Cultural Identity Essay: Share Your Feelings about Homeland

Cultural Identity Essay: Share Your Feelings about Homeland

“My origin does not define me, but it shows what place on a Planet I have come from and what a worldview I have.”

This is not the line from a philosophical essay, which you may think when reading the sentence. This line is the part of a cultural identity essay, which is aimed at revealing the story of your origin and cultural background. If you have never practiced performing this kind of essay, you can find enough useful guides and tips to use while completing an excellent cultural identity essay paper. This is the exact kind of academic paper where the writer needs to reveal his cultural background and origin. In order to perform a proper essay, make sure to focus on the standard essay structure, organization moments, and proper formatting style. You can contact an expert writing service online for extra tips.

Cultural Identity Essay: Main Differences and Explanation

When you want to prepare a great essay, make sure you know what you are dealing with once starting performing a cultural identity essay. This exceptional writing piece differs a lot from other essay papers since it is aimed at expressing personal feelings and experience regarding the fact you belong to a definite nationality and culture. You need to write and explain how your nationality has influenced your worldview, life choices, personal growth, and the way you make your life choices. This paper shows a definite nationality background and culture, and its influence over a person’s qualities, customs, and behaviors. The cultural identity essay mostly centers on the next basics:

  • Belief;
  • Gender;
  • History;
  • Language;
  • Locality;
  • Nationality.

One thing is similar – the structure of the essay, which is the same as in other popular essay’s types. Therefore, you will easily figure out the best way to shape the main elements of the cultural identity essay. Still, keep in mind the main difference between this type of essay paper and other ones. There is no need to provide any sources or a reference list since in the essay you reveal your personal experiences, feelings, and facts from a real life. You can conduct a research work, but it is not obligatory. Focus on the formatting and proofreading, thus learn enough materials to perform a good paper according to the assigned formatting style’s guidelines. For instance, MLA style, which is mostly used in a cultural identity essay, can be easily followed once reaching its guidelines. Using famous writers’ quotes will be beneficial for your final piece. Make sure to provide an original source of the quote in the reference list in such a case.

Cultural Identity Essay: Top Ideas to Write About

A good essay paper is written when you select a precise topic with no additional meanings. It means you should ignore too broad subjects. Use the next five things to discuss when choosing a topic for a cultural identity essay:

  1. The concern of your own mind;
  2. The situations from a real-life;
  3. Unforgettable events and people;
  4. The important individuals;
  5. Remarkable locations and customs.

Writing in your paper about the time you were working in voluntary groups cab become one of the best ways to describe a personal experience. This can be a great topic to reveal. However, do not worry if you lack such an experience, you can always write about other interesting things like national customs and the way people follow them today. Great essay papers can be written about the favorite places and loved people, who live in your Homeland. Perform your essay about those people who inspire and makes you a better person. Do not avoid describing both good and bad life experiences since even the most horrible situations could bring you valuable life lessons. Your experience and solutions can be very helpful for other people who deal with the same problems. The cultural identity essay requires a detailed description of your life experience and the things, which made you the person you are now.

Cultural Identity Essay: How to Start it correctly

The best way to prepare an excellent essay is to select the proper topic. Be sure, with a good topic, you will be able to accomplish this difficult academic assignment excellently. First, write an outline to make the entire writing process more organized, thus use the outline as the plan for your research project. Remember to reveal your ideas and personal experience in a simple and clear language, which is obligatory for a cultural identity essay. You must be well aware of your audience, thus since you are telling a story of your life to a people of other nationalities, make your story really informative and descriptive. Conduct a small research if you want to refer to some known situations and people.

The Advice of an Expert:

“Choose the topic of your essay paper. Pay enough time on a topic selection, thus start organizing your ideas once getting an assignment. This order is the most beneficial for performing a great final writing piece. Coming up with various ideas is useful when you are just starting your work. List every interesting idea, even the most provoking one. You are performing a paper for a target audience, thus remember your readers. Write a powerful introduction and a strong thesis statement.”

Many writers use broad thesis statements for cultural identity essays. For instance:

“Our cultural background influences the way we see the world and the place we take in it.”

Body paragraphs need to provide a detailed explanation of the main thesis statements and the evidence that supports essay’s main arguments.

Cultural Identity Essay Body Paragraphs

The five-paragraph essay is the winning standard for writers. Thus, write properly these main elements, including a powerful introduction, three body paragraphs, and a practical conclusion. The three body paragraphs should be of the same size. Another important essay’s element – an outline – will help you to organize the entire writing process and to provide a proper paper’s structure. Use your interesting ideas and a real-life experience.

The next strategies will help you to deal with a writing process productively:

  1. Add alterations to join interesting ideas in one piece.
  2. Choose united arguments to start every new paragraph.
  3. Use a real-life experience once writing a supporting evidence.

The proper organization of the writing process will be very advantageous and will let you perform an excellent paper.

Cultural Identity Essay Example Quotation

“I was born in the Philippines, but my family had moved to the United States when I was ten. My mother is Filipina, and she adores her national traditions and customs. My dad is a British man who had spent most of his life in the United States. My mother and my dad had met in the Philippines. We always celebrate both British and Philippian holidays. It helps me to understand that I belong to a very big family, and my foreign origin makes me some way special.”

Using this essay example, you can find out how better to structure your cultural identity essay. Certainly, it will not be easy to perform an inspiring essay paper only by reading online examples. If you want to get an outstanding cultural identity essay, order a paper from one of expert writing services and get an exceptional academic writing piece.

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