Guide: How To Create A Successful Problem Solution Essay

Guide: How To Create A Successful Problem Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay is a typical academic assignment designed to help the reader find answers to questions of concern. In an article, you must convince the reader that your problem is essential, explain why the reader should give the situation attention, and offer the best solutions that people cannot argue with. If you don’t know the structure of problem-solution essays, this guide is for you. We have described all the parts of the paper that you absolutely must include. Let’s get down to the point.

Formula of Success

In an essay, you should give a specific problem and a maximum of ways to solve it. A successful formula for a problem-solution essay looks like this:

  1. Familiarize the reader with the problem.
  2. Explain the situation in accessible language.
  3. Please provide the best solutions.
  4. Summarize.

Let’s take a look at each section separately.

Introduction – Introduce the Reader to the Problem

In the introduction, tell the reader about the problem. Explain what it is, why you need to discuss it, and if there are solutions. After you introduce the reader to the topic, come up with a thesis statement – this is the main idea of the article. You have to prove that the problem is essential and can be solved. The thesis statement should contain 1-2 sentences.

Body – Provide Problem Definitions

In the body, you should provide definitions of the problem in simple and understandable language. You must describe the situation from the reader’s point of view to gain credibility. For example: “You’ve probably seen how cars pollute the air when you go to work, school, or for a walk in the morning.” Then the reader will remember these situations and decide that this problem is essential because he was in such moments.

Also, in the body, you can give statistics, examples, and authoritative statements to support your assumption. Or tell us how the problem arose, who influenced it, how the issue became global. You can compare the situation with the past.

Body – Bring Better Solutions

When you describe the problem, interests the reader, you can start writing better solutions. If you have unlimited words, you can provide as many solutions as you want. If you are limited in scope, provide only the most reasonable solutions. Suggest solutions in simple and understandable language so that every reader can repeat them. Describe this method in more detail so that the reader does not have any objections or thoughts that the method is ineffective.

If possible, give examples of who have already applied this solution. You may be able to find evidence that the method worked before – indicate this in the essay, applying the citation rules. Give the words of influential people who expressed their opinion on the method of solving the problem. If you come up with a solution that no one else has come up with before, do your research to ensure the method works. Then describe how you did the research and what data you got. Analyze the data and explain why this solution is excellent.

If your decision is too costly, give your readers ideas on how to find sponsors. Readers need to know how quickly they will get the result, so specify a time frame. If you think that people will criticize your decisions, get ahead of these people and point out the shortcomings of the problem-solving method so that readers know in advance what to expect. However, the disadvantages should not outweigh the advantages.

Conclusion – Call Your Reader To Action

If you’ve run out of reasonable solutions to a problem, it’s time to take stock. Write that people need to make immediate decisions to get effective results. Do not include new information in your conclusion. Reframe your thesis and remind readers of its importance. Draw a picture of how it should look so that the reader can think if he did everything right.

Also, you can finish your essay with a rhetorical question. For example: “Is this the world of our dreams?” Or you can write an aphorism that perfectly underlines your ideas. Be sure to read the text to rule out mistakes and repetitive information. Share this essay with your loved ones to get honest feedback. If at least a few readers agree with you, you’ve managed to write a brilliant article!

Successful Example Problem Solution Essay

We have provided you with an outline for an essay and therefore want to offer an example. Get inspired by ideas, look at hooks, and apply them throughout your article. Here is an example of an essay on how to solve the problem of air pollution:

“Air pollution is referred to as a global problem of humanity. I am talking about the threat of depletion of oxygen reserves necessary to maintain all life on Earth and climatic changes destroying the planet. If we do not stop polluting the Earth, all humanity will become under the threat of extinction.

Environmental problems of the atmosphere are the penetration of harmful substances into its composition, changing the concentration. Toxic elements dissolve, mix with constituents and penetrate inside through the respiratory system. I can identify the following sources of pollution:

  • transport development, car exhaust;
  • waste from industrial production and daily human activities;
  • agricultural work, application of fertilizers and chemicals;
  • activities of hazardous radiation facilities.

Among the factories, enterprises producing non-ferrous and ferrous metals, building materials, and petrochemicals are considered record-holders for air pollution. Burning fuel contributes to the emission of smoke, the release of toxic elements into the atmosphere. The work of the power plant consumes two thousand tons of coal every day.

Due to industrial enterprises’ work, up to 26 billion carbon compounds, about 190 million sulfur oxides, and 65 nitrogen oxides are mixed with the air composition. With the production of products, solid particles of soot, dust enter the atmosphere. Heavy metals, hazardous to health, are released into the air with the release of waste: mercury, chromium, lead, copper.

Air pollution from industrial enterprises as a result of emissions of poisonous particles, according to data for 2020, 58% leads to premature death from heart disease. In 18% of cases, people die from chronic ailments, acute infections of the lungs received during their stay in a polluted urban environment. The problem has a strong impact on countries with high populations.

Modern scientists are seriously concerned about the state of atmospheric pollution. The health of the environment, shattered after industrialization, threatens the destruction of the planet and the extinction of plants, animals, and humanity. Therefore, to fight the problem, there are specific solutions:

  1. The proliferation of cars running on natural gas, biodiesel, and liquid hydrogen reduces the number of harmful substances, normalizing the world’s environmental situation. An alternative to gasoline is a fuel made from algae, waste, solar panels, compressed air.
  2. The influence of industrial enterprises on the state of the environment is neutralized by introducing treatment facilities. These devices reduce the number of toxic substances in industrial emissions, making factories’ operations safer for the atmosphere.
  3. Plants help cleanse the environment. Green spaces convert harmful substances into oxygen, help rid the atmosphere of tiny dust particles and heavy residue metals. Arrangement of parks, planting trees in an urban environment allows residents to breathe fresh air.

Based on these facts, I can conclude that the use of treatment facilities in industrial production, the transition to environmentally friendly fuel, stimulation of the search for solutions to pollution, and the widespread use of scientists’ inventions will lead to a healthier environment. Neglect of nature brings the death of humanity closer, the destruction of the planet’s appearance.”

Topics For Problem Solution Essay

If you have not yet decided what you would like to write about, we provide you with a list of ideas. Our themes are suitable for students of schools, colleges, universities. Remember, when choosing a topic, rely on your knowledge, the availability of sources of information, and the teacher’s requirements.


  1. What methods are there to combat social media bullying?
  2. How can we help a person who is experiencing difficulties due to the loss of a loved one?
  3. How can you help a friend make the right choice?
  4. How to deal with family violence?
  5. How do girls ask a guy out on a date and not seem intrusive?
  6. How to maintain a good relationship with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?
  7. How can people get rid of racism and accept people of different nations into society?
  8. How do you learn to understand people who cannot speak?
  9. How can a young generation learn to listen to adults?
  10. How to find friendship in social networks?


  1. How to limit the use of hazardous substances by athletes for competition?
  2. How can athletes receive awards for winning?
  3. How to give children a load so as not to harm their health?
  4. Where should a person start to build a good sports career?
  5. How can a coach raise the athletic spirit of the team?
  6. What methods should you use to become a better athlete?
  7. What should people do to always stay in good shape?
  8. What sports channels are worth watching, and how to recognize the truthful information?
  9. What should a trainer do to increase workout attendance?
  10. How should you be interviewed so as not to show your disappointment with defeat?


  1. How to facilitate education for children with down syndrome?
  2. How can the school help children cope with insecurity?
  3. How can educational institutions find funding for fairs, competitions, Olympiads?
  4. What should be done for gifted children to receive a better education?
  5. How to deal with students who do not want to do their homework?
  6. How can a student learn to understand a foreign language better?
  7. How can the school help children fight obesity?
  8. How is the school supposed to ensure the safety of the students?
  9. How can schools find funds to buy technology for their classrooms?
  10. What should students do to improve their academic performance?

The Final Insight

Essay writing is one of many tasks that students face. We get many requests to help with writing assignments. That is why we could create the guide for problem solution essay and give you some examples. However, if you still can’t cope with the task, contact us. Our writers are ready to help 24/7!

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