7 Reasons to Explain Why Math Is so Important in Life

7 Reasons to Explain Why Math Is so Important in Life

Do you feel confused when somebody asks you a simple question: “Why should I study Math?” If you are looking for an exhaustive answer, you have come to the right page. It is impossible to explain clearly and convincingly how essential Mathematics is in the modern world in just a few words. Thus, we have singled out several substantial reasons, which would encourage you or your child/students to study Math harder.

Mathematics Creates and Develops Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking means the ability to think critically about the world around us. When you have the ability to divide an issue into smaller parts and analyze them separately from different viewpoints, it means you are thinking critically. The importance of analytical thinking is able to solve complex problems, which occur quite often in our everyday life. Math helps you identify the problem, the known and the unknown, and make several steps towards the right solution. This scheme can be applied no only to completing Math exercises and fining that “x” or “y” in the equation. It can also be put to use in solving the everyday life issues, no matter how severe and complex they seem to you. It makes us understand that the only way to finally solving the problem is the consistent investigation and making conclusions.

Knowledge How to Control the Money

The second reason is essential for good living. If you know how to deal with money, you are a smart person. Lots of people don’t possess this significant skill. However, we all have to deal with such things as tax payments, bank account managing, insurance, and mortgage. It is crucial to be able to balance your finances and analyze your financial opportunities. Everyone understands the value of money, but not everyone can put it to good use. Math rules work outside in the classroom as well. People who know Math are more likely to be financially stable and invest money wisely.

A wide Range of Career Opportunities

If you think that only mathematicians have to deal with Math, you are deeply mistaken. Even designers and architects have to know such basic Math principles, as proportions, calculating the size, etc. Practically any job requires basic arithmetical skills. That is the reason you need to study Math even if you are confident your future job has nothing to deal with numbers.

Many teenagers find Math extremely difficult, boring, and unnecessary to study at school. Studying Math seems toil for them. They would rather say they are not really into Math than try to understand it. The students are not interested in this subject, as they don t know how many job opportunities it opens for everyone. What is more, jobs requiring Math knowledge (in such spheres as engineering, finances, marketing) are well-paid in any place in the world and provide a stable income, career development, and various other perks.

The Ability to Understand the World Better

People say: Math is the language of nature. Its rules work not only on the sheet of paper in a student’s copybook. We can observe the beauty of Math in everything in this world. Does it sound unbelievable? Look at a couple of examples:

  • bee hives
  • spider webs
  • snowflakes
  • concentric circles
  • rivers’ flow

All of them are vivid examples of Math rules, applied in real life. If you try, you can find dozens of examples, even in your own room. The only thing you should understand is that Math is not only about something dull and complicated, but it also exists in reality, and practically everything in this world follows its rules. Watch some interesting videos about Math in nature, and you will be excited and more encouraged to study Math.

Speeding up Your Thinking

Studying Math makes your brain function faster. It is like a real gym session for your thinking. When you face complex problems in real life, your brain can perceive the information faster, and therefore provide a quicker and more qualitative solution. This way, you become more resistant to stress and take complex daily challenges easier than other people. It is more difficult to get you messed up with problems, which is a substantial benefit in the modern world. So, daily Math practicing is essential for your strong nerves and good overall health condition. Speed up your thinking by doing regular Math exercises, and you will be surprised how quickly you can deal with different situations.

Improving Your Knowledge of Other School Subjects

Math has a direct connection with the majority of sciences. How are you going to find out what the distance between the planets is, or how to compare the statistics without a basic Math knowledge?  That is why it is crucial to know its rules, not only to improve your grades in Math. You will also significantly improve your understanding of such sciences, like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economy, Geography, IT, and Astronomy. Hmm… Looks like half of subjects in your report card. It is amazing, isn’t it? Just imagine you can reach a much deeper level of knowledge and receive higher grades in many subjects by simply studying only one of them – Math.

Helping Get Used to Constant Changes

Technologies rule the modern world. They are constantly improving, and so does the world. Nowadays, our lives change in a rocket speed. Solid knowledge of Math helps you understand how the basic things in this world work. It will make you feel secure and be ready for changes. You are going to become more confident and analyze how the changes could affect your life.

Some Smaller Perks of Good Math Knowledge

Except for such significant reasons, there are some relatively smaller advantages. However, these bonuses can make your daily routine much easier. We pointed out only the most popular reasons:

  • Counting the discounted price
  • Counting the product price according to its weight
  • Leaving proper tips in a restaurant
  • Dividing the bill with your friends
  • Telling the exact time
  • Measuring the ingredients for cooking or baking
  • Counting the calories in your portion
  • Calculate the distance and time to get to a particular place
  • And many other things

Imagine being able to do these things quickly and correctly without using a calculator on your telephone. It sounds quite impressive. You won’t get cheated at the market or in a shopping mall; you will know how much flour to add to your cake; you will feel confident you arrive at the important meeting on time. These everyday stressful issues won’t bother you anymore. All you have to do is to study Math and enjoy all the numerous benefits of being “a person of numbers.” Feel the significant difference that your quick brain makes in your daily life.

To Summarize

Most people consider Math an old-fashioned, complicated, and unnecessary science, included in the school program for no reason. Other sciences seem more practical for them. They see no use for all these fractions, equations, formulas absolutely inapplicable in everyday life. However, it teaches us dealing with problems step by step, finding the unknown information, solving complex issues, saving our time, thinking logically, and other useful things. We should understand that the process of studying Math is important. In addition, we should learn to notice how Math rules work in life and nature. Only then will we be able to observe many phenomena around us, ruled by Math.

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