Interesting Facts About the Comic Book

Interesting Facts About the Comic Book

Comic stories combine fascinating pictures with interesting conversations and diverse heroes. A comic book can cause interest, tears or laugh, and sometimes all these emotions at the same time! You will gain useful experience and will be able to develop your skills in this creative activity.

The implementation of any work should begin with the construction of a plan and completing of all preparatory procedures. Often the result of work directly depends on the quality of your preparation. The creation of comics does not avoid these rules.

The comic story is one of the most exciting forms of writing. The plot is based on a mixture of fascinating drawings and conversations of heroes. The sequence of events is accompanied by images, which, in turn, are closely related to the written part. As a rule, the narrative is also riddled with humorous notes.

Illustrations of the works appeared in the antiquity when mythology occupied the leading position. Do you remember the Egyptian hieroglyphs? However, the appearance of comics dates back to the 18th century. Initially, this type of creative work attracted young people, but after gaining popularity, the representatives of the older generations also liked it. The development of comics is closely connected to changes in world history, while their authors are called cartoonists.

Stages of the Creative Process

We have collected the most important information and highlighted particularly significant points that will help you to write a great comic story.

Preliminary Actions

You should take into account several general recommendations for working with this genre before starting the work. These tips will help you not to get lost in the big world of comics. The preparatory phase assumes enormous responsibility for all subsequent actions. Check out the aspects below.

  • Detailed workflow diagram. Before you start creating any kind of writing, you need to create a small plan with all the steps. This action is not required, but will definitely facilitate the work. Try to answer related questions. What do you want to write about? What genre will your story be written in? What will be the main conflict? How will it be associated with the climax? How do characters get out of this situation? What moment of life can your heroes brag about? What are they trying to keep silent? All these points will help you to navigate and lay the foundation for the future story.
  • Put all recorded drafts in order. Arrange all the events and actions of the characters in a clear and understandable sequence. You can change the described aspects throughout the work with the comic story. Nevertheless, the arrangement will help you at all stages of creating work. Some people do not pay attention to this item and write in the most free form. This option is also possible, but the authors run the risk of encountering a number of difficulties and getting lost in the plot.
  • You need to highlight an introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. After that, divide each of them into other parts. Keep the intrigue at the end, so that the reader’s desire to get to the final part will grow with each page.
  • A detailed description of the characters. The name and key role in the comic story is only the beginning of a long work with your heroes. Both main and secondary characters can have their strengths and weaknesses. Remember that they have to become alive. Let them do rash acts or not notice the obvious things. Try not to turn characters into the different incarnations of your personality.

Your Next Steps

Have you created a detailed plan? Are you ready to get started? I agree that now the creation of a comic story no longer seems an unrealistic dream. The next stage is to communicate with the muse, a detailed description of all the ideas that come to mind and their written adaptation. We have selected the most important recommendations.

  • Fill in the highlighted items. Earlier, you already outlined the entire work by adding headings for each part of the story. Now you need to fill all these cells with storyline fractures, the thoughts of the characters and their relationships. Do not make your text too voluminous. Remember that it is a comic book, not a fiction. Find all the extra fragments and replace them with shorter ones.
  • Remember about the dynamics. Try to deprive heroes of your basic character traits. Add experience and pain to their life stories. Thanks to this, readers will be able to experience a huge range of diverse emotions and sincerely worry about each character. Show the willpower of the hero who does not give up and continues to go towards his goal, despite any problems.
  • Make the characters responsible. You need to let them guide their own destiny and, accordingly, write their comic story. Heroes have the right to the specific vision of the world, even if it is absolutely opposite to your own. Do not be intrusive.

Of course, this advice may seem strange. However, let us explain.

Obviously, careful preparation is an extremely important part of creating a comic story. At this stage, you made a sketch of the plot, endowed your characters with the various qualities and invented the story of each of them. Now you need to transfer them from the draft to the fantastic world of vivid pictures. Your task is to preserve the individuality of each hero and not make copies of him. For instance, you prefer not to delve into conflicts between other people. Will your character also stay away? Perhaps he will take one side or try to reconcile members of the dispute? Avoid introducing autobiographical motives into your story.

  • Check your written pieces all the time. Do not be discouraged if the first sections do not turn out perfect. Do not forget that the path to success is thorny and difficult. Even the best authors have no protection against failure. You may also have different troubles with the publication. However, there is still no reason to give up. Do not be afraid to edit and cut snippets that previously seemed successful. You can demonstrate your work to others and ask them to express the point of view.
  • Realism is extremely needed. If your story does not have a huge amount of it, remove the unnecessary parts. You can also seek help from other people.
  • The uniqueness of each character. Make sure that the hero’s actions in the middle of the story do not contradict his behavior and the image that was created at the beginning. If you will not pay attention to it, not only readers but also the author risks to get confused.
  • Creation of panels that are associated with locations. The visual part of your comic story should be interlinked with the text. For instance, if the dialogue takes place on the street, come up with illustrations that will make the work full and help fans to get into your reality and communicate with the characters.
  • If you do not know how to draw, do not give up your ideas. Remember that many people are ready to help you with this part of the creative process. However, check out the works by the artist who you want to hire. Make sure that his style and professional skills match your requirements.

When the Story Is Ready

The conclusion of the work is the final editing and presentation of your comic story to others. Let people enjoy your story and meet interesting characters.

Basically, the process of publishing any work is often the same. However, some aspects relate specifically to comics. We highlighted the key points and gave a description of each of them.

  • Find a trusted publisher. This method is the simplest one. However, you may be refused. In such situations, you have to courageously accept it and continue the search. Relax, everyone has come across it.
  • Be careful. Despite professional help, contacting a publisher can be a dangerous process. Beginner services tend to embellish their abilities in order to find clients. Moreover, representatives of the company may be scammers and deceive their customers!
  • For this reason, you should try to spread the story by yourself. Show the comic book to the members of your family and colleagues. Then ask them to share it with friends.
  • You can also use different Internet platforms. In the society of technology, this option of obtaining fame is one of the best and most convenient.
  • You can read books on this subject and analyze the details of already created comics.

Following the right guidelines will help you to turn writing a comic story into a fun and creative activity that has many benefits. Be yourself and remember about humor!

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