Narrative Essay Topics Guidance For Busy Students

Narrative Essay Topics Guidance For Busy Students

Writing a narrative essay can tell a lot about your personality. This is a simple task for experienced students. The paper doesn’t focus on some critical issues. In most cases, all you need is to tell a story. And this is why such types of essays are great for beginners. 

Narrative Essay Writing: The Basics

A narrative essay speaks for itself. When you are assigned to manage the task, you need to share a story. The essay is a simple way to cover some interesting parts of your life. 

When you get the task to write a narrative essay, you should choose the topic. Do you need to mind the structure? Yes, you need to organize the paper properly. However, the writing is more about the content than structure. 

The basic plan for a narrative essay consists of an opening. Here you should tell the reader about the topic. The next step is to share your story, tell it in detail and make the reader live your life experience with you. And the final section is the conclusion to the writing. The structure of the paper is simple, yet the choice of the topic can be a real challenge. 

How to Choose a Topic?

Many students face difficulties when it is necessary to find the topic. In some cases, the professor assigns you the relevant theme. But in other cases, you are supposed to choose the topic on your own. 

You can research the most common topics on the web, ask your group mates or create the theme. But it takes time. Do you have extra hours to manage the research? We have done it for you. By reading our list of topics, you will find the one for yourself. 

Top 50 Topics for Your Narrative Essay

  1. What was the most memorable event from your school or college life? 
  2. Did you enjoy school trips? What did you like the most about such events? 
  3. Where did you spend last summer? Would you like to try a new vacation experience? What countries would you like to visit? 
  4. What was the most unexpected thing in your life? Was it a trip or a meeting? How do you respond to different surprises in your life? 
  5. What is exciting about starting a new job? What challenges are waiting for here? 
  6. What if you lose faith and can’t trust the person anymore?
  7. What was the most dangerous experience in your life? How did you manage to escape the threat? 
  8. How do you resolve different conflict issues with others? What was the most ruining conflict recently? 
  9. What was the turning point that changed you as a personality and made you look at things differently?
  10. Have you ever had the experience when you misheard a person? Was it funny? How did you find a common language? 
  11. Did you have good relationships with your parents? What was your most important experience with your parents? 
  12. Who was your first friend? How did your body up with the person? Are you still friends? 
  13. Do you live in the countryside? What do you like most about the village area? Would you like to spend your life in a rural area?
  14. Have you ever had secrets from your parents or friends? Was it a good experience? 
  15. Do you trust strangers? Have you ever followed strangers when you were little? 
  16. When did you decide on your expertise? Do you follow your professional dreams? Who did you follow when you were at school? 
  17. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a star? Did you want to be a celebrity?
  18. Do you have any pets? What age were you when you got your first pet? What was it? Was it a dog? 
  19. Have you ever become friends with a person that you didn’t like at first? 
  20. Did anyone break your heart? 
  21. Do you consider visiting a psychologist a good idea? Why do so many people struggle with depression? 
  22. Do you enjoy sports? What sports do you like the most? How long have you been in the sport? Do you follow a regular workout routine? 
  23. Do you enjoy talking about politics? Are you good at international affairs? Can you predict how things will go in the world? 
  24. Who was your childhood hero or role model? Do you still have one? 
  25. Did you always know what the adults were talking about? When was the time when you started to understand serious issues and conversations? 
  26. Did you have a favorite teacher at school? What subject was it? Why do you think that person became your favorite teacher? What are the traits of a teacher? 
  27. Have you ever visited musical concerts? What do you like the most about such events? Have you ever met friends there? What can be dangerous about musical concerts? 
  28. Have you ever got presents that you didn’t like? How did you respond to those people? 
  29. Have you ever was a witness to racial discrimination? Did you say anything to the offender? 
  30. Do you procrastinate a lot? Why do you think people enjoy procrastination? How can we combat the feeling and become more motivated to work on the necessary tasks? 
  31. When was the time when you realized that your parents were right? Did you accept the fact that you were incorrect? 
  32. How do you accept your failures? What was the most visible example when you accepted your failure? 
  33. What school lessons did you like the most? What was the reason? Did you enjoy communication with the teacher? Or did you like the information?
  34. What tasks did you consider to be the most challenging in school? 
  35. Did you have great relationships with your classmates? What great lessons did you learn from being a teenager? 
  36. Tell more about your most important experience that you had with the family? Do you like to spend time with your family members? What values do you think are the most valuable within the family? 
  37. What is the role of a woman in society? 
  38. Do you like to take notes? Do you have a personal diary? Do you consider note-taking to be a good way to relieve stress? 
  39. Was there an experience in your life that proved to you that appearances were misleading? 
  40. What memories do you like the most about your childhood? Did you enjoy being a child? What was the best way for you to celebrate holidays? 
  41. Would you like to change something from your past? Do you regret anything? 
  42. Did you like your college? What was the most disappointing experience from your college time? Why did you choose your major? 
  43. Are you good at speeches? What do you find the most difficult about speeches? Do you get nervous when you give a speech to other people? How should you behave in front of others while being on stage? 
  44. What is your favorite way of spending a vacation? Do you like playing sports when you are at the seaside? What was the worst vacation experience in your life? 
  45. Why do you travel? What are the reasons to travel to other countries? Why do people spend their money on traveling?
  46. Do you like spending time in the mountains? Do you enjoy climbing? Why should people spend more time with nature? What is important to know before you climb a mountain for the first time? 
  47. What family life taught you? Would you like to spend more time with your relatives? 
  48. Are you afraid to lose people? Do you have any friends? Are you afraid to be alone? 
  49. What is your way to relax? How do you like to spend your free time? Can a good rest relieve stress? What do most people do when they need to recharge their battery and start anew? 
  50. How was your first day in school? What emotions did you have? Did you like the atmosphere? 

Final Words

What is essay writing? The process encompasses several steps necessary to follow. But choosing the topic is the most important here. If you fail to choose a relevant and compelling theme, your writing will be boring and incomplete. For this reason, you should work on the choice of the topic.

In our article, you can get acquainted with great topic ideas. By choosing one of them, you will develop well-structured and compelling writing. 

What if I Need Extra Help?

Looking for pieces of advice online can be beneficial when you have time and desire to write. But what if you lack important hours to work on the paper? What if choosing a topic is still a challenge for you? In this case, you can’t go without proper expert help. 

Our service works with students daily. Whenever you need help, you can reach out to our website. We are ready to cope with your paper at the best level.

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