Persuasive Speech Outline: Types, Writing Tips, Sample

Persuasive Speech Outline: Types, Writing Tips, Sample

Even knowing a topic well, convincing your listeners without a perfectly built text is almost impossible. An outline comes as an efficient tool for creating a persuasive speech. Examine this article to know how to do it correctly. A well-written bullet increases the quality of your entire paperwork and provides success among your listeners. 

Persuasive Speech Outline Definition and Purposes

A persuasive speech is a message for the public to convince them of a particular opinion. A successfully designed performance can win the support of all listeners or its prevailing majority. However, not all people can accept the perspectives and admit a concept after one performance. That makes crafting a convincing text a mind-teasing task. 

Knowing the rules of successful persuasive speech writing is vital knowledge not only for college and university students. This skill is highly applicable in the financial sector for successful sales. The abilities to convince and amount of signed contracts with clients go hand in hand. To sharpen their professional accomplishments, people write numerous persuasive speeches during studying and training. A draft always comes as an essential part of these procedures.

The beneficial role of a draft consists in concentration on the thesis in the massive content. It gains logical chaining of the paragraphs and settles the relevant connection between them. It is a visual tool that manages the overall text, balancing the presented facts. In sum, a draft serves as a foundation of your convincing performance. 

According to the purpose, there are two primary types of an outline:

  • composing: a working piece of paper for crafting the essential components of the text speech;
  • performing: a collection of the core phrases for the prompt announcing in public.

Index cards can replace a speaking outline during the speech. But the preparation type deserves closer attention.

Structure of Persuasive Speech Outline

A persuasive speech outline is your guide throughout the entire speech. Combined with a draft, it is your priceless navigator. That is a sequence of steps for a proper outline structuring:

  1. Begin with the introductory part. Design it carefully to speak impressively and captivatingly. One of the most efficient methods is settling a rhetorical question, mentioning famous sayings, voicing a common misconception, or weird statistical facts. Whichever one you select, the introduction must sparkle an interest for the first few words. Announce a thesis statement and a brief guide throughout the speech.
  2. Continue with body chapters. They should flow smoothly, logically, contain the facts that comport with the primary claim. Facts and statistical data from credible sources are the best too to convince the listeners. However, an overwhelming amount of scientific data sounds moody. Keep the balance.
  3. Represent counterarguments. It strengthens a persuasive speech, basing on objective facts without irritating the opposition supporters.
  4. Finalize the results. Wrap up all said above, confirming the thesis statement. Add an appeal for action or draw the perspectives of further investigations.

Speak to people naturally in human language to make it understandable even for those who do not have deep knowledge of the subject. An outline makes adding the necessary facts or removing irrelevant ones easier.

Useful Tips for Persuasive Speech Outline Writing

Persuasive speeches differ according to the requirements and format. Make sure that you have received an exhaustive list of instructions from your coordinator. 

There are three generally accepted techniques of convincing:

  • ethos: focuses on the conventional principles of morality and ethics;
  • pathos: impacts the emotions of your listeners;
  • logos: uses a logical approach and scientific facts in achieving the result.

Determine the technique which is the most appropriate for your speech before writing an outline. It may change the entire route of your thoughts flow. 

A full-sentence outline during the preparation stage makes sense. However, you can write a shortened draft using your notes. Using an extended abstract during the speech tempts to read it in public. That limits your opportunity to settle a visual contact with your listeners.  

For this reason, index cards are preferable for representing your speech. These may contain prop words and core sentences only. The number of cards should match the number of paragraphs for your convenience before an audience.

Be ready to comment on your topic. Listen to people attentively and respond politely and reasonably, especially the ones from the opposite side supporters. Exclude question interrupting and defensive way off.

Varieties of Persuasive Speeches

Persuasive speeches may differ according to the purpose. Hence, the outline can be different subsequently. Here is the list of the most frequent targets of a persuasive speech:

To Convince Someone to Act

  • quitting smoking in public places;
  • refusing from sugar-containing products;
  • participation in the volunteering programs;
  • the benefits of charity;
  • racism as one of the world problems;
  • advantages of reducing the time spent on the Internet;
  • help for homeless animals;
  • criminal responsibility for bullying at studying establishments;
  • deposit programs as a method of passive income;
  • medical insurance for immigrants.

To Make the Listeners Think and Change Their Mind on Some Matter

  • God does not exist;
  • same-sex marriage reduces demography;
  • life after death;
  • aliens exist;
  • humanity should refuse junk foods;
  • the world without plastic;
  • rejecting from published editions to save woods;
  • magicians are among us;
  • eternal love is real;
  • a planet without wars.

To Promote a Product, Services, Event, Person, Etc.

  • Internet advertisements as a key to successful sales;
  • the services of a professional designer for crafting an outstanding package;
  • coconut oil is a source of vitamins;
  • affordable tourist services exist;
  • the benefits of foreign studying programs;
  • the party of democrats will make your life better;
  • campsite vacations for summer rest;
  • the bicycle is the best way of transportation in the city;
  • the high quality of private medical services;
  • parental control for credit cards of non-adults.

As you can see, you can convince your audience in anything and even earn money on your skills. An outline technique may vary according to its aim. However, the classic structure comes as the best template.

An Outline Example

Observe the most significant points of the persuasive speech outline on the topic «Fast food outlet.»


Attention catching facts

Fast food has become an integral part of the diet for almost every inhabitant of the metropolis. Do you know that street food consumption leads to severe health problems, such as energy deprivation, heart stroke, or malignant tumors? 

Connection with the audience

Practically, a quarter of citizens sustain direct or indirect impacts of fast food. No wonder: it is cheap, available, tasty, and saves plenty of time. Most of us realize that it is wrong for our health, but we barely guess the degree of harm.

Thesis and paper review

Today I am going to disclose the negative effect of fast food on society. I will convince you to stop eating it for your health and well-being. Also, I will prove that fast food eating creates a danger for us.

Transition phrase: I’ll start by telling you about the nutritional composition of fast food.

Body Paragraphs


Fast food products contain a lot of fat and oil. The increased level of calories prevents the normal process of digestion. The fat problems may provoke such diseases as obesity, diabetes and lead to death. Scientific researchers connect fast food consumption with cancer cells appearing in the body.

The reaction of the government

The administrative structure and health care organizations do not provide enough attention to this problem. As a result, we see the absence of social advertisements against food consumption. A hectic level of life, especially for the young generation, makes people buy fast food due to its low price and availability.


Fast-food fans may disagree with my point of view. However, everyone should review the attitude to junk food. In case of neglecting this fact, people will sustain stomach problems and other unpleasant consequences.


I hope that you have found the important and even life-saving facts in my speech. I will stop eating junk food. And when I want to eat something tasty, I will give preference to homemade meals. Healthy food can be eatable, appetizing, and bring lots of benefits for my organism.

Summing Up

A standard outline for a speech helps make decisions, refine the material, and gather convincing facts. Neglecting this step turns your message into a mess in public, making it almost impossible to persuade your opponents. 

A full-sentence outline is a valid basis for your thoughts. It polishes the aim of your speech, making it transparent, logical, and understandable. A precise plan will distinguish the facts of high importance from the minor ones, highlighting the thesis. 

Moreover, an outline reduces the total time for researching work. You make fewer efforts when you have a plan before your eyes. Reasoning becomes more convenient too. A draft provides a smooth flow of thoughts, creating a message understandable to the public.

An outline is your indispensable assistant in speech improvement. The process of providing an equal number of supporting points to each chapter becomes simple. Adding evidence or choosing the most convincing one is adjustable, thanks to the outline. It smooths the entire work, allowing you to detect the gaps and fulfill them with valuable information that makes sense.

By and large, an outline brings necessary arrangements. It builds and polishes your work, making it shine. Spending the time for outline crafting will be worthwhile representing your speech in public.

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