Expository Essay Writing: Step-By-Step Guide

Expository Essay Writing: Step-By-Step Guide

Students of all college levels have essays among their written assignments. They usually face it at the end of semester when teachers want to check the obtained knowledge on the subject. There are different types of essays and all of them have their features and peculiarities. In this article we will talk about an expository essay and give tips to develop a good one.

Defining an expository essay

An expository essay aims at explaining the object under research by all possible means. In other words, a student has to investigate the main idea and explain it with the help of supporting facts. In the process of writing you look for the evidence proving your idea, describe the topic in details and develop a concept.

The structure of the essay is very similar to other types of papers:

  • Thesis
  • Main part
  • Conclusive part

Types of expository essays

You may be surprised but there exist several types of expository writing:

  • Descriptive essay which aims at describing an object of the essay – a person, thing, event, feeling – anything, in this type of essay a student may use their imagination to the fullest.
  • Process essay aims at teaching the reader how to do something: how to learn a foreign language, how to get rid of old stains, etc.
  • In comparison essays students are asked to analyze and compare two or several objects.
  • When developing a cause and effect essay a student has to describe a phenomenon or event and present its consequences.
  • Problem solution essays look for solutions of certain problems.

Purpose of an expository essay

You may wonder what the goal of writing this type of essay is, what it teaches students.

Expository essays help us develop skills of describing something using simple words and expressions. If you are planning to become a journalist, scientist or engage yourself in business, the skills of writing these essays will be very useful for you in your career.

Choosing a topic for your expository essay

A good topic is the topic you are well aware of and you are able to explain. This is why, if you are given a choice, choose something that is interesting for you. It can be anything – from simple very day routine thing to global plans like missions to Mars.

It is even better if you are not assigned the topic by your supervisor but given a free choice. In this case you can brainstorm and come up with the idea that will be totally awesome for you.

Cool topics

If you still hesitate what to write about, look at the list of cool topics we have selected:

  • Interesting facts form the history of your hometown
  • If someone breaks the law what happens to this person
  • Experience of living in poor living conditions
  • What are the main reasons of obesity?
  • The War of the Currents: consequences
  • The principle of Wi-Fi
  • How does the gravity work?
  • What caused depression in America
  • Do you have any phobias? Describe one
  • What is the process of film making?
  • Is there a mobile app that helps saving the nature?
  • What are reasons of popularity of pop culture
  • What is the background of your future profession?
  • How did architecture evolve?

Process of writing of your expository essay

Before you start the writing process you should perform the following simple steps that will make the process easier:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Select your topic
  3. Carry out a thorough research of your topic
  4. Develop an outline
  5. Compose an intro part
  6. Design respective paragraphs of the main part
  7. Develop a memorable conclusion
  8. Carry out a review of your paper.

Developing an introduction

When you begin writing your essay, you should first focus on your introduction since this is the first part your reader will see. It is recommended to include a hood that catches attention of the reader. In this case you are allowed to use humor, storytelling, etc.

Finish your introduction with a thesis – a short overview of your topic.

Developing a body part

The body is the biggest part of any essay that contains the fullest information. You should divide it into several logically linked paragraphs. In the body part you describe the aspects of your research and provide evidences of your opinion.

Developing a conclusive part

Your conclusion should be like the cherry on the top of the cake. It means that you have to sum up briefly everything said before and single out the importance of your study. You should not copy the words from previous parts. Conclusion has to be written independently and single out the main points of your essay.

Check your essay

Another important step in composing your expository essay is checking the mistakes. It is best to have a rest from your essay for at least several hours. Then, read it again and mark grammatical, lexical or morphological mistakes, if any. Make sure all the parts are logically connected and every sentence bears your main idea.

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