Any Persuasive Speech Is Related to These Aspects

Any Persuasive Speech Is Related to These Aspects

A good persuasive speech addresses a certain aspect or problem where there is no unified point of view. Consequently, your task here is to pick and expand that point of view you consider as the most appropriate for a certain case. But, you should be and appear convincing for your listeners. 

Yes, unlike other types of writing, this speech is greatly determined by your audience and argumentation. The psychological factor also matters because your task is to persuade future listeners. So, you should:

  • think about the strongest arguments in favor of your point of view;
  • pick the right words for expressing any opinion and statement;
  • choose the most suitable tone and manner of presentation for your topic;
  • add emotions to your text and presentation.

There are three main types of persuasive speech:

  • policy speech where you address and cover certain aspects related to a legal act, program policy, etc.;
  • factual speech in which you present pieces of evidence to prove that something is right or not);
  • value speech where you assess matters from moral and ethical perspectives.

Before Starting Your Preparation

Obviously, to start your preparation, you should have a good topic first. What do we mean by good? This is one that interests you very much and for which you may find a lot of credible information. In this case, your preparation will be very easy and fast. 

To check yourself, you may evaluate any topic from these points of view: 

  • What interests you in a certain topic most of all?
  • What aspects touch or even amuse you?
  • What matters cause your negative or positive emotions?
  • Is this a topic you can research and expand precisely?
  • Have you gained any personal experience about a certain topic you are ready to share with?

These questions may help you in choosing the best topic for your persuasive speech. This is important because the best speeches are always related to personal interests and emotions. And such also should go along with good arguments. Here is what we can also suggest that. 

Suggestions for Writing and Presentation

For your persuasive speech, you need to develop a strong thesis statement and arguments. To reach this, provide thorough research about a topic. Even if you are not using all info you have, your awareness on the subject can certainly help for your drafting and future presentation.

After you have formed your point of view on the subject, formulate the main thesis statement for it. Such a thesis should be brief and sound strong. For this purpose, use active verbs and precise formulations. The same approach should be applied to your arguments. Such have to align with the main thesis. During this intellectual process, always keep in mind your target audience. Try to think from the perspective of what formulations will be the most appropriate and convenient for them.

Structure your content also. Outlining a speech can be very helpful in this case. Make the structure of your future speech. To help you, use a simple piece of paper or special tools, like mindmaps. Make sure that all ideas are connected.

Also, draft juicy content for your speech. Add good supporting examples and explanations with hooks and interesting formulations. Make sure only that such word tools are expressed in their general meaning, or it is possible to grasp their essence easily. Humor is also appropriate, depending on the context.

For your drafting, prefer simple words and formulations. They will be much convenient for your listeners. Your main task is to explain even complex categories simply. Make all your statements, especially arguments, brief and clear.

For any type of a speech, prepare at least a couple of drafts. The first one may be expanded. You need to gather all ideas you think as necessary to expand a topic. In most cases, such a draft can be and should be shortened. For this purpose, you need to remove excessive phrases and condense similar ones. If you feel uncertain about that, you may apply various online editing tools or hire professional writers. It is always important to ensure grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your presentation by applying various checkers. 

When you are confident in the outcome, suggest you learn this speech. If you know well a text, you always feel confident before the audience. Moreover, you will be able to establish and maintain contact with your listeners. If you have somebody to involve, practice your speech with this person. This is good preparation and opportunity to get feedback. To help yourself before the future presentation, try to consider it as a kind of conversation with your good acquaintance. This will prevent you from being paralyzed before the audience and help to keep the formal manner of presentation. 

After you have grasped our shortlisted pieces of advice, we suggest you practice. Here are the topics we have prepared for you.

Persuasive Speech Topics

School and college

  • Financial challenges should not prevent gifted students from TOP study opportunities
  • School administrations should combat bullying more actively
  • Cyberbullying is even more dangerous than the ordinary one 
  • Pedagogical level of teachers should be periodically verified 
  • Grades are unfair and offensive in most cases
  • Handwriting is not outdated but very useful 
  • Schools with low performance should be closed in these cases
  • Basics of computer science should be studied everywhere
  • Classes on soft skills are necessary nowadays
  • Schools should raise more funds on their own
  • Laptops are good replacements for books
  • Studying at least two foreign languages is possible and should become compulsory
  • Prohibit any advertisements near schools
  • Ebooks can replace and be a better alternative for ordinary books. 

Personal aspects

  • Everyone can be a hero thanks to this quality
  • Mindfulness is not widely known but crucial for our daily lives 
  • Everyone can do something for preventing global warming 
  • Social media determine the modern trends of our lives
  • Having bad habits is not a norm but a reason to become better
  • Family history determines your life story mostly
  • Your choices are the greatest determinants of your life story
  • Useful skills should be developed constantly 
  • Astronomy can be good for your personal development for this reason…
  • Positive attitude towards life can be reached simply 
  • Mistakes are good steps to something more 
  • You also can write a good story 
  • Anxiety should not need been tackled

Law, business, and ethics

  • Juvenile justice should be promoted
  • It is impossible to prevent offenses at all
  • Legal aspects of using weapons should be enhanced
  • Absenteeism should be tackled 
  • Bribery can be combated
  • It is not always possible to protect rights in court 
  • Tax optimization is legal
  • Most of the taxes can be eliminated 
  • The current state of justice should be improved
  • Limitations of rights are nearly never reasonable 
  • For your success, understand your target audience before placing a product 
  • The only productive field for business is ethical 
  • Support local manufacturers for these reasons 
  • Good advertising is impossible without ethical standards 
  • Local entrepreneurs are better manufacturers than foreign
  • Mentorship in business is important for success
  • Self-reliance is the most important factor for entrepreneurial success
  • Soft skills are crucial for entrepreneurs
  • The business should be environment-responsible 
  • Extroverts are better entrepreneurs
  • Everyone should be taught the basics of financial education 
  • Delegation can be bad for business
  • Introverts are better entrepreneurs
  • Bad feedback may be beneficial
  • Lack of money cannot prevent you from doing business
  • A remote work mode is a good option for business

Culture, sports, and entertainment

  • Most of the recent cultural trends have emerged on social media
  • Critics should accept that graffiti is a new form of art
  • Freedom of publishing has to be ensured
  • Religion influences the existing culture greatly 
  • Some standards of beauty should be prohibited
  • Ensuring copyright protection is necessary for normal cultural development 
  • Classical music is not outdated and should be promoted
  • Movie production lacks new ideas
  • Going to museums is great 
  • Culture is impossible without spirituality 
  • Wealthy states have very developed cultures
  • Dancing is also a good sport
  • Become more powerful thanks to swimming
  • Running can make your life longer
  • Ways for improving sports performance for everyone 
  • Playing team sports can help in your daily life

Final Words

The necessity to convince your listeners makes a persuasive speech a complicated sample of writing. Your point of view should be clear, concise, and sound persuasive. To achieve that, always think from the perspective of your future listeners. What information can be interesting to them? What manner of presentation can be the most effective for them?

Think thoroughly about the main point of view you want to present and supporting arguments. Examples and humor are also appropriate. The foremost thing you need to ensure is that all your ideas are connected. 

A couple of drafts are also normal for this complex task. Preparing this speech can take time. Still, if you have faced difficulties or worries about it, you can easily request professional writing help. 

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