Bullying Essay: What Is It?

Bullying Essay: What Is It?

As for this assignment, it is considered to be an academic paper, which focus is on unfair, misunderstood and even aggressive treatment of one person by others. In such essays students need to tell about the importance of such problem, ways of its prevention and methods of help suffered people. A writer should highlight that the problem is widespread and more and more victims appear in the world. Depression, apathy and even murders can be consequences of such terrible chasing.

How to Write a Bullying Essay?

The first action, which you should do, is to consider an exciting and interesting topic for your paper. By the way, it should be close to your heart, because bullying essay is about emotions as well. Unfortunately, if someone has bullied you, you can easily come across the topic. But if you are so lucky that you have never dealt with such occasions, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Speak with your peers, friends or family members. They might be witnesses or victims of bullying. Maybe they just know about the modern trends and are able to help you with a topic.
  • Don’t ignore the opportunity to discuss an essay with a tutor.
  • Find as many authorized sources as possible. You may watch some videos, read newspaper articles and find real examples of the occasions.

If you still can’t create a topic for an essay, you can pay attention to these types of papers:

  • Definition – here you simply describe the term of bullying and its main aspects;
  • The descriptive – essay describes this phenomenon and illustrates every mind with examples;
  • Narrative – the author tells about his/her personal experience;
  • Cause and effects – tell about the outcomes and reasons for bullying;
  • Persuasive – write your own point of view and try to convince the readers that only your mind is right and why.

You can also make research and to write about the bullying as many details as you can find and explain in your own words.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

As any other essay, a bullying one has to contain the main concept or main title of the author. In the thesis, you write your attitude to the topic. It can have a form of one or two sentences and have to catch readers’ attention. The thesis should tell the readers what they will read about in the rest paper.

To write a successful and efficient thesis statement, just follow the next rules:

  • Place the thesis statement at the beginning of the abstract, don’t put it in the end;
  • Be clear and brief enough. Use 20-30 words to make the readers understand your position;
  • Avoid cliché and express your own point of view in the first-person perspective;
  • The thesis statement shouldn’t explain the topic of the paper. It should present your point of view.

Few Words about the Structure

Bullying essay has the same structure as the papers of other kinds. Of course, you can add extra abstracts to the main body. In such a way the student needs to come up with an outline and to know what he/she will write and in which part.

To write an outline is an important step of any writing work. Firstly, it helps to organize your thoughts and ideas. Secondly, this outline will show you what and where to add something. Every part has its name and peculiarities, and we will speak about them below.

The First Part: Introduction

The part of the bullying essay has to attract readers’ attention as well as be informative and readable. For example, writing an introduction, you can use statistical data and tell how bullying effects on modern society. To begin with a question, which needs to be answered, is also great. You can also catch readers’ attention in these ways:

  • Explain the term ‘bullying’ – give some different explanations from dictionaries and then give your own understanding of this word, add statistical data to demonstrate its spreading.
  • List and give the definitions of different types of bullying.
  • Highlight the most negative outcomes and prove them with real facts.
  • Make the readers know about the importance of the topic you’ve chosen.
  • Use the mentioned recommendations and write a strong thesis.

For example, you can write that in the USA 30% of citizens had been bullied. Among them, 13% are children from 5 to 10 classes. As statistics say, the boys are more ‘interested’ in bullying each other than girls.

The Second Part: the Main Body

As a rule, it contains 3 or 4 abstracts. Every abstract has to be started with a claim. After it, you should write evidence, strong statement and give examples from your own or other people’ experience. Your task is to tell about what you can do to prevent such occasions as well as how you identify these cases. If you know someone who was bulled, you can speak with his/her parents, representatives of social organization or teachers to get the guidance. You can:

  • Give advice about preventing based on real experience;
  • Write about the outcome of bullying;
  • Propose your ideas to solve this problem. If you are a student, write it from your side, and propose what the tutor should do.

For example, you can write that bullying is not a sudden action. The bully thinks a lot about it and does harm to another person in the most inconvenient time. Practice shows, that children are bullied again and again and they are afraid to share this with their parents or tutors. In this situation, the bully is free to continue.

The Third Part: Conclusion

A conclusion is not a summary. Remember it. You can start this part form rewriting the thesis from the introduction. In the few last sentences write your own verdict about the future of bulling. Which thoughts should be taken into account by readers? What must they do for preventing? Add no extra information here.

On this step you can do the following:

  • Write a pep talk for everyone who is ready to prevent bullying.
  • Mention some facts about the importance of this serious phenomenon, especially in the life of children.
  • Tell the readers how the government deals with these occasions.
  • List the mental and physical victim outcomes.

Also don’t forget to write every source, which was used while writing. These sources should be truthful and proved. The list of books, online websites and articles usually add scores and make the paper more valuable for tutors.

What to Do after Writing?

When the paper is ready, but you want it to get the highest marks, make sure you do the following actions:

  • Check the structure of the text;
  • Proofread and add missing words;
  • Check and correct spelling, grammar, punctual and lexical mistakes;
  • Speak with the tutor, and make all changes that were mentioned;
  • Give the text to family and friends for proofreading and considering the logical order of facts;
  • Don’t ignore online checkers for mistakes and uniqueness.

The Most Relevant Topics

Before start writing, of course, you think a lot about the topic. So there are the most relevant ones, which you can work on:

  • Negative outcomes of bullying for victims in studying
  • How to deal with cyberbullying?
  • How to make the students be comfortable while sharing their problem
  • Ideas for preventing bullying
  • Reasons for bullying other people
  • Different types of bullying
  • What to do if you become a witness of bullying?
  • Who can help: social organizations, tutors, parents
  • Why do children bully their peers?
  • The child and an adult: how to ask for help
  • Bullying is an important social problem
  • Tell about your own experience: you are in the role of victim or witness
  • What do you think about the aggressive bullies?
  • Where is the number of occasions higher: in developed or undeveloped countries?
  • Governmental actions to stop bullying
  • Reactions of the tutors
  • Mental and physical outcomes consequences
  • How to deal with cyberbullying

So there are too many tips and recommendations to write a bullying essay on the highest grade. But we recommend paying attention to the methods of preventing and sharing them on social networks. The problem is really serious and it spreads around the world too quickly.

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