventing the content of a future essay. Among our recommendations are topic sentences whose purpose is to indicate the direction of the paper. Often the paragraph contains about six sentences.

Below we have collected some more lifehacks that will help you in the process of writing a women rights essay.

  • Keep the logical order. This aspect applies to each part of your work, from the introduction to the last paragraphs. A great option would be to use transitional sentences that preserve the main narrative. The main component of such designs is the key. It is precise because of this that the transition from one part to another is carried out while maintaining an emphasis on the content of a particular paragraph.
  • Don’t write about everything at once. You should not forget that focusing on work is very important. The division into three paragraphs of which we spoke so much earlier will help you not to go too far with the amount of the user information and get acquainted with all possible ideas in advance.

Important Ideas

The first and most important stage of work is the selection of a suitable topic. Despite the fact that you can reveal the main aspects of women’s rights, this phenomenon covers a much more extensive list of possible ideas. Check them out below.

  • The essence and genesis of the women’s movement.
  • The role of women in ancient society.
  • Discrimination and stereotypes about women in sports.
  • Key features of feminism and its origins.
  • The essence and transformation of discrimination against women in society.
  • Stereotypes about women and their manifestation in the media.
  • Discrimination of women in different cultures
  • The role of women and law in Christianity.
  • The paradoxes of female subjectivities.
  • Various types of feminism and features of each.

Read the Introduction to Women Right Essay

We also provided ready-made work that will greatly help in the process of getting acquainted with this type of academic paper.

In everyday consciousness, for instance, ideas about men and women have strengthened, many of which are more or less mythological: a woman is weaker than a man; a woman is guided by feelings, not reason; the most important function of women is childbearing; men are active, women are passive; women are subordinate to men, etc.

Similar stereotypes were also highlighted by philosophy. Woman as an object of philosophical study in the treatises of ancient philosophers exists in a trinity: a living thing, a body, and a place in society, which philosophers should have determined.

The works of Plato and the ideas of Socrates conveyed by Plato, as well as later treatises by Plutarch; there is no marked gender discrimination against women. Only starting with Aristotle, a philosophical change occurred in the attitude towards women, and in particular to the description of their personality, characters, and mental nature in general. Aristotle, in a modern manner, was an ardent misogynist. Postulating the proximity of female and slavish nature, Aristotle sees a woman mentally passive, her spiritual subordination and dependence on a man are beyond doubt.

It should be noted that Aristotle was put in a difficult choice. On the one hand, the woman does her homework, and her voice in society is the voice of grief, chaos, and lies. On the other hand, the entire culture of antiquity is full of heroic women, women goddesses, sung in myths and poets, i.e., her influence on the life of the Greeks was enormous.

But Aristotle ignores these facts. He prefers the first half of this dichotomy, even neglecting the fact that the name of the word “philosophy” contains the name of Sofia, the goddess of wisdom. A woman is a soulless creature, the thinker believes, she falls out of the human race, becoming closer to despised slaves and barbarians, and is very close to the females. Having been captured by this idea, Aristotle stubbornly seeks and finds the flaws of a woman in the desire to prove that only a man is a human.

Of course, in our politically correct time, no one directly stigmatizes a woman, as Aristotle did. However, according to evil irony, the feminist movement, having achieved everything that the feminists wanted – social, cultural, economic equality, has now reached an impasse. It turns into a kind of Nazism, the purpose of which is to prove the superiority of women over men.

The deep-rooted idea of the insignificance of female essence in the 18th century causes a wave of discontent in the form of nascent feminist movements. Enlightenment could not get past this problem and, in every possible way, promoted the propagation of feminist ideas. Voltaire wrote about the injustice of the female share, Montesquieu, that a woman should participate in public life.

But this participation in public life in practice was reduced only to the fact that women kept and decorated secular salons, which were attended by smart and famous men who discussed the problems of politics, science, religion, philosophy. And only in the late 19th – early 20th centuries women fully declared their importance in the development of natural science.

Currently, female scientists are engaged in the development of science along with men, as evidenced by achievements in such fields as chemistry, physics, medicine, genetic engineering, etc.

Final Words

Writing a women rights essay is a long and complex process requiring an in-depth study of the topic. Nevertheless, if you take into account all the rules and recommendations, the work will be performed efficiently, bringing good results.

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