Exploratory Essay Writing Guide

Exploratory Essay Writing Guide

An exploratory essay is nothing like any other type of writing. You focus not merely on convincing a reader or describing him something. Your objective is to ensure him or her with a consistent and profound understanding of the subject. Moreover, you are to come up with substantial summarizing, so that the reader has at least a uniform opinion about what to do with the issue in the nearest future. 

Point out that you don’t need to provide a reader with a way out to figure out the issue. It is the reader who has to arrive at the right conclusion using the research you did and the findings you got. 

Usually, the issue corresponds to various polarized viewpoints. Thus, you, as the author, need to find another perspective to reflect on. It means you will develop the issue to a bigger scale, enabling the reader to look at a particular concern from every angle. For instance, if the problem of immigrants is on the agenda, you need to be more descriptive. Try to take into account the viewpoints both of politics and those undergone the immigration process. Thus. the picture will be better understood.

Structure Your Work

The structure of an exploratory essay looks like any other kind of writing. It consists of three main parts, i.e. introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Let’s go into detail and see what are the peculiar features of these parts, necessary to compose a good exploratory essay. 


When you claim the issue for the first time, you need to be completely consistent. That is the time when your reader gets acquainted with the problem. Your task is to demonstrate the issue from different angles so that the target reader sees you are perfectly aware of the subject and the information you provided is valid and trust-like. 

Another stumbling point is the importance of the topic. You are to ensure the reader that the issue is relevant to the modern social situation and it does make sense to talk about it. 

This part is also appropriate to share your opinion on the possible causes that provoked a phenomenon. You do not have to be extremely descriptive at this stage, because further explanation will be included in the next excerpts of the text. The causes should be framed with additional information. Therefore, something about the institutions responsible for problems of the kind will be beneficial as well. Don’t hesitate to share your variant of how to deal with the issue, but try to be concise. Remember, that is only the beginning of the essay.

Main Part

When you come to the main part of the writing, there is a clear need to be as meticulous as possible. To provide the reader with a coherent speech flow, make sure to follow more or less set patterns. 

1. Get your reader acquainted with the sources you took the information from. It is mandatory if you want your essay to be credible. Make sure to list at least a few reasons to explain the choice of the topic for an essay.

2. Then, try to define the main points you covered in the process of research. These are the findings necessary for understanding the problem. 

3. Don’t forget to mention the relevance of the topic, i.e. why your target reader should read the information attentively and how he or she can benefit from it. 

4. The last aspect to focus attention on in the main part considers your personal benefit from the research. You need to show how the information helped you and if there was something to change your opinion to the contrary. Basically, the last part of the main body should include your personal feedback.


As we know, the conclusion is simply a restated introduction. It makes some sense, as in the conclusive part you draw the attention of the reader to the problem again. Your major task here is to take the reader back to the statement a remind him or her of the possible causes. You should definitely suggest probable solutions to the issue. Thus, a reader will be more aware of how to deal with the information obtained. 

If you have something difficult to figure out, share it. It will not designate your insufficient approach. On the contrary, it will give your readers some food for thought.

Be Careful when Writing an Exploratory Essay

The exploratory essay is interesting writing, as it has some differences both in the content and the approach. When you get to the task, you cannot strike at your reader with an instant solution to the problem. The task of the writer is to let the reader come to the conclusion by himself/herself using the information. 

Therefore, you, as a writer, have to thoroughly contemplate the subject, research it deeply and provide the reader with a consistent text flow. The attention should be drawn to different viewpoints so that the reader can choose his/her own path concerning the issue. 

Moreover, try to define who you write to because the audience can be extremely diverse. Therefore, you have to be picky with the words and phrases, because chances are that you can easily offend some part of your readers. 

Follow the Tips for a Good Writing

It is easy to get lost with all the requirements needed to execute good writing. Thus, we developed a list of working prompts to help you. 

1. An outline will surely help you. To create one, you need to think over the crucial points and put them down on a separate sheet? of paper. 

2. To improve your perception of the topic, research. It can be a book, an article or any scientific response reflecting the desired topic. 

3. Benefit from each source text. If you concentrate on the right things, you will make use of each text you have.

4. Get equipped with some visual materials. It can help you through the writing process.

5. Garnish your essay with the direct quotations from the scientific texts. It will prove that the text is credible for sure.

Choose the Topic

When the structure matter is clear, it is time to choose a topic for an exploratory essay.

Social issues

  • Is it true that one can experience real love only for 3 years?
  • The question of feminism: do women need equal rights as compared to men?
  • Are you ready to start a relationship?
  • Why are we from different planets: the difference between men and women.
  • The religion and its impact on today’s world.
  • Social platforms become popular: how do we benefit from them?
  • Same-sex families: how should they nurture their children?
  • The outfit issue: do our clothes define who we are?
  • The influence of television on modern teenagers.
  • Why don’t you have to enter the relationship?


  • Why is it important to draw the attention of the public community to the plastic use issue?
  • How does the fashion industry influence the environment and it is pollution the Earth?
  • Do we benefit from alternative energy sources?
  • Recycling issue.
  • Classes on environment protection at schools: do we need them and will they work?
  • Faux-fur coats: are they eco-friendly indeed?
  • Do we have to keep the animals in zoos?
  • Our dependence on plastic bottles and the damage it poses on nature.
  • Let’s save the planet: who is responsible for it?
  • Zero-waste lifestyle tendency.

Groundbreaking technology in our life

  • The invasion into the Template of God: the issue of designer babies.
  • The use of drones in everyday life: do they spy on us?
  • Technological advancement in medicine: do we experience it now?
  • Satisfy your taste desires with a single pill: is it possible?
  • Do we have to substitute the conventional paper notebooks with the digital ones?
  • How do the computing machines replace humans?
  • Digital supermarkets.
  • The smart home phenomenon.
  • Eye surgery is not that dangerous at all with robotic assistance.
  • The use of robots in the home.

Consult an Example

If you need to look up somewhere, you can use our short example of an exploratory essay. It is concise, but it can give you a clear understanding of how to deal with the text. 

Gender stereotypes in the managerial machine

Gender stereotypes seem to be the most urgent issue nowadays, especially when it comes to managerial positions. Women are generally humiliated for their lack of competitiveness because of not being a man. Moreover, women are thought to be more emotional, which can cause difficulties in managing personnel. Thus, no justice is maintained here. 

Vivien Shiao and Kahle Wolfe examined the problem and came up with their own conclusions. In their works, there is a vivid explanation of the role of a woman in today’s society. However, their viewpoints differ to some extent and, therefore, convey controversial messages. Thus, the need to go into detail is clear for better research. 

To sum it up, these two works represent a substantial analysis of the role of women in the workspace and the way the emotions influence the working process. There is something worth reading in each work, however, Shiao’s arguments seem to be more reliable. 


Hence, the exploratory essay will be quite beneficial both for the professors, as they can check if the analytical and writing skills are developed enough in a student. Moreover, a student will benefit from a deep research on the issue. 

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