Let`s Write an Essay About Obesity

Let`s Write an Essay About Obesity

Today’s world strives to be healthier and opt for healthier choices. However, the obesity issue is still raging dramatically, and its presence in our life is huge. Simply think about your social milieu. Even if you are not on the line of the particular issue, you will probably recall a friend or an acquaintance with extra weight. 

People with extra weight are considered to be pleasant and cheerful. The notion stems from various movies or old sayings, where overweight people were shown as positive characters. However, the reality of these people is not that bright and flawless. Obesity is a real disease, and it has nothing to do with a person’s features of character. 

The eating disorder and its implications strike at various age groups. Both adults and especially adolescents are struggling with the extra weight and sometimes they lose the game and continue ruining their life with unnecessary food. 

So, to shed the light on the issue and figure out the ways to fight it, you need to do your own research and share the findings through the obesity essay.

How Do We Define Obesity

What do we call obesity? Sometimes people mess up with this term and do not understand it the way it should be comprehended. Obesity is not some extra weight you can gain occasionally. It is not a case to talk about obesity when a person is a little chubby. Obesity is a constant condition. It is a disease when the BMI, I.e. body mass index extremely exceeds the norm. 

This is a common issue now. However, there should be a clear cut between the causes and the effects of the disease. A desire to eat is not a cause of obesity. We have to go deeper, as mental diseases or even the smallest deviations from the mental health state can lead to eating disorders and therefore convert into obesity. It can be stress or even a real depression, and extreme overweight, in this case, is an effect, but not the cause.

Thus, now you can see that it is a substantial question we need to figure out. Actually, the objective of the obesity essay is to shed light on the problem and help others fix it.

Proper Framework for an Essay

To provide a reader with a good text, you have to take into account not only the knowledge of the topic. If the opinions are set incoherently, it will confuse the reader. Thus, you need to be aware of the structure of the essay.


For the starters, you need to draw the attention of the reader. It can be achieved through a striking sentence. It is also called “a hook”. You can ask your reader about something or include some intriguing information so that the target readers will surely jump on the cue. 

When you won their attention, proceed with the actual statement of the problem. You can always turn to some additional information, not directly connected with the major concern. It is beneficial to show the reader that the issue corresponds to various life areas. 

Main body

Now it is time for you to impress the reader with the research you did. Do not try to encompass all the information you have into one sentence. Divide the text into coherent paragraphs and prioritize the information. 

If you have some accurate data or statistics, include it here as well. This way the reader will trust you for sure. 


When the essay is jotted down, the last part needs to be done. It is to restate what was mentioned in the introductory part and list again the most persuasive points of the essay. Suggesting your own solution variants will make your writing even more beneficial.

Tips for Great Writing Work

For a consistent text, you need to come to the bottom of the problem and figure it out thoroughly. Any research starts with the designating of possible causes. Therefore, Let’s sort out what can lead to extreme and undesired weight gaining. 

  • The lifestyle is on the top of the list. In the modern world, there are thousands of devices to simplify our routine and make the process of housekeeping easier. The advantages are clear, as the use of specially designed robots can really save us some time. However, we take over our cleaning and cooking responsibilities to the robots and thus become easier. It reflects on our bodies and on their quality.
  • The mental state is another aspect to talk about when we correspond to the obesity causes. You may be familiar with compulsive overeating. It happens when you are stressed or extremely disappointed. Therefore, you cannot find support or amusement in life, and food seems to be the right choice. You start stuffing yourself instead of figuring out the real problem.

Make up a List of Topics or Use Ours

To develop a good essay, you have to possess a list of appropriate topics. If you don’t have one, we are here to help you. 

Obesity issue in childhood

  • Why do children gain weight?
  • Is obesity a genetic disease and can it be manifested in children?
  • Do children suffer from obesity more than adults do?
  • Join the social program to fight obesity.
  • Is technology to blame for the high obesity rates among the children?
  • The outside world has been substituted with the digital one: can it lead to obesity?
  • Problems in families as the main trigger for obesity in childhood.
  • Can children from same-sex families be more partial to obesity?
  • Are there any exercises to entertain the children and divert them from food?
  • What can be considered as obesity in childhood?

State your point of view with these topics

  • Consuming more plant-based food can decrease the obesity rates: is it true some?
  • Sugar is the main driving force for weight gaining.
  • Is the mental condition of a person affected if there is some extra weight?
  • Do we have to blame parents for extra weight problems in their children?
  • How to warn people from eating more than needed?
  • Do we have to incorporate classes on nutrition into the educational process schedule?
  • Can we consider obesity a chronic disease?
  • Do we have to use sweetener to lose weight?
  • Being fat is not a shame: is body positivism a new religion?
  • Smoke to lose weight: do we need to resort to bad habits to get rid of extra kilos?

Medical approach to obesity topics

  • How does fat distribute in our body and why does it differ so much?
  • Can type 2 diabetes be an implication of obesity?
  • The digestion system suffers from eating disorders.
  • Do heart diseases interact somehow with obesity?
  • Will you have a problematic childbearing experience if you suffer from obesity?
  • Can we consider the sweeteners a healthy alternative to sugar?
  • Social milieu and its role in high obesity rates.
  • Are obesity and anorexia connected somehow? Do they correspond to each other?
  • Are there any surgeries to combat obesity?
  • Is it possible to monitor the life of patients suffering from obesity outside the hospital?

Obesity Essay Example

If you can’t deal with prompts and need something to look up, read on and get some help from our example. 

The problem of obesity in childhood

Children are in danger. Who can save them from overeating? It is an overridden concern we are going to discuss. So, let’s find out what can cause obesity and how to fight with it. 

Children all over the world suffer from extra weight, and the situation is only jeopardized by the development of modern technologies. 

The world’s obesity rates are extremely high, and it seems there is no answer to this problem. 

Nevertheless, the symptoms of the disease are clear, you need to consult with the doctor to make sure it is a real diagnosis. 

The causes of obesity are argued by nutritionists, and there is no single answer. However, we need to treat it properly to prevent children from suffering.

Hence, can we say that children need some help with eating disorders? Probably, we can leave them alone and cope with the disease by themselves? What’s your point? 


So, now you see that overeating is a massive issue, and examining it can truly help cope with the problem. 

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