Research Paper Introduction Guidance: Easy Writing For Students

Research Paper Introduction Guidance: Easy Writing For Students

Do you know what the effective ways to promote your paper are? If you want to show your masterpiece to many people, you should choose a relevant tactic. There are so many articles online. How do you know that your writing will be noticed among a great lot of good essay research paper examples?

We have the answer. And the answer is to write a compelling introduction. This is the opening of the paper. This is something that most readers get acquainted with. Even if you don’t plan to read the whole text, a well-written introduction may catch you. For this reason, you should consider the importance of a good intro. 

Let’s figure out how to cope with the first part of the research paper and make it more memorable for the readers. The writing skill is worth learning, so let’s move straight to the content. 

Introduction Writing: Do You Need to Work on It Hard?

What do you see first when you open the paper? The introduction goes first, and only then do you move to the main body of the paper. There are several reasons why you need a well-structured and informative beginning of the paper. Would you like to know why writing a compelling intro is necessary? Let’s get to the importance of it:

  • First of all, the introduction is a major structural part of the research paper. It contains key elements important for the overall understanding of the text. If you miss this part, you won’t meet the requirements of the paper. Furthermore, you can’t ignore mentioning such structural parts as the topic, name, and thesis statement. 
  • The second reason is the readability of the text. How will you get the idea of the research paper when you are forced to deal with the arguments and profound discussion straight from the beginning of the paper. You should smoothly transfer your reader to the body paragraphs.
  • The next reason is the informative function of the section. It consists of different necessary parts to be discussed further. If you miss them, you are supposed to confuse the reader. 
  • The last but not least function is the promotion of the paper. Do you want to publish the paper? Would you like more people to learn the facts that you discovered? If you want to get more reads, it is better to write a well-structured intro and insert commonly used keywords. This way, your paper will be higher in the list of links on the search engine. 

Do you still wonder whether you need to write an introduction or not? It is a major structural part of any paper. Ignoring this section can ruin the whole writing and disappoint the readers. 

Introduction Constitution: Main Building Blocks

Why is writing an introduction a complicated task? Some students consider this part of the paper to be a difficult task. But in reality, all you need is to learn the structure of the paper. That’s the main thing to cover before you start working on the paper. What are the structural components that you should insert in the introduction? Let’s take a closer look at them. 


You can call it the topic or name of the paper. This is the first thing you should start from. When you have the paper topic, you need to explain why discussing the issues is necessary. Why did you choose the particular issue for the discussion? What influenced your choice? Point out at least some minor information so that the readers understand your choice. 

What tricks should you use here? Feel free to list the benefits that the reader can get while studying the paper. Your task is to show the readers how significant your paper is from an academic point of view. The more benefits you list, the better chances you have to receive a good response from the readers. 

Background Information

Now we move to the next stage. You have already told your readers why the topic is relevant to you. Now it is time to mention some extra facts. If you have anything to add to the previous paragraph, you should mention it. It is always important to keep the reader noted about the details. If you miss the details, the reading practice won’t be that interesting. 

Thesis Statement

Once you are done with the previous parts, it is high time to write a thesis. This item is thought to be a very tough assignment. So many students are afraid to make a mistake and fail at this part of introduction writing. What should you do here? How should you treat the thesis statement? 

The thesis is the overview of the paper, its purpose, and its academic significance. In most cases, you will need a couple of sentences to write a thesis. A good tip here is to write the final thesis version at the end of the whole research paper writing. If you have the chance to postpone thesis writing, choose the opportunity. 

The thing is that the thesis is supposed to give the full picture of the paper. However, how do you know everything about the paper when you are only in the beginning? For this reason, professors and supervisors advise their students to work on the thesis, the last part of the introduction, when the work is almost finished. 

Transitive Sentence

We have decided to separate this point from others. Nevertheless, it is the smallest in terms of volume, and it has a huge influence on the overall text readability. This is the last sentence of the introduction. This is something you use to transit the reader to the next part. You can use common transitive words to make the shift between the sections less visible. But never forget about it. If you include no transitions between the paragraphs, the reader will be confused by the abrupt change of thought. 

Working Tips to Approach Introduction Writing at Ease

You can easily manage an introduction writing if you focus on the positive aspects. First of all, you should consider the structure. We have already covered it in the article. The second step is to concentrate on the content of your paper. Look through the ideas and think about the arguments. Now, before you get to the actual writing, back up your skills with the following points:

  • Think ahead about the topic. Who has contributed to the research of similar academic or scientific aspects? We’re there any researchers who made a huge impact on science in your particular context? You should investigate these issues before you get to the writing. 
  • Create a plan. We have offered you a basic outline of the introduction. However, you may sometimes deviate from the general rule and follow your instructions. If you have any necessary things to mention, go ahead and insert them into the text. 
  • Edit your introduction in the end. You never know what issues you may want to address throughout the writing process. If you insert any new additional information, you need to change the introduction and introduce the necessary amendments. 

These tips are surely helpful for students who struggle with intro writing. If you find it difficult to cover the issue, reading the guide should help you for sure. 

Final Thoughts

Research paper writing is thought to be the toughest task in college or university. When working on the paper, you should consider different aspects to ensure a correct and good-quality result. How can you achieve a good grade for the paper? The most proven way to cope with the task is to follow the structure first. 

In this case, writing a compelling introduction is a must. You should work on the introductory part and manage each section. There are several necessary points to remember. They can define your success and the results of academic assessment.

Our guide accentuates the basics of proper introduction writing. If you need a complete guide to manage the introduction, this article is for you. It will help you address various paper writing issues and present a great result. 

What About Extra Help?

In many cases, online guidelines may considerably help with academic writing tasks. They have enough information and practical tips for working on the paper and managing it successfully. But it isn’t always the best choice to write the paper on your own. Sometimes it is better to ask for professional help.

Do you lack time and can’t manage the deadlines? Do you need more expertise to share professional opinions on the issues? If you have little understanding of the task, you should look for expert help online. 

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