Cool Way To Create An Argumentative Essay

Cool Way To Create An Argumentative Essay

For sure, it is no secret that various types of writing are a crucial constituent of each study. What is more, the ability to create a good paper will be good for everyone. Just begin with common things and analyze what the features of a good document are? It has arguments that persuade the audience and ensure the writer is right. When we are talking about such a type of writing of essay as an argumentative one, there should be more than persuasive arguments. Good essays of students show their skills of writing and using some sources and the ways of sharing the ideas and the manner of discussion. You can find useful tips on creating a cool essay below. So go on reading in case you are interested in it. 

What Is an Argumentative All About?

Are you not familiar with this term? We need to start with getting acquainted. Let’s go through the simple features of it and understand what text it is. 

First of all, this is a text that will answer the question and fully describe it. It also should include some facts to make sense of the words. To add more, the writer is supposed to mention the opposite point of view in his/her paper. 

So as you can see, there are some requirements on how the essay should be prepared. Go on reading if you wanna know how to write a really worthy document to impress the reader and show the teacher you have deep knowledge of the subject. 

Useful Pieces of Advice to Prepare a Great Document

When you come to the task of paper creating, it is time to know some common rules for the very beginning. 

  • Topic matters. Go through the list of the options and pick one of the available. Are you not sure about it? Get to know if there is a chance to use your own one. In case there is only one to answer, then read it carefully. You need to understand all the details about it and know what to write. The audience sees when the writer talks about what he/she knows and vice-versa. Just analyze how the reader can be interested in the document if the writer is not.
  • Follow with the arguments. They should be for and against. Don’t forget it is a requirement to share various points of view in your document, as everything has at least two sides. But the audience needs to understand what you are for. What’s more, there should be opinions of the writer’s opponents there. But make sure your arguments are strong enough and so persuasive to ensure the understanding of the reader. 
  • Continue with facts. Is it possible to make a good essay without facts? Of course not. Add sense to the context and ensure your arguments sound persuasive. Why not use various articles and books, as well as some videos with checked data and other things. 
  • When the previous steps are done, come to writing. Remember to include three main parts that will be discussed below. It is good to mention that the volume of those parts depends on the general volume of the document and could be different. 
  • The last thing is obvious, and the author must check everything to add crucial things or change the text. Go through the ready essay to avoid grammatical, lexical, and other mistakes. Does the document have logical connections? Is the topic fully described? 

What Should Be Avoided

While writing, there are still some things you should forget about. One of them is over-emotionality. Mind that your paper is not a review or just your comment on something. It is not about your feelings; it is about the concepts and the way you share them as well as the appropriate use of the examples of life experience and literature. 

One more detail here is that there is no need for you to come up with anything. Only real things and facts need to be talked about. Remember not to lie to the audience. 

Mind These Aspects While Writing

At the beginning of your work, think of the aims of writing. Talking about such types of documents, there is a need to remember their purpose in the analysis of the issue. Here you need to talk about all the aspects of the subject, mentioning various points of view. Make yourself clear and share your ideas easily understood. 

Analyze your audience and think whether it will be just a teacher, committee, university, or another group of people. Depending on it, the language can differ. For instance, it is impossible to use some jargon when you are writing for college or university. 

Choose a topic for yourself. You need to understand it clearly and pick only the option that is really interesting. 

Some Examples of Appropriate Topics of Such Writing

As with any other essay, this one can discuss any aspect of life, starting with political issues and ending with common everyday problems. For instance:

  • The world should be open for each person.
  • Television forms a new culture.
  • The use of gadgets should be avoided by toddlers.
  • Religion can’t be a subject at school.
  • The government of country A should control all financial operations of people.
  • The culture of the East should be developed more.
  • Films have an influence on the life of common citizens.
  • People of different genders should study in different classes.
  • Military service is a crucial aspect of the life of common people.
  • Poor people should be able to use the money of rich ones.

Deal With the Structure Itself

Have you chosen the topic? OK, now get down to the creation of the title for your work. For sure, this step can be finished at the very end. It depends on the writer. Still, don’t forget that it should be creative and original. Make the audience interested in reading after getting acquainted with the title.  

Not only the title matters but also the structure of the document. There should be three main parts to it. The first one is a common beginning. Include your statement here and let the reader know what will be discussed further. Form your opinion about the main question. A short and logical thesis ends the first part. It is highly important and should contain the value and the subject of writing. There should be connections between sentences and all the paper; take care of this aspect. The thesis could be wide and contain more than one sentence. 

Then come to the second part, which contains lots of information. Here don’t forget to include all the arguments that you plan to discuss. Pay attention that there are many options for how to develop the topic, but don’t fail to concentrate on the main aspects of the issue. Don’t miss the vital things!

There should be counterarguments inside your writing. In such a way, you show other thoughts opposite your ideas and explain why your concepts are more logical and correct but don’t say that others are so. 

Finish your document with a logical conclusion. Here you can emphasize already discussed arguments persuading the reader. Make it logical. Check whether there is an appropriate “dot” in the end and whether it is totally finished. For sure, it is possible to mention that the issue could be further discussed, but the concepts and thoughts of yours should be clear and have no continuation. 

Things to Remember While Writing

Mind your topic and bring values to the audience and their interests. Pay attention to your key ideas. While finishing the paper, don’t add anything new. It is a must to concentrate on already discussed things. 

Well, the essay is a kind of research. So the writer is supposed to spend enough time on getting necessary literature, analyzing the issues, and collecting facts. Use only checked data that is up to date. Pick those sources that can persuade the reader you are right.

Don’t forget that the Internet contains lots of information, but not of it is trustworthy. Check more than once that the source is OK. When you prepare your essay, it is good to see it from various points of view. For instance, ask your friend to read it. Go deeper into the text, looking for some mistakes or misprints. 

In case it is possible, leave the paper for some days and then after break come back to it checking grammar, language, and punctuation. Check whether you structure every part properly, and only then can you submit everything to the teacher or send the committee.  

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