Guide On Liberty University Acceptance Rate

Guide On Liberty University Acceptance Rate

If you want to enter Liberty University, you must be ready to face a real challenge. This is a selective school. You will find it difficult to get accepted because the applicant pool is huge. You can be admitted only if you follow the correct procedure and have got nice results. To get a positive answer, you need to have grades high enough to stand out among other applicants. High test scores are also important to enter the Liberty.

There are several aspects that you have to mention when entering the university. You should have your test scores, an application form, and a personal statement. This is a minimum of papers that you should have on hands. If you want to learn more about the admissions process and what are the major requirements, it’s better to contact the admissions office.

The Description of a Liberty University

Liberty University is known to be one of the most well-known Christian universities. It takes pride in its Christian values. Jerry Falwell is the founder of the institution, which is now considered to be the largest Christian school in the world. The campus is situated in Lynchburg. It counts for more than 12,000 students. Moreover, the university provides its applicants with a chance to study online. And in the future, the administration of the university wants to increase the number of students.

This is a university where you can find students from all over the world. People come from all states, and more than 50 countries to get a chance to study here. The number of disciplines is incredible. If you are going to enter the institution, you can choose from up to 135 areas. When applying to the university, keep it in mind that this is a non-tenured institution.

Nevertheless, Liberty is a high-rated university; this isn’t a perfect option for everyone. If you decide to study here, you must be ready to follow its rules and live following the guidance. First and foremost, don’t forget that Liberty is a Christian-centres institution. Thus, here you will face political conservatism. You won’t also have a chance to use alcohol or tobacco.

You should also be ready for the chapel a few times a week and a very moderate and calm dress code. Don’t forget that the school requires a curfew, which could be problematic for some students. Though, if you prefer conservative political candidates, this place would be an ideal venue for conversations and debates. There are also about 20 teams to compete in athletics.

How to Increase Chances to Get Into Liberty University

Liberty University is an open institution. If you want to apply to this institution, you will meet with a few requirements. The chances are high that you will get further admissions during the studying. To learn more specific information about the admissions process, you must contact the university directly.

Now it’s time to learn some specific requirements that you need to know before sending your documents.

SAT: Basic Requirements for the Students

What is the SAT, and why is it important when applying for Liberty University? SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardized procedure that is common for the US universities. If you take part in the application process, you will most likely need to provide your SAT results.

When you apply for Liberty University, you have to demonstrate your SAT results. This is one of the requirements. And you should pay special attention to it. Nevertheless, this isn’t the most important criterion; this is still taken into account during the admissions process. This is quite a complex task to pass the SAT. But if you try hard and learn the basic procedures, you should have no worries about the testing.

So, what are the requirements given by Liberty University? If you take the test, you must be in a row with the other 66% of test-takers who participated in the testing. In other words, if you reach 970 points, your test results are approved. But in rare cases, a student can be accepted even with lower test scores. If you are interested in the average test score, this would be 1090 out of 1600. Not every applicant submits his or her test results to the school. But half of the applicants still provide their SAT results when applying for the program.

As we’ve mentioned before, the SAT isn’t an obligatory requirement. This is not a crucial aspect of the admissions process. But if you want to increase your chances of getting enrolled, feel free to provide it as well.

There is some statistical data that shows the chance of acceptance based on your SAT scores. If you get 1200 points and more, you are most likely to get accepted by the admissions board. If you reach about 1100 points, you will have average chances. Everything lower than 855 is not very good. Thus, if you receive less than 855 points, you should start worrying.

ACT Score: Basic Requirements for the Students

ACT is a complex text that is aimed at measuring the skills of students in 5 different areas. These areas are considered to be core disciplines, and these are reading, writing, English, math, and science. The test is taken in graduate school. The scores are then submitted to the colleges and universities when applying for the program.

Is ACT important when applying for Liberty University, and what are the requirements to get there without any problems? It has been estimated that the admissions board accepts the applicants if their ACT results are higher than 21 points. But if you want to be sure that you will be 100% accepted, you must be in a row with those students who constitute the top 43% of test-takers. In some cases, you can notice that a university accepts a student with 18 points for the ACT. But these are rare cases and serve rather as an exception. If you receive 25 and more for the ACT, you can be a very competitive applicant among other students.

Here we have the same issue as with the SAT. You can either submit or not your ACT results. Only 33% of applicants submit their ACT results since it is not mandatory for the admissions board. This is mostly your choice to decide whether you should submit ACT scores or not.

If you get 28 and more points for the test, your chances are high. If you reach about 25 points, you are still good at testing. But if your points do not reach 20, this is a bad result.

GPA Requirements to Get Accepted Into Liberty University

What is the GPA? This is how a high school can measure your achievements. To apply for Liberty, you should be successful at your GPA. Every applicant needs to reach above-average grades in high school. In other words, B+ students can get accepted. Average points stand for 3.37, which corresponds to the B+ student level. If you can demonstrate such a level when applying for the university, your chances to get enrolled are high.

In a nutshell, you should have no worries about your GPA if you reach at least 3.50 points. But if you get 2.75 and less, it could be problematic to get accepted by the admissions board.

Basic Admission Requirements

There are also other aspects that you should take into account when applying for Liberty University. We have already mentioned several important test results which you should provide. But there is also other information such as high school class rank. It is said that your candidacy will be accepted if you are in the top half of your graduating class in high school.

In general, it is quite easy to get enrolled in Liberty. You shouldn’t forget about your GPA and high school class rank. It is also good to have some recommendations and a personal statement. But you don’t need to have immaculate results. It is enough to reach average or above average results to be a perfect applicant for the institution.

FAQ: Let’s Answer Some Questions

In our article, we have covered almost everything that you need for your Liberty University application process. But students often ask the following questions as well. So, we decided to give extensive answers to them.

What Does Liberty University Prefer More: Act or SAT?

There is no vivid preference. It mostly depends on your decision. If you prefer to submit SAT results, make sure to do it. But if you think it is better to show your ACT results, don’t hesitate to submit them. The statistics say that students usually prefer sharing their SAT results.

Do I Have Enough Chances to Get Accepted?

As we have mentioned before, Liberty University follows an open admission policy. It means that your diploma or a GED certificate would be enough.


Getting prepared for the application process is complicated. But if you follow the rules and prepare correctly for the procedure, you can successfully enter Liberty University.

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