10 Finest Accredited Online Universities in Canada

10 Finest Accredited Online Universities in Canada

Every day, more and more areas of activity go online. A few years ago, few could imagine that people would be able to learn from anywhere in the world. However, today not only is it possible but also quite popular among students. More and more young people are choosing online education instead of traditional. A lot of young people begin to work early, but do not want to neglect higher education.

Universities have noticed a trend toward online education, and many of them are adding this opportunity. We analyzed the ratings with the best universities in Canada and selected from them those in which you can study remotely. Online education must be high-quality, and the student should receive a diploma that is acknowledged throughout the country or the world.

It’s hard to find a university that offers quality online education. Some institutions simply seek to capitalize on you, not guaranteeing a sufficient knowledge base to start a career. We have compiled the best universities in Canada that provide Bachelor’s, Master’s online degrees. Moreover, a lot of universities publish online courses that are free or cost a little.

Online Degree: Do You Truly Need to Study Online?

As more and more people choose online education, this is becoming popular. It’s silly to admit, but getting an education remotely is almost a new fashion. When something comes into fashion, it’s hard for us to restrain ourselves from acquiring the same thing. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully analyze whether online education is the right one for you. You should try it if you cannot handle traditional on-campus education.

However, how to determine whether I need to gain a degree online? Here is the list of cases in which online education is recommended:

  1. Traditional education is too expensive for you. Online education is usually much cheaper so that everybody can afford it;
  2. You cannot leave your hometown. There are dozens of cases in which people cannot move to another city: diseases, affection, or work. Make sure you have no opportunity to change the environment;
  3. You have to work full-time. If you have no financial support, and you do not win a scholarship, you will not be able to study offline. Make sure a part-time job is not enough for a living;
  4. You seek to manage your schedule. Online education allows you to plan your life as you wish. If you study on the campus, you have a schedule you have to follow.

If you make sure you have such problems, it is time to choose the university. There are dozens of fine colleges and universities that provide online form if education. We chose ten best accredited online universities in Canada and are ready to tell you about them.

1. Athabasca University

That university is well-known around the globe. You can gain a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, join an MBA program online. There are dozens of online courses for any needs, whether it is a language course or specialized skills development. All the courses and programs are legal and are created in accordance with all the standards.

Athabasca University diplomas are acknowledged and regarded in the world. You can gain a degree in Business, Management, IT, and Technologies. If you have no financial support, there is an opportunity to apply for financial aid. Keep in mind that you might study French language, marketing, or accounting. The list of subjects available is expanding every day.

2. Thompson Rivers University

The university provides an opportunity to gain a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, or MBA. There are dozens of disciplines available online, such as Technologies, Business, Management. If you have an undergraduate degree, you can apply for a Master’s degree. Also, you may transfer your credits from another university in Canada. Moreover, you have an opportunity to join the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.

The Thompson Rivers University is a high-respected institution in Canada. Studying there, you can gather a solid knowledge base to start a career and become a demanded specialist.

3. Laurentian University

Laurentian University offers a wide range of online programs. You can join an online MBA program to gather intelligence for running your business. The online courses that the university provides are legal and high-quality. The university is following the latest changes in education, so the list of online courses is constantly expanding.

University graduates are proved to have the second-highest income in Ontario. You can rely on your supervisor and ask for advice at any moment. You can check the official university’s website to gain critical information relating to applying and studying.

4. Royal Roads University

That university is focused on studies in Technologies. The concept of the university is to unite people and their ideas to create new opportunities and change the world. Besides on-campus studies, there are enough online programs and courses. The Royal Roads University attracts experts in the field of online education. That is why its courses stay among the most respected and popular ones.

You can get a Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation, which proves your abilities to bring innovations into the working process and using digital tools. 

5. Royal Military College of Canada

The distinctive feature of the university is that it provides online education for armed forces representatives. You can join the online MBA program and become knowledgeable about military and commercial perspectives. The Royal Military College of Canada offers several a set of online courses for effective learning.

6. Meritus University

That institution provides online programs that can be combined with full-time employment. You can start learning at any time without waiting for a specific date. You are welcome to gain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The undergraduate course runs for almost ten weeks, and the graduate program takes six weeks. There are not a large number of students so that you can count on the teacher’s assistance or consultation. 

7. Memorial University Canada

The difference between this university is that it offers online education for people who have suffered due to war or martial law. In other aspects, this educational institution prospers along with top universities. There is a wide range of online programs available to students of all ages from any country.

The full name of the university is the Memorial University of Newfoundland. It is constantly improving the quality of online learning and expert support. Whether you seek to start or complete an undergraduate degree, it is the right place for your development.

8. University of New Brunswick

That university provides a range of Bachelor’s and Master’s online programs in the field of Management, Computer Science, and others. You will probably expand your knowledge base and unleash the potential. The University of New Brunswick offers an environment with like-minded people so that you study side by side with them.

9. University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba provides online legal education that is worth your attention. The diploma you get does not differ from the one student get offline. It is acknowledged in almost every country so that you can start an international career. There is a wide variety of subjects you can study remotely. You will be surprised by the quality of education and attention to each student.

10. Teluq University Canada

The feature of that university is that it is French-language. However, it does not affect the quality of education or a range of studying disciplines provided. The online courses are quite popular among native French speaker students or people who like it. The online platform is used by 20 thousand people a year. Undergraduate and graduate studies are both available for distance learning.

Other Ways of Online Studying

There are a lot of cases when people are not interested in studying at university. The most typical reason is that you cannot cough up the cash for education, even the online one. The other reason is that you may already have a Master’s degree. That is why you may seek for online courses to develop your skills and gain a little experience to start a career or change a direction.

We recommend you to look for the online courses that a lot of universities provide. The prices start at approximately 800$ per course. However, it highly depends on the discipline you want to study. Consider applying for specialized programs according to your field of interest.

Benefits of Online Education

When you have any doubts concerning education, it is important to find out the pros and cons before you make a decision. We have composed a list of advantages to help you feel the taste of online education:

  • You are free to move. Whether you are traveling or not, you have a chance to study from anywhere around the globe. Also, you may stay home with your family, if it is not the right time to move;
  • You can plan your life. If you are organized, that is an opportunity to make a schedule that helps you succeed. You do not depend on anybody, and there are no circumstances you have to pay attention on;
  • You can save enough money. Online education usually costs two times cheaper (or even less), so you do not have to get by. If you cannot afford to study because of a lack of financial means, online learning is your best choice;
  • You may combine working and studying. If you seek to start a career right after you finish school or college, online studying is a good decision. That is how you can earn money without sacrificing higher education;
  • Your life is in your hands. If you are ready to take responsibility for your decisions, that is your chance. Studying online requires strong organizational skills and flexibility. You cannot be sure when you are going to have a free minute.

Nevertheless, there are a few disadvantages as well. First of all, you have to be super organized. Since you start online learning, you have no support or manager that deals with your schedule. You should get rid of irritants, turn off the notifications, and work on some projects for a set period. You have to control the progress and success in studying, as well as your academic performance.

Another important thing is that you may encounter bias. Although online learning becomes the alternative to a traditional one, not everybody believes in its effectiveness. A lot of employers prefer hiring people who have graduated from the offline course. We understand it is not fair, but keep in mind such outcomes are possible.

Online education will not suit you if you are not ready to explore the course. In the beginning, it will be truly difficult to figure out how everything works. You need to wait for a teacher’s answer, so it requires patience and tolerance. Once you are okay with that, focus on the advantages of studying online. Our list of accredited online universities in Canada is here to help you make a choice.

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