Frankenstein Essay Topics and Ideas for Your Essay

Frankenstein Essay Topics and Ideas for Your Essay

“Frankenstein” is an extremely prominent book written by Mary Godwin. One evening three writers, Lord Byron, Mary Godwin, P. Shelley, were discussing numerous topics including the experiments of the metaphysician and poet Erasmus Darwin, who lived in the XVIII century. It was thought that he dealt with the procedure of the effects of electric current on a dead figure that caused muscle compression and the phenomenon of revitalization. This process was called galvanization. There were even rumors that he was nevertheless able to revive dead matter. Sitting by the fireplace in the villa, the company also enjoyed reading German stories, and then Byron suggested that each of them write a “supernatural” story.

After that, in her sweet dreams, Mary Godwin had the inspiration of ​​writing Frankenstein. She saw a scientist, a follower of the occult sciences, working with a dead body that later was revived. I saw a disgusting phantom with human features, and after turning on some electric engine, it came to life, its movements were constrained and devoid of strength. It was a horrible view, and the consequences of any human attempts to deceive the perfect machine of the Creator will be extremely frightening. 

Mary put down a short story, but later the girl decided to make it a novel. She was impacted by the motivation of Percy Shelley. It was her first narration that received the name “Frankenstein or Modern Prometheus.” The first incognito volume was released in 1818. The novelist later described that vacation in Switzerland as the period when she stepped from childhood to live. And nowadays, the majority of readers can confidently confirm that Mary Shelley was the most talented horror story writer.  

The Plot of the Novel

The plot of the book is the following: the scientist Victor Frankenstein creates something that looks like a zombie but doesn`t give it a name. Just call it a creature. He brings it to life; the engineer gets frightened by the disgusting appearance of his alive invention and runs away from it. The abortion avenges the scientist and kills all his family members. What is most incredible about the blockbuster is Victor`s genius and unbelievable intelligence, but the beast is the pink of perfection because it comes to life. 

The fact of the liveliness of the daemon has been wondering readers of all centuries. As a result, many students write essays, dissertations, term papers, theses based on this legendary book. 

List of Popular Topics

If you are going to write an essay, you may choose from the list of topics below. There are analytical, compare and contrast, descriptive and convincing themes.

Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the theme of violence of the beast in the romance “Frankenstein”.
  2. Dissect the topic of vengeance and repentance.
  3. Analyze the theme of beauty and ugliness in the narrative of the English author.
  4. Study the theme of desolation.
  5. Inspect the topic of aversion and hostility.
  6. Romantic apocalypses: insights of Mary Wollstonecraft.
  7. Realization of the theme “Person is a Creator” in the Gothic romance.
  8. Why are all females in the horror bestseller described as submissive and passive?
  9. How is the theme of escape disclosed in the book written by the English author?
  10. How the topic of “we are responsible for those whom we created” is disclosed in the book?
  11. Analysis of the theme of unhappy love in “The Modern Prometheus”.
  12. Analyze the greatest fears of the scientist.
  13. How is the proverb “a man without a family is like a tree without fruit” connected with the novel?
  14. Investigate how mad professor`s inhumanity is demonstrated in the publication.
  15. Analyze how the idea of disloyalty is revealed in Mary Godwin Wollstonecraft’s volume.

Compare and Contrast Frankenstein Paper Topics

  1. Who is more compassionate, Victor Frankenstein, or his abnormality?
  2. Compare what does the freak from “Frankenstein,” and Scrooge in “Christmas Carol” have in common?
  3. Compare and contrast “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe and “Frankenstein” by Mary Godwin.
  4. Differentiate the theme of profound distress in “The Haunted Manand the Ghost’s Bargain, A Fancy for Christmas-Time” by Charles Dickens and “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus” by Mary Wollstonecraft.
  5. Contrast the fate of the monster-bride for the giant and Victor Frankenstein`s bride, Elizabeth Lavenza.
  6. When the scientist was young, he was interested in alchemy. When he gets to college, his teachers introduce him to more modern science. Compare and contrast alchemy and modern science in a novel.
  7. Juxtapose the idea of making people out of animals in books “The Island of Doctor Moreau” by H. G. Wells and “Frankenstein”.
  8. Collate the theme of the wild origin of a human being in “Frankenstein” and “The Inheritors” by William Golding.
  9. Compare three film adaptations of the tome. Which movie is the closest to the plot of the opus?
  10. Collate the mad scientist and the beast, their moral code, behavior.
  11. What does the film “The Martian” and “Frankenstein” have in common?
  12. Compare and contrast Robert Walton’s voyage with Victor Frankenstein’s pursuit of scientific knowledge. Pay attention to why they are carried out, how they are accomplished, how many people are involved in each, and how they conclude.
  13. Victor is interested in nothing but science as a child, while his friends are interested in learning philosophy. How does the writer juxtapose these two types of interests in the novel?
  14. What do “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving and “Frankenstein” have in common?
  15. Compare the issue of naming the characters in “The Castle” by Franz Kafka and “Frankenstein”.

Descriptive Essay Topics for Frankenstein

  1. Describe the psychological image of the mutant.
  2. Depict of how the church and believers perceive the antichristian narration.
  3. Describe the impact of the novel “Frankenstein” on the celebration of Halloween.
  4. Outline of the unethical use of animals` skin in the Gothic narration “Frankenstein”.
  5. Describe the connection between Victor Frankenstein and the hero of Greek myths Prometheus.
  6. Explain the motives of revenge of the demon and ways of avoiding it.
  7. Describe the main fears of the creature`s “father”.
  8. Explain how the death of all Victor`s family members affected him in the opus by Mary Wollstonecraft “Frankenstein”.
  9. How are feminism and femininity described in the Gothic novel?
  10. Make clear the effect of the publication on the world movie industry.
  11. Describe the theme of Victor`s unsuccessful experiment.
  12. Give a description of the theme of discovery and how it illustrates the major heroes in the horror fiction novel.
  13. Describe the theme of monstrosity and visual acceptability. 
  14. Explain what would have happened if the abnormality had changed its behavior and started to love itself, how self-acceptance and self-love transform the world around you.
  15. Give a description of the topic of aggression and its consequences.
  16. Outline what the De Lacey family taught the abortion.

Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. What is the major reason for monster creation?
  2. How is the topic of creation connected with the plot of the Bible?
  3. How is the topic of father and son disclosed in the novel? 
  4. Is the miscreation a walking zombie?
  5. Examine the hypocritical and unfair attitude of the author to its abnormality. Support or criticize the inventor.
  6. Investigate the lack of responsibility of the generator and how it led him to fatal repercussions.
  7. Study the incest bonds of Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth Lavenza. Is this kind of relationship normal in modern society?
  8. How does the daemon alter in the narration? 
  9. Does digging graves and using dead people for experiments contradict the religion?
  10. How does the book demonstrate a high level of evolution in humans?
  11. What does the attempt to convince the scientist by the monster depict the second one?
  12. How the idea “not all genius people use their brain sensibly” showed in the narration. Did Victor have woe from wit?
  13. Did Victor have chances to stop the barbarian from killing his friends and relatives? How could he stop the monster?
  14. Does the book show the power of human emotions over the cool mind? If Victor hadn`t been so fearful, would he have stopped the giant?
  15. How does the book reveal the purposefulness of people?


Composing an essay on any of these articles is a hard nut to crack. Students need to read a book and dozens of comments about it many times, proofread their papers, and give persuasive facts to get a good mark. Moreover, learners have to keep in mind plagiarism rules because any academic paper should be unique and present a new idea. Since it is not easy, sometimes students use services to write essays instead of them, if the task is too hard and time-consuming. If it is your story, contact us and we will be glad to help you right away.

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