Expository Essay Topics: Writing Guidelines For Students

Expository Essay Topics: Writing Guidelines For Students

An expository essay is a great way to tell the story. The name of the task says for itself. You should expose yourself to a question, share your thoughts and let the readers get the idea of your contemplations. An expository essay can cover different types of writing tasks, such as a comparison or description essay. 

How should you begin your work on the paper? What techniques, structure models, and tactics should you follow to achieve impressive results and impress the readers with your story? This article will cover the questions and help you choose the topic for the writing. 

Easy Ways to Deal With an Expository Essay Writing: Useful Tips

When you start working on the paper, you need a plan. If you reject using the plan, you can feel embarrassed by the topic, structure, or arguments. These are the steps you should take to manage the expository essay writing:

  • Choosing a topic is the first step. If you don’t have a good and fitting topic, you won’t write the text. 
  • Plan the structure. First, you need to note what your paper should look like. What are you going to insert in the first part? What arguments to choose to strengthen your ideas? How should you treat a conclusion? 
  • When you are done with the topic and have a plan, you can start writing. Start with the introduction, explain your choice, and write a thesis. Then move to the major part and finish it all with the conclusion.
  • When the writing part is over, your task is to check the paper. Look through the writing, check the grammar mistakes, look at the lexical aspects. You should come up with a flawless text. 

These tips will help you start the writing process like a pro. 

Compelling and Attention-Worthy Topics for Expository Essay Writing

  1. What if you don’t enter college after school? Should you take a gap year or reject the idea of getting a diploma? 
  2. What if a teenager gets addicted to drugs, alcohol, or smoking? 
  3. Should we consider pregnancy at a young age as a norm? How should we treat young girls who get pregnant under the age of 18?
  4. Who should wear a uniform? Do students need to stick to the same cloth while studying? What should the uniform signify? 
  5. What is the role of a president in your country? 
  6. How should society treat intolerant people? What is tolerance, and what transformations did it have? 
  7. Do children get addicted to the Internet? Why can it be dangerous? What impact does it have on development, mental health, and character? 
  8. What is ethics? How should people comprehend the notion? What if someone violates the norms of ethics? 
  9. What if a person decides to commit suicide? Who can help the person to solve the issues? Do other people have the right to help?
  10. Is it ethically correct to use the death penalty these days? 
  11. How should teenagers manage pregnancy at a young age? Should they tell their parents about it? Or is it necessary to keep everything secret? Is abortion a good idea? 
  12. How do you understand the concept of morality? 
  13. Do you have the right to do an abortion? Should we prohibit abortions? 
  14. What things should you do to stay fit? Why do people gain extra weight? Is it a physiological or psychological issue? What can help people get a better body shape? 
  15. Is there a concept of healthy food? Do we deal today with good and bad food? 
  16. What are incurable diseases? Do we have any methods to cure them? 
  17. Why do poor people blame others for their life problems?
  18. How does music influence our aura and the mental condition of our body? 
  19. Do you need to be a patriot of your country? What defines a real patriot? Is it good for our mental health and stability to defend our country rigorously? 
  20. What countries are the best for a living? What people are the happiest in the world? Why do they have so many things in common? 
  21. Can you live a healthy life being a student on a budget? 
  22. Do you consider tolerating abusive behavior in relationships with a partner a good idea? What if your boss is an abuser? 
  23. How should we respond to social media? Do we need to take the perfect life for granted? 
  24. Do you need to evolve if you live in a small closed community? 
  25. Who defines the behavioral patterns in the family? Do our parents impact the way we behave in other environments? How should we respond to our parents if they abuse us? 
  26. When was the first newspaper created? Do people still read newspapers these days? 
  27. Do people still use the radio? What is better: Internet or radio? Why do some people still listen to radio shows?
  28. Who is Elon Musk? What are his most well-known investigations? Can we say if he is a scientist or a researcher? What impact does he have on society and modern science? 
  29. How long should you study a foreign language? Is it a crucial skill to know several foreign languages? What language should you choose if you want to improve your own? What are the easiest languages in the world?
  30. Why do people need to experience journeys around the world? How can traveling expand our outlook and make us better humans? 
  31. Do people truly evolve during travel experiences? 
  32. Will people ever travel to the Galaxy? What are our chances to see Mars? 
  33. Is time travel possible now? What should scientists investigate so that people can travel in time? Would you like to change your past if you had the opportunity to do it? Why do you need time traveling? 
  34. What is the reason for people to trust religions and their postulates? Who are agnostics? 
  35. Do all people need to go to school? Is it possible to obtain a high-quality education if you study at home? What does the school give children? 
  36. Is socialization an important aspect of the upbringing of a child? Why do children need to communicate with other children? Can you have a socialized child if you don’t let him or her speak with others freely? 
  37. What is the best thing about private schools? How do they differ from regular schools? 
  38. Have you enjoyed being a child? Did you have a happy childhood? Did you enjoy being a child? Do children get enough attention from their parents?
  39. How long should you study language to become proficient? 
  40. Do you consider college education important these days? Why do some students miss classes and others can’t? 
  41. What defines your performance as an adult? Do you need to get high marks? Why do you need good grades?
  42. Why do some people dream of living forever? Are there any successful cure discoveries that can help people live longer? 
  43. How should we differentiate depression in teenagers? Can it lead to suicides? What measures should parents do if they notice depression in their child? 
  44. Does our world have any issues that can hardly be solved? 
  45. What is the best music genre for teens? 
  46. Would you like to talk with a person from the past? Who would it be? What would you say to him or her? 
  47. What superpower do you want to possess? Will you save others with this power? 
  48. Who is your favorite celebrity? Is it a proper thing to blindly follow celebrities? Who is exposed to the influence of the TV stars? 
  49. Why can’t everyone become a leader? What is leadership? How do you need to behave so that people listen to you? 
  50. Should you vote in the elections? What is the election procedure in your area? 

Final Words

Writing an expository essay is a complicated task. It asks for great attention and real efforts from the writer. Is it difficult to manage the paper? No, writing the text is manageable if you know the secrets of a successful writer. Is it time-consuming? Yes, because each work takes time. 

The most challenging task is to choose the topic. What should you write about? What topic to choose? Our article has the answer. We offer a great lot of ideas for expository essay writing. You don’t need to create a topic on your own. You can simply get inspired by our list. 

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