Greatest Accredited Online Universities in UK

Greatest Accredited Online Universities in UK

Nowadays, online learning is becoming more popular every day. A lot of people are interested in distance learning because it allows them to both work and study. Some young people cannot afford to live and study in the United Kingdom. However, it is prestigious to finish one of the universities in the UK. That is why loads of universities begin offering distance studying.

However, it is hard to figure out which university to choose. There are only a few articles that discuss universities with the opportunity of distance learning. So, how to choose the most suitable university? We browsed through the rankings of best UK universities and chose those that provide distance learning. 

In this article, we are discussing the finest accredited online universities in the UK. The list contains the best universities that offer all together Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees, and PhDs. We analyzed the terms and conditions each university offers so that we are ready to present our ranking. Also, you will learn nice tips on how to choose one university and start learning from home.

The Advantages of Distance Learning

To start with, you should make sure you seek to get an online degree. Keep in mind that online education is less prestigious than the traditional one. Therefore, if you follow somebody’s example or just want to be trendy, that is not a good decision. Make sure online learning is the optimal way for you to get a degree. 

So, how to decide whether you need an online degree, indeed? We interviewed students who are gaining an education online. It helped us to determine reasons for studying online.

  1. Full-time education is too expensive for your family. If you live on a tight budget, you probably cannot afford the traditional education. The online variant is usually much cheaper, so you can study in a UK university without getting by;
  2. you have to work for a living. If you have no financial support, you have to find full-time employment. Thus, you do not have enough time to succeed in studying;
  3. you cannot move to another country. You may be scared of moving, or you can suffer from some disease. It keeps you from gaining a traditional education in another state;
  4. you want to get additional education. While you are studying, you may want to acquire new skills. It allows you to get a job or develop your horizons.

Online studying is an innovative way of gaining an education. It embodies all of your plans without sacrificing learning. Learn our lists of best accredited online universities in the UK and find a suitable one.

Finest Accredited Online Universities in United Kingdom

Let’s start with the universities that provide distance learning for all degrees. Those universities have to be accredited and offer good terms and conditions. We choose ten best universities with a wide range of courses and affordable prices. 

1. University College London

At University College London, you will gain any educational degree. It takes third place among UK universities in the QS rankings. There are more than 35 courses you can attend online. UCL provides high-quality online education that does not differ from the offline one. You can get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree without worries it would not be acknowledged. 

There are 505 Master’s, 142 Bachelor’s, and 134 Ph.D. programs the university offers. That university was the first in England that encouraged students of any social and financial status, religion, and family. Also, UCL was the first to engage women in higher education. The role of that university cannot be underestimated.

2. The University of Edinburgh

This university is ranked 20 in QS Rankings, which means it deserves your attention. The first thing we want to highlight is that it does not differentiate online studies from the traditional ones. If you are gaining an education degree online, it will not be mentioned on the diploma. All the courses you participate in do not differ from the traditional ones. You learn the same subjects that students do on campus. 

It has 400 years’ history, so there are thousands of graduates you can find even on the Internet. The lecturers hold a Ph.D. in different fields, so there is no way you will get unimportant information. The majority of graduates are working in world-famous companies, so the investment in education is your investment in the future career.

The only problem is that it requires quite strong involvement. You have to study hard, even if you are staying home. Even so, the University of Edinburgh is ranked 4th in the United Kingdom for research power. It stays among the most influential research-intensive universities in the world.

3. The University of Manchester

That university takes 27th place QS rankings, and it is highly appreciated among students. It has 32 online courses in different disciplines. The University of Manchester is relatively new, as it was established in 2008. The goal of the university was to research climate change. It became one of the first institutes tried to research the factors that influence climate change.

The authorities of the university are in the loop in the newest changes in the field of education. You will be gaining a relevant education without worries it would get superfluous. The knowledge base you get there is an excerpt from the information you need. Moreover, if you are interested in the field of research, that university offers a solid ground. University’s research team is always working on the relevant problems of wide scope. 

4. King’s College London

That university is appreciated for its research approach and a wide range of subjects. Its operation contributes to the Nobel Prize winners’ activities. You are welcome to study 31 courses online, and become one almost 30 thousand current students. The King’s College London takes 33rd place in the QS Rankings, and that confirms its status. 

The good distinction is that the institution allows you to start studying when you want to. You may apply for online learning six times a year, so it is always possible to plan your life. Another good thing is that you are guaranteed to start a career after or during studying. Almost 95 percent of graduates get full-time employment, working in their specialty. 

5. University of Warwick

Are you interested in learning Business? The University of Warwick specializes in Business studying, and also it takes the 62nd place in QS Rankings. There are five online courses that relate to business and management. If you are seeking to get an MBA online or gain a Master’s degree, consider studying at the University of Warwick. Its graduates are acknowledged as people with the highest wages in the United Kingdom.

The goal of the university’s leaders is to expand boundaries. That institution was established in 1961, and its research group is working intensively ever since. Also, the university offers a lot of job positions, as well as internship programs. That is a strong start for your business career. 

6. University of Glasgow

This university offers 278 Master’s educational programs you can learn online. The leaders of the university constantly work on establishing relations with loads of other institutions. There are enough exchange programs to help students develop their skills. The University of Glasgow is world-known for its striving to expand the boundaries of usual education. Its graduates give world discoveries, inventions, and new political views. 

You are welcome to explore different postgraduate programs as well as start learning subjects online. Also, you are free of charge to join one of the massive open online courses, which you may find on the university’s Internet page. Gaining an education at the University of Glasgow, you might understand what you want to do for a living. While studying, you can gain the necessary experience for your future career.

7. University of Sheffield

There are a lot of disciplines that the university offers. You can choose one of the 25 online courses and become one of more than 25 thousand students. The University of Sheffield is not at the top of rankings; it takes 78th place in the QS Rankings. However, you are guaranteed to develop your talents and get everything you need to start a career.

The university offers online education for Medicine, Computer Science, Social Sciences, and Management. In the beginning, the university was divided into Sheffield Medical School, Firth College, and the Sheffield Technical School. Only in 1905, the University of Sheffield was established. Since then, the institution provides students with a critical knowledge base to become a demanded specialist in the market.

8. University of Birmingham

If you seek to become a part of a friendly community, consider gaining an education at the University of Birmingham. You will probably find a group of like-minded people to team up. That university has a lot of awards, such as the “Gold” ranking. There are 71 online courses and more than 33 thousand students. It takes 81st place in the QS Rankings, but that’s not it. It is the second of most targeted universities by leading employers in the United Kingdom.

You are welcome to conduct research, as 87% of its experiments have an all-encompassing impact. The University of Birmingham was the first in England to establish equal studying conditions for students of different religions and affiliations. It invests in student support, grants, and scholarships to encourage talented people to develop their skills. As the university’s graduate, you will discover loads of career opportunities.

9. University of Leeds

It is one of the largest institutions that provide higher education in the UK. There are almost 40 thousand students, and the university takes 93rd place in the QS Rankings. The quality of education is relatively high, so you should get rid of doubts that you will not get enough information. There are 16 online courses you can join, and those covers Humanities, Business, Management, Technology, and other fields.

Not only can you gain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree but also become a part of the research team. The University of Leeds is a suitable place to conduct world-important research. You will get the first experience while studying, so you will have no problems with starting a career. 

10. University of Nottingham

That university would be suitable if you are seeking to be a part of a large friendly community. The concept of the university is to establish relations with hundreds of universities all over the world. There are a lot of exchange programs and internship opportunities a student can only be dreaming of. The University of Nottingham takes 96th place in QS Rankings, which proves the results of studying are high enough.

There are 17 online courses you can join, choosing one of the available disciplines. You are welcome to research in the fields of Humanities, Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics. The final conception of the university was established in 1948 when the Nottingham’s first civic college was renamed into the University of Nottingham. 

Choose One of the Accredited Online Universities in UK

If you think about gaining an online education, it is extremely important to list the selection criteria. You should realize what you are looking for and whether it would be useful for you. When it comes to education, you have to be 100% sure that your choice it reasonable. However, choosing one university out of dozens of fine ones is truly hard.

Look at the list of tips we have prepared for you. Make sure you follow them before you choose one of the accredited online universities in the UK.

  1. Determine your needs. What are you looking for in studying? It can be a group of like-minded people, a suitable environment for conducting research, or the opportunity to gain experience. Determine the criteria that are critical for you;
  2. choose a discipline you want to study. Each university has a different slope when it comes to subjects. One has a solid education base for Medicine and Health; the other would be a great choice if you want to study Engineering. Push away from your interests and the specialty you seek to get;
  3. evaluate terms and conditions. Make a list of things that are important for you, such as the information highlighted in diplomas and admission deadlines. Some universities allow you to apply for studying up to six times a year! Make a spreadsheet to write down the requirements and documents you need for applying.

Online Education Is a New Trend

Online education becomes more popular as everything goes digital. Not only it allows people to study from home but also saves their money and time, especially with qualified UK assignments help service. Online education is a great opportunity for those who want to combine studying and working without sacrificing one or another. It allows you to build plans and to manage your schedule without depending on anybody.

Our list of the best accredited online universities in the UK is to help you make a crucial decision. Use it as a guide to getting familiar with the top institutions that provide higher education. Learn more about universities you are interested in.

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