A Compelling Campus Life With Virtual College Tours

A Compelling Campus Life With Virtual College Tours

You have been planning to enter a university, choose a campus room, and live a happy life with your roommates? Unfortunately, pandemic makes it impossible these days. For this reason, the popularity of virtual tours has grown. If you are going to enter a college in the next year, you may want to know how your campus looks. You can’t have a real excursion to see the buildings with your own eyes. But you are lucky to receive an online tour. It is a safer option when the virus is here and there.

With the use of the latest advances, the universities can provide excursions for every student and his family. It is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the campus before they enroll. Moreover, some students simply don’t have the chance to visit the campus for a simple excursion. They are either low on budget or live in the suburbs. These aspects make the visit almost impossible. But virtual tours meet the challenge by enabling these students to benefit from the online journey to the campus.

In the article, we will dwell on the websites and pages that you can use to explore your potential campus, look at its most important features, and get acquainted with the surroundings. Let’s get started!

Where to Look for the Virtual Tours?

Let’s first talk about the cases when you are at the beginning of the application process. Then we’ll continue with the services where you can find exhaustive info about the campuses and compare them. If you start thinking of the university and research the offers to make the final decision, that’s your case. Let’s proceed.

National Association for College Admission Counseling

You can visit the website of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. On the website, you will find basic information about the application process. If you don’t know about the latest regulations, you will find the necessary info on the website. There are hundreds of colleges in the database. You will surely find the institution you need and check all the necessary application procedures.


It is a rule of thumb for every student to join the program. You will get more information about the college of your choice. There are hundreds of colleges from different parts of the world. The program will tell you more about the application process, discount options, payment procedures, and the opportunities to get financial assistance. You can watch the videos online or download them. It is a very convenient option for every trainee. The program is gaining popularity. The developers and managers promise to update the information about the colleges and add new up-to-date materials.


It is a very helpful tool for students. You can use it for any purpose. The search tool allows you to apply different filters and adjust the list of offers to your preferences. The program will show you hundreds of campuses in several countries. You will be able to choose the university and learn more about it. There’s the opportunity to read the feedback from other students. The developers claim that they’re going to introduce a new feature. It can enhance the work of the platform. They want to let students ask questions about the colleges. It will make the use of the service much more convenient.


The creators of the service are sure that in-person communication is essential when the students opt for the campus. But the reality makes it impossible to ensure high-quality in-person conversation with everyone. For this reason, they decided to create a service to help students get acquainted with their potential home for the next few years. Every student can pose a question or share their opinion on the campus, and the officials will have to respond. The system is supposed to follow the same pattern of communication as used during real-life experiences. YouVisit lets you use virtual reality to experience the outlook of the colleges. Therefore, you can learn about hundreds of schools and educational institutions in the US.

Useful Apps for Virtual Tours Through Campuses

There are lots of other options to ensure virtual tours and get acquainted with the potential campuses. One of them is called Youniversity. The platform allows students to choose from the range of options and look at either the top colleges or feature the best food in the colleges. It is an interesting tool to try. The process is simple. You can click on the button or touch the screen button, and the system will show you the needed section on the website. At CampusReel, you will find videos uploaded by the students. These are great examples of the real-life picture of what is happening in the colleges.

Gap Year Association is a useful service for students who don’t know where to go this year. They want to take a gap year, explore the world, save some money, and then enter the college of their dream. But what if you don’t know much about the gap year practice. This platform will tell you the main insights about the interesting and fascinating experience. On the website, you will find up to date info about the recent programs to join. You can also communicate with the platform members, manage calls, and discuss the issues together. But be ready to pay a small fee to join the team and have the opportunity to use all the features of the service.

If you are engaged in sport or fond of arts, you can benefit from specific tours online. YouVisit and CampusTours may show you the fields for sports games or show rooms for art practices. The opportunities are endless. If you want to look deeper into the campus, learn more about its secrets, and figure out how it works inside, virtual tours are your best choice. There’s no better alternative these days. So, don’t hesitate to try them.

College Education: How to Use Tech Advancement on Its Full Capacity

These days, educational institutions face real challenges. They can’t accept students or hold personal meetings with them. Therefore, they need to come up with new ways to ensure communication with the enrollee. Here are several ways for colleges to keep in touch with their potential students:

  • Virtual tours. We have been describing the notion in the previous paragraphs of the article. College administration hires specialists if they have enough budget. Or they do it on their own, with the help of the brand new tech devices that can record high-quality videos and post them on their online pages on the Internet. It is a popular tendency among universities. By following such a trend, colleges can attract more students and show the benefits of studying in a college. It is an interactive way to interest enrollees. What makes the experience even more fascinating is the use of virtual reality tools.
  • Holding online conferences is another method of communication with potential students from a distance. Universities prepare exhaustive lectures with tons of visual materials to introduce the campus to the viewers. The lectures are held on online platforms, such as Skype or Zoom. Why is it beneficial? You can lose questions at the end of the session and get your answers instantly.
  • The use of apps is also popular among colleges. Campus life isn’t about the atmosphere. It’s all about the people living there. To make students body up with each other and communicate, colleges launch apps for common communication. Such apps allow students to find their group mates, share their opinions about the campus, or plan online meetings together.

These are the most popular methods used by colleges. There are other ways to ensure interactive communication with the potential students, show them the benefits of living on campus, and make closer ties with them.

Time to Conclude

Coronavirus pandemic changed our lives. It also changes the way we communicate with each other. College life was hugely influenced by pandemic restrictions. Students fear to lose the opportunity to see their campuses and get closer to the university. But in the 21st century, you can resolve the issue with the help of tech advancements.

If you want to observe your campus, learn more about the application procedures, figure out possible financial aid offers, or communicate with the groupmates, you can do it easily. In the article, we have listed the most popular online resources to make your acquaintance with the campus possible.

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