48 Strong Proposal Essay Topics

48 Strong Proposal Essay Topics

Writing a proposal essay requires deep knowledge and creativity. So, it’s an engaging challenge for students to find out whether they are able to think logically and critically. However, you might get confused about choosing an appropriate topic that will give rise to your meditations. If it’s so, we have collected 48 impactful proposal essay topics for you. But at first, read a few words about peculiarities of such a kind of academic tasks.

What Is a Proposal Essay?

A proposal essay is actually quite an engaging task. You are supposed to determine a problem and offer an effective solution. The goal seems to be easy in case your teacher provided you with a topic. If not, the assignment becomes a bit challenging. For sure, preparation starts with research.

First of all, answer two basic questions:

  1. What issues are you deeply concerned with?
  2. What is your potential audience’s interest?

Why do you have to get acquainted with readers? Because you are expected to convince them your suggestion is the best one. So, try to analyze their needs as well as their pattern of thinking.

As you have no particular direction, you may choose any topic you consider suitable. Yet, turn your attention to something currently important so that it will involve readers. Even if you choose an old topic, grant it a fresh breath: point out new aspects of the issue or suggest a creative way out.

The structure of a proposal essay is common for academic writing. In the introduction, you are expected to show why an issue is of interest and state your solution. In the body, you should offer vivid arguments that maintain your viewpoint (don’t forget to conduct thorough research). The goal of the conclusion block is to sum everything up. So, rephrase your idea and make sure you use strong words to convince readers.

Here are 48 engaging topics for your essay.

Healthcare Topics

  1. Do antidepressants really help to cure depression? Or should they be banned?
  2. Do people still have a prejudice against psychotherapy? What can be done to convince people with mental illnesses they need help?
  3. Is absolutely free of charge medicine possible in our country? Do you think it would affect the quality of the healthcare system?
  4. Do you believe in the theory of ‘early and late risers’? Do students need a fixed sleep pattern?
  5. Do we really need physical training classes at school? Have you got any other ideas on how to popularize a healthy lifestyle among students?
  6. Are all kinds of alternative medicine safe? Should they be practiced at hospitals?
  7. Is blood transfusion really life-saving? Why do more and more people choose no-blood treatment? Should blood transfusions be banned?
  8. What to do to decrease adolescents’ interest in smoking? Are electronic cigarettes a solution?
  9. Is laughter therapy effective? What illnesses do you think it can really cure?
  10. Is it reasonable to treat depression at a hospital? How real is the risk that a patient will feel the same after returning home?
  11. Do you agree junk food is responsible for most cancer diseases? Should we deny it?
  12. Does vaccination still help? Why do we have a growth of diseases?

Education Topics

  1. Does single-gender education maintain high moral standards among adolescents? Do we need to return to this practice?
  2. Should grades be removed from the learning process? What is their influence on students’ self-esteem?
  3. What new subjects do we have to add to the modern academic program?
  4. Are students who choose home education are less prepared for adult life? Does it influence their communication skills? Are they prepared enough for serious challenges?
  5. Does school uniform restrict students’ freedom?
  6. How can we stop bullying at schools? Will criminal sanctions help?
  7. Do you think cheating at tests influences students’ attitudes to challenges? What can motivate them to break their lying habits?
  8. Do you agree some teaching methods are already played-out? Why?
  9. Is it acceptable for teachers to have pets in class? How can it be prevented?
  10. Is it good that higher education is widely advertised among school-leavers? Is it really necessary for most students?
  11. What is the best way to motivate students?
  12. Should teachers motivate students? Or should they not be concerned about their success?

Family Relations Topics

  1. Do parents have a right to punish children physically?
  2. Do teachers have a right to interfere in relations between children and parents?
  3. Should parents determine their children’s future career? Should children fulfill their parents’ dreams that didn’t come true when they were young?
  4. Children and parents argue at any point: is there any way out?
  5. Do you think parents receive less respect from their children nowadays? Who is to blame? May this situation be changed?
  6. Do you approve of the method of education with no restrictions?
  7. Too many rules: is it a serious problem? How can parents and children find consensus?
  8. Siblings’ argues: what measures can parents take?
  9. How to punish children without reducing their self-esteem? Should children be punished at all?
  10. Many teenagers suffer from depression nowadays, but in most cases, parents don’t notice the problem in time. Is lack of communication a reason? Should parents use medical treatment in this case? Or can they help themselves?
  11. Do you agree parents should be the best friends for their children? What to do with a problem that children don’t trust their parents?
  12. If parents argue a lot, will it influence their children’s future family life?

Environment Topics

  1. Do you think it’s too late to save the planet?
  2. Will species of animals existing today extinct as well?
  3. Forests are being cut down. Will we find alternative ways of producing oxygen?
  4. The problem of the lack of freshwater is increasing, yet desalting water is an expensive procedure. Give your solution.
  5. Is it possible to ban cars at all? Will it change a thing?
  6. Do you think using nuclear energy was an achievement or a mistake? Should all nuclear stations be banned?
  7. Alternative sources of energy: are they indeed worth speaking about? What other sources people might discover in the future?
  8. Ocean pollution: does it touch our life? How can we save fish from extinction?
  9. Was it really necessary to investigate outer space? What consequences did it cause? Offer your solutions.
  10. Are you worried about climate change? How can we adjust to them?
  11. How to teach people to be more responsible for pets? Give your solutions on how to help stray cats and dogs.
  12. Do you think people may be allowed to adopt any animal, even from a wild nature?

Proposal essays give students an opportunity to analyze things happening around them and search for solutions. And the topics offered in the article will help you to cope with your assignment. No matter what your pattern of thoughts is — analytic or creative — you may suggest a way out. And who knows, your idea might become the very solution in the nearest future.

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