Easy Essay Outline For Students

Easy Essay Outline For Students

Before writing an essay, you need to prepare for it. Your task is to organize the information correctly and convey the main idea to the reader. If you are not a professional writer, you may find it difficult to do it on the spot. You will need a plan to structure all the information and keep your thoughts organized.

If you want to learn how to write an outline correctly, you can do it with our help. In the article, you will find all the necessary information that will help you cope with the task. Let’s get started.

What is an outline, and how you should define the term

The outline is a universal term. You can explain it in so many different ways. But today, we are going to talk about it as a tool. This is a perfect and useful tool for writers who work on their academic writing assignments. This is the basis of any written piece. An outline is the foundation of your text. This is what keeps it well-organized and helps the author follow hot or her train of thought during the whole process.

To be true, writing an outline is optional. This is your choice, and you must decide whether you need an outline or not. If you have learned your strengths and know-how to work on your weaknesses when writing, you may ignore creating an outline. But if you are only a beginner and get confused with the tasks, you’d better dedicate some time to writing an outline.

On the one hand, there is no difference between a text with an outline and a so-called raw text. But the reader will always notice the difference. A text composed with the help of an outline will sound more professional. It will render the idea clearly and can communicate with the reader in many ways.

An outline is also great for the writers. Although it takes some time to outline, it is a very helpful tool. If you want to make the writing process easier, you should resort to creating an outline. This would serve you as a well-detailed plan. If you want to master outline writing, let’s continue reading the article.

Reasons to Create an Outline

The outline is an important piece of writing if you know how to do it correctly. In the outline, you can note every important detail and then use it in the text. This is a roadmap which you use to enhance the paper and make it more clear in the end. The outline is said to keep the information about the basic arguments to your thoughts. In the outline, you can also put down the heading to your paper to plan further paragraphs.

If you ignore the outline and do everything on the spot, you can surely achieve good results. But this wouldn’t be systematic. Furthermore, it will be a lot harder for you to manage all the ideas and organize them in a text without a direct and premade plan. An outline is a useful tool, and there are a few reasons why we think so:

  • When you get ready for the writing, you research and collect the information. If you need to persuade the reader or convincingly convey your idea to the audience, you need to gather a lot of data. And in most cases, you can accidentally lose some information if you don’t put it down on the paper. But with the outline, you will never forget an important detail.
  • When you organize the material in an outline, you can learn the subject better. It often happens that the writer must work on a very intricate topic. In such cases, it is important to understand the material to write a clear text in the end. When you note down everything in the outline, you have another chance to understand the material. Thus, you can better render it in the text.
  • With an outline, you won’t get confused during the writing process. If you need to find a particular piece of information, you can do it just by looking into the outline.

We have grasped the main idea of the importance of the outline. Now it is time to get closer to the writing process and explain how to easily cope with an outline.


This is the first paragraph of your writing. Here you need to briefly describe the topic to help the reader get acquainted with the theme. You should also refer to your intentions and reasons that made you work on this topic. And last but not least, part of the introduction is thesis writing. This is a basic block that every writer has to pay attention to. In the introduction, you also need to mention the topic of your writing.

  • The first sentence is usually a hook. This is a sentence to draw the attention of a reader and keep him interested in reading on. There are different ways to introduce a book in the text. You need to keep in mind the style of writing and the tone of voice. And then you can choose how to interest your readers. It can be an anecdote or some shocking information. You can ask a question or suggest a controversial suggestion. This is up to you but mind the style of your hook.
  • In the next part of the introduction, you need to tell the reader the topic of your writing. You also need to mention some background information and tell the story. Don’t make it long. It is enough to include 1-2 sentences to get the basic idea.
  • The final touch would be your thesis statement. This is a critical sentence where you point to the main idea of the text. This is the idea that would be present in all the following paragraphs to the end. Try to make a sentence that will hint at what is going to be discussed in the text.

Body paragraphs

This is the central part of the text since this is the most informative one. You need to be very precise here. In this part, you have to tell the story in detail. If you have several arguments or ideas to discuss, make sure to create a paragraph for each of them. This way, you will less likely confuse the reader with the amount of information.

  • In each paragraph, you have to work on the idea which corresponds to the thesis statement.
  • Your task is to list sound arguments to reinforce your idea. If you give the reader facts, data, or relevant statistics, the text will look complete and informative.
  • Don’t forget about the transitions. You have to use transition words or phrases to make the text flow naturally.


This is the final part where you have to remind the reader of your writing’s essential points. You need to restate the thesis and briefly refer to the ideas discussed in the text.

  • First, remind the reader about the thesis. It is better to restate the same idea using different words.
  • Finish it all up with a conclusive sentence. It should explain how the information in the text can be practically used or be helpful for the reader.

Helpful tips to manage the task

We have already explained the structure and the importance of outline writing. Now, let’s discuss tips to make your writing easier.

  1. Plan your writing. You need to choose whether you will use paper with a pan or type the text on a computer. It seems to have little importance, but it can help you. Some people prefer working with a laptop, while others are more productive when they use traditional methods.
  2. Work on the topic. To write a straightforward text, you need to develop a clear topic. You can adjust it throughout the text. Make sure it is broad enough so that you can set the ideas and support them with proper facts and arguments.
  3. Create a purpose for writing. When you write an essay, you have a direct purpose. You may want to inform the reader or entertain him. If you decide on the purpose from the very beginning, it will be easier for you to work on the outline.
  4. Identify your target audience. When you write a text, you must know who is found to read it. If you don’t know necessary information about your target audience, you can fail the task. When you know the reader, you choose the correct argument to prove your point of view. You also choose a proper tone of voice that suits the text.
  5. Assemble the supporting materials. When you research the material, make sure to note down the resources. It might help you in the end.


An essay outline is an important aspect of a successful writer. It is important to craft an essay according to basic rules. An outline is something that can facilitate your work.

What if You Need Help?

If you have a desire to work on the essay, you can do it on your own. In our article, we have covered basic tips for writing. But if you want to ask for help, our online service would be a perfect idea. Our experts will do the work for you at the highest level.

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