Create Your Best Climate Change Essay

Create Your Best Climate Change Essay

Writing an essay on climate change is one of the most popular assignments for college and university students. On the one hand, this topic is gaining popularity in the world, as scientists are exploring the likelihood of global warming. On the other hand, this task is also a type of academic work, therefore it tests students’ skills.

Since statistics are changing at a tremendous speed, and picking up decent sources is not easy, this task causes additional difficulties. Also, when writing an essay on climate, you need to form your point of view, which will be supported by arguments. Do not worry if you are not already familiar with the components of this type of work: we will briefly explain the structure of the essay.

What is the Concept of Climate Change Essay?

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the job requirements. Sometimes just by matching the structure and placing the necessary elements in the correct order, you can get a high score. If you are not familiar with the elements of work, here they are:

  • Create an outline
  • Consider using keywords for each part
  • Create an introduction with a thesis
  • Show your arguments in the body part
  • Write a conclusion and restate the thesis
  • Check your draft for all possible errors
  • Create the best version of your climate change essay

Depending on the type of essay, you may be required to either describe existing opinions and facts or express your own opinion, backed up by appropriate arguments. To make an essay interesting, you need to adhere to these rules:

  • Write only specific information. Although essay writing often involves broad reasoning, the reader should not lose the main idea. Indicate how to deal with the situation when it comes to preventing pollution of the ocean. You should not be caring about in reasoning and history, because in this way you do not solve the problem.
  • State your point of view. The main feature of the essay should be your thoughts on a given topic. Express your attitude to the subject of research and support it with arguments, using reliable sources. You can use conflicting readings to create the illusion of discussion.
  • Write a strong conclusion. Some people start reading an essay with a conclusion because it should summarize your ideas and briefly describe the results. Try to briefly express your thoughts described in the main part.

Creating an Outline

In order not to get confused in your ideas, you should start by writing an outline. Most students skip this step because they consider it useless. However, a sketch helps you structure your work and guide you in the right direction. A sketch of a descriptive essay consists of several parts.

First, you need to come up with a powerful hook that will interest the reader. It should be in the first paragraph, which ends with a thesis. Secondly, with the help of brainstorming, you can come up with a lot of ideas for the main part of your essay. Later you will have the opportunity to choose the most attractive and develop each of them. Thirdly, you need to collect all the main points of the essay in the conclusion to summarize the result of the work.

What You Need to Write in the Introduction

The introduction is the first element of your essay. To catch the reader, you need to write a short, accurate, and well-looking introduction. Describe the main idea that you will develop throughout the paper. The main elements of the introduction are the hook and thesis. Here are the best ideas for a hook:

  • Start with facts or statistical data. Readers love these things because they provide them with additional information and at the same time look interesting. However, pay attention to the publication date, because statistics can change every day.
  • Contact the reader directly. You can start with a rhetorical question or ask a person’s opinion. Thus, the reader will be able to form an opinion on the topic of the study, and he will be interested to read your essay to find out your arguments.
  • Provide an existing expert opinion. You can start with a quote from a famous person or retell the idea of his book, which relates to the topic of an essay. This way you can convince the reader of the quality of your essay. However, make sure that the source cited is trustworthy and that other people are also using it.

Offer a Solution in the Body of Your Essay

Remember that you are writing about climate change, so pick up the evidence that is accepted by the whole world. Use data from international organizations such as WWF or World Bank. Divide the main part of the article into several paragraphs, and devote each to a different side of the question. For instance, in the first paragraph describe the causes of warming, in the second – the consequences, and in the third – the role of each person in confronting the disaster. Therefore, you can avoid overloading information.

Interact with the reader’s feelings. The topic of your article concerns everyone because we are dependent on the climate, so make the reader think about their actions. For example, everyone knows about the dangers of producing oil or increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide. Under the pretext of saving the planet, you should mention alternative sources of energy, such as the sun and wind. You should not be assertive, but remember that each argument should relate to the thesis.

Sum up Your Ideas in a Conclusion

To create a strong conclusion, you need to put together all the ideas in one paragraph and rephrase the thesis. For an essay to leave pleasant emotions in the reader, you need to make it concise and expressive. Remember that the topic of your essay is about climate change, so you should not end it with a joke or a statement. Better express your vision of the problem and invite the reader to ponder it again.

Reread all the paper and make sure that all elements of the descriptive essay are well connected. So you can revise the arguments to summarize them in the last paragraph.

Come up with a Proper Topic

To get the attention of your audience, you need to pick a catchy idea for your essay. Choose a topic that is close to you, and at the same time is narrow, so that your work is special. Most students write about global warming in general, but in this way, all the works are similar to each other. We advise you to discuss the components of this issue, such as melting glaciers or reducing the amount of fresh water.

In a narrow topic, you can find many more arguments and precise statements that have not yet been discussed by your classmates. However, if you received a topic from the teacher, and it sounds corny, add a note of madness or strangeness to the title. This way you emphasize individuality. If you are still confused, pay attention to these topics:

  • The problem of deforestation
  • The role of each of us in warming
  • How factories affect the temperature
  • How fast is the environmental disaster approaching?
  • Actions of volunteers and volunteer organizations
  • Possibility of relocation to another planet
  • What discoveries can prevent climate change
  • Animals and plants that can tolerate heatwave

Popular Errors that Spoil All Work

Check out this list to protect yourself from the common mistakes students make.

  • Do not try to invent a bicycle, this has long been done. When choosing a topic, avoid common names, because in broad topics you cannot describe anything new. The purpose of your essay is to describe a specific problem and offer a solution, so choose an unexplored topic.
  • Reread all the paper twice, and also read it to a friend. Watch the connectivity of the elements and their combination. You need to remove the tautology and illogical conclusions so as not to confuse the reader.
  • Remember that you are writing a descriptive essay. Use strong adjectives, avoid outdated words. To gain readership, your essay must be bright and rich.


Every day the threat of global warming is growing, and everyone should know about the causes and consequences of environmental disaster. To save the planet and give our children a safe life, we need to reduce the consumption of plastic bags, electricity, as well as reduce the number of industrial enterprises.

When writing an essay, you must not only follow the structure and requirements but also invest your feelings in a paper so that the reader can feel the criticality of the situation. By sharing our ideas and emotions, we can unite all of humanity to save the climate stability.

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