What Is A Five-paragraph Essay Definition?

What Is A Five-paragraph Essay Definition?

Writing a five-paragraph paper might be an ordinary task in high school and college. So a student should be aware of how to compose it well. It will be easy for you to write a five-paragraph paper if you have enough time and know the proper format. Preparing your five-paragraph essay, you need to create a great intro, main body, and impressive conclusion. Do not forget to edit and revise your paper in the aftermath.

What Are the Segments of the Structure of the Five-Paragraph Essay?

Creating the Intro

  1. Begin with a hook. You should get creative about writing the hook since it must draw the reader’s attention. By writing a hook, you should provide the reader with the main idea about the essay’s topic. You might also use quips, anecdotes, or quotes. You must not include your stance on the hook if you are composing a persuasive paper. It might be simple to write the hook at the final step of forming the essay. When you finish writing the 5-paragraph essay, you may create the hook then.
  2. Add a sentence concerning the topic, which gives more data. In your second sentence, you will have to open up the topic more. However, do not forget to remain generalized. Define your topic and give essential background data. You should not reveal the main points here.
  3. Compose one more sentence concerning the topic leading to the thesis statement. Keep on giving background data. Begin to narrow down regarding the thesis. At this step, the reader should view that you begin to concentrate on a specific topic here. If you are writing the argumentative essay, you should introduce every side of the claim. If it is an informative essay, you should mention the central focus and idea.
  4. Add the thesis statement in the final part of the intro. It must be the last sentence of the opening. Include the theme, stance, and supporting points to your thesis. The thesis statement must be like a road map for the whole essay. Meaning, every paragraph should connect to the thesis statement.  

Composing Three Body Paragraphs

  1. Arrange the main points. You have three points. Make sure they are strong enough. Place your weakest point in the middle of the body paragraphs. Meaning, you should create the sandwich structure where the initial body paragraph contains a strong point, then it is followed by the weak point, and the third paragraph has a strong point.
  2. Start every paragraph of the main body with a topic sentence. Your main point should be stated in the topic sentence. Note that it must connect to the thesis statement. Your body paragraph will be controlled by the topic sentence, like the essay is controlled by the thesis statement. You might utilize a quote that is related to the thesis. Analyze this quote in the body paragraph. Place the quote next to the topic sentence.
  3. Give your examples and pieces of evidence. Add the pieces of evidence from research or text concerning the topic. To support your points, you might utilize examples. There must be at least 2 or 3 examples in each paragraph. Cite the sources you used in the proper format.
  4. Add some comments on your own. Show your audience how your examples and pieces of evidence back up your points. Use your own words to explain how your pieces of evidence and examples back up your ideas so that your stance seems to be correct. Alternate your commentary and pieces of evidence throughout the paragraph text.
  5. Link back to your thesis, concluding the paragraph. Summarize the main points here. Connect your thesis and topic sentence. Demonstrate the reader the way the expressed points give support.

Conclusion Writing

  1. Restate the thesis statement. Begin your conclusion with specific ideas that you expressed in the thesis statement. Rewrite the thesis, minding the argument. The thesis must reflect the main points and pieces of evidence. You can start your conclusion with such phrases as ‘In conclusion”, “To conclude,” or “In the end.”
  2. Summarize the way the main points backed up the thesis. Add the review on the way everybody paragraph backed up the thesis. It should remind the reader of your claims. Write 2-3 sentences explaining the things you said. Restating your claims, you should utilize the authoritative tone.
  3. Do not add new data. Giving new data in your thesis might end up in lost points on your paper. So the reader might walk away with questions that are unwelcome. Just restate the things you have already mentioned.
  4. Add a concluding sentence. Create the last impression about your topic by a concluding sentence. Motivate your reader to think about your paper in the final. So you should add a call-to-action. Warn a reader about things that might happen if a stance is neglected. Add a quote and create an image. You might also make a universal statement.

How to Revise and Edit the Five-Paragraph Essay?

  1. Utilize spell check. Reread the sentences to ensure the word professor suggests the proper word.
  2. Proofread your paper. Take a break and then go back to your paper. Then reread your paper, looking for typos, grammar mistakes, or misspelled words. Ask your friend to read the paper for you and tell the errors you might have overlooked.
  3. Revise your essay to master the flow. Ensure that all your ideas flow smoothly and well. You might rewrite the sentences or add extra commentary. You might also add some transitions such as “Similarly,” “at the same time,” or “additionally.” Check whether you addressed the thesis appropriately. Make sentences shorter. Combine choppy sentences. Rewrite run-on sentences and fragments.
  4. Fix the formatting. Adjust your spacing, font size, and margins according to formatting conventions. Add your page numbers and heading. Add the reference page arranged to the rules of formatting you need.

What Are the Tips to Follow Writing the Five-Paragraph Essay?

  1. Switch off all. You should switch off every gadget that distracts you from working on your 5-paragraph essay. Shut the windows and doors to get protected from the noises. Switch also off your music.
  2. Find data. Spend a few hours or even days to find the necessary data. Find at least two or three credible sources.
  3. Do brief research – glance over the articles that you found. Print them. Take a pencil and circle the data that you find interesting. Express your opinion about specific points from such articles.
  4. Generate an outline. Do it because it will help you write faster. Organize all the ideas well, including them in the outline. Take various points from various articles, do not just copy the structure since you might be accused of plagiarism.
  5. Compose the first draft. Do not stop at one point for a too long time. Mention every point that you planned. Try to finish the first draft as fast as you can. Do not overthink about details. Support each of the claims with pieces of evidence. Paraphrase the data well.
  6. Work on details. Reread your paper. Add or delete some phrases or sentences. Read the essay out loud to notice inconsistencies.
  7. Revise your piece of writing. Spend at least an hour to do it. Correct some typos and polish your five-paragraph essay.

The Final Thoughts

Even if writing a five-paragraph essay might seem easy, it might be challenging for you in case you are a beginner in writing. You should spend a lot of time researching to find the freshest data about your essay topic. If you fail to do it, your paper might be plain. Therefore, you will have to find as many facts and pieces of evidence as you can to back up your claim.

When you finish creating the first draft, you should make sure it does not contain any mistakes or plagiarism. You might use the help of professional academic writers to make your paper flawless. Even if your grammar skills are not perfect, they will assist you and guide you the right way.

What Should I Do if I Can’t Write a Five-Paragraph Essay Myself?

It might be complicated for many students to create such a paper if they write an essay for the first time. In this case, it is ideal for you to use a custom writing service company. Such companies like ours assist many students in coping with their routine academic tasks.

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