Get to Know the Concept of Nature vs Nurture Essay

Get to Know the Concept of Nature vs Nurture Essay

For many years, scientists have been debating about the importance of nature and nurture in the development of a person’s personality. Some are sure that our life directly depends on the inherited genes, and we can only adjust some habits. Others, on the contrary, assert that the environment can both improve and degrade our abilities, and genetics only gives us basic traits.

It is precisely because of active contradictions that writing nature against the education of essays is a popular academic task for students. This task tests both the ability to develop one’s point of view and the skills of writing an academic paper. The student needs to present conflicting theories and statements to interest the reader. However, you should not highlight only one side of the problem, because all people have a different opinion.

For the essay to be consistent with the topic and suggest specific data, you should also familiarize yourself with the factors relating to the influence of nature and upbringing. Thus, in addition to the excellent structure, your paper will look like a full-fledged research paper. We will help you understand the theoretical data, as well as provide you with advice on the structure of the essay.

Come up with the Main Idea to Advance in Your Nature vs Nurture Essay

Writing an argumentative essay includes discussion and debate, which plays into your hands. Remember that contradictions must permeate all paper so that the reader does not lose interest. However, the existing theories are not enough for you, because the task involves expressing your vision of the problem.

The first thing you should do is to determine the main message of your essay. Since both nature and upbringing involve large topics that you cannot discuss in paper quality, you need to choose a subtopic that you will explore. Depending on your background, you should focus on a specific professional area.

If you are confused when choosing a topic, pay attention to these:

  • The manifestation of human feelings
  • Talent: merit of nature or development?
  • The development of temperament in humans
  • Mental Health and Disorders
  • Addiction Formation: Genetics or Environment
  • Inheritance of types of temperament
  • Personality formation before birth

If you received a topic from a teacher, try to add bright colors to it. Add relevant research and discuss burning topics such as gender relations or feminism. When choosing a title, add a touch of insanity to distinguish your essay from others. Teachers usually give similar topics to all students, but the ability to stand out is what they appreciate.

Decide which Side You Are on

Before proceeding to the study of structure, we want to acquaint you with theoretical data. Thus, you can take a position that is closer to you in spirit. Believe me, as soon as you find the right approach, writing an essay will cease to scare you. Let’s start with the factors that determine the influence of nature and education on the development of personality.

  • Health and addiction. Agree that certain diseases, such as diabetes, a tendency to depression, and bipolarity are transmitted by genes. It can also be argued that the craving for drugs or alcohol can pass from parents. However, in this case, our environment and education are of great importance. If we were told from childhood that drug use is ruining our lives, we will never touch them.
  • The formation of personality. The tendency to a certain temperament is transmitted from parents, so parents with a choleric type most often have a choleric child. However, if you look from the side of education, we will understand that it is the parents who are next to us in the first years of life. If a child grows up without parents, he will most likely inherit the habits of the people who raised him.
  • Mental abilities and talent. Many scientists are sure that our intelligence directly depends on the data of parents. However, most geniuses and successful businessmen came from not outstanding families, and some even had parents with no education or with a criminal record. Let’s agree that no matter what talent we receive at birth, we need to develop it, read books and study. Otherwise, we can only count on luck.

How to Create an Outline

Start with a sketch to collect all the important thoughts and decide what structure your essay will have. Come up with one main idea for each piece of paper, and select reliable sources. Use brainstorming to pick up a few worthy arguments. You can search for information in scientific papers or online resources, but write downlinks so as not to waste time on repeated searches. One of the main tasks of brainstorming is to come up with a powerful thesis and hook, which will be situated in your introduction.

The Power of Introduction

In the introduction, you need to briefly outline the main contradiction of the paper, as well as hook the reader with your position. To write a hook, use one of these methods: a direct question to the reader, a fact or famous quote, a contradiction. Since you write a nature vs nurture essay, there is already a contradiction in the subject, so do not make the paper overflowing.

The final sentence in the introduction is the thesis. He conveys the basic idea of the whole text, so pay special attention to it. Some experts recommend placing the thesis separately from the introduction so that it is striking. For a better understanding, pay attention to an example thesis:

  • Parenting forms a person as a person and develops his abilities, but at birth, we receive talent and inherent temperament from parents.

Also, let’s take a look at an introduction that includes a hook:

  • The issue that has been discussed over the years: the role of nature and education on the future of man. On the one hand, our DNA combines the data of parents and ancestors, so at birth, we are a copy of our parents. This applies to habits, character traits, and temperament. However, growing up, we attend schools, universities and learn from other people. From a certain age, we cease to depend on parents, the environment develops new abilities in us.
  • Have you noticed that your character changes with a change of environment? Let’s see if genetic data or acquired customs help us choose a profession.

Building a Body of an Essay

In the main part, you need to place 3-4 paragraphs, each of which begins with an argument. Make sure that each paragraph is responsible for one idea. For example, you can submit arguments in the direction of nature in the first, in the direction of upbringing – in the second, and the third highlight your point of view. It is important to know that each argument should underpin the thesis, and not contradict it. Also, follow the logical sequence, otherwise the reader will get confused.

Finish Your Paper with an Emphatic Conclusion

The conclusion is a summary of the paper. In it, you should briefly describe the arguments, as well as rephrase the thesis. Some readers begin the article with conclusions, as they are a summary of the entire article. The last paragraph should be expressive so that a person remembers it. Here is one example:

  • Both nature and nurture play a role in personality development. However, for genetics to manifest, we need to lead the same lifestyle as parents and learn from their habits. As for education, even without a specific talent in a person, you can develop your abilities by reading books and communicating with smart people. In this way, nurture and the environment can change our innate data and take us to a new level.

Some Extra Tips when Working on Your Essay

  • Do not take a critical position. If you persuade readers to your side, they will feel pressure and lose interest. You must play with the arguments, juxtaposing them, so that each of them complements the essay, rather than interfere.
  • Avoid common topics. Find a controversial theory that is developing, use the latest article so that the essay is not boring. Now popular studies relate to twins who have grown apart. In this example, the role of upbringing can be presented for one, and the role of natural data for the other. It is interesting that when they finally come to know each other, their personalities can be different.
  • Read the finished essay to a friend or teacher before publishing. The fact is that when you proofread the work yourself, you may not notice the wrong sequence and lack of logic since your brain is not skeptical. However, a fresh look from the side will help to find even small mistakes.

Bottom Line

Following our tips, you have every chance to create the perfect nature vs nurture essay. Although you may not have any experience, use your creativity and knowledge. Start with an outline and use the brainstorming. However, if you want to avoid the possible difficulties, you may use the service of online essay writing help.

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