Create an Emphatic Video Essay Step by Step

Create an Emphatic Video Essay Step by Step

Recently, many institutions and people began to create video essays to promote their services. Unlike the written version, in the video you must present the main advantages of the product using clips, inserting photos and adding words. However, you can also add non-important information so that the work is not overloaded and it is pleasant to watch.

You can publish video essays both on social networks and on video hosting, which allows you to collect more views. However, note that the duration of such an essay is usually about 10 minutes. Count on this time to create unique content.

Please note that despite the form, the same elements as in the written essay are present in the work. Thus, you will need to work on an expressive introduction, which contains a thesis, a main part with the necessary arguments, and a conclusion. In our article, we will analyze in detail the principle of working with a video essay.

The Concept of a Video Essay

The video essay is an excellent representative of modernity. On the one hand, this is the most popular format for perception: we observe the action and hear the text. On the other hand, the work involves research, explanation, so it can be called scientific. Of course, a video essay is a form of marketing. Therefore, the material must be properly structured and have catching elements.

I agree, we love to watch movies and videos that have a plot. Therefore, when working on a video essay, you need to come up with a script that will be a working skeleton. Also, do not forget that you need to have at least elementary editing skills to hold all the frames together.

Note that offscreen text matters more than a picture. You can say that you are writing a regular essay, and accompany the words with appropriate images as proof. A video essay usually analyzes an existing film or its ideas to explain a specific question: the main idea, the number of outstanding moments or genres.

The Structure of Video Essay

Unlike written, video essay has a different approach. Since the introduction, the main part and the conclusion relate specifically to the text, we will not highlight these elements. Here are the steps that work involves:

  1. Select a topic. Analyze your target audience and decide what knowledge you don’t have to create a good job. Come up with a thesis that will drive your work, and scale it down to the smallest option. Note that there must be several arguments in the body of the essay that develop the thesis. Throughout the clip, the viewer should not forget what the theme of the whole work is.
  2. Create a script. Define a sequence of frames, try on a sound recording to cut it later. Write a text that looks like an essay, find reliable sources. You can use poetry reading to accompany the text.
  3. Choose your media. The central part of the video essay has clips and images that capture attention. You can take the movie excerpts about which you will talk. If you use only voice-overs, you need to say the name of the film, although it is possible to sign it below.
  4. Edit the video. Review your material and estimate the approximate duration. Make sure that the video is no longer than 15 minutes, as it will be difficult for you to keep the viewer. Combine the passages as a whole and overlay the text using editing. You would better edit your video essay in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, as they are pretty convenient for the beginners.
  5. Post the result. Since it’s free, you can post a video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, as well as on all platforms at once. So users can share the publication, and your project will collect views.

Best Examples of Video Essays from Last Year

Cinematic art is constantly moving forward, and a lot of works appear on the scene, different in topic, duration, and attraction. In a large amount of data, it is difficult to discern worthy examples that will help in practice to understand the concept of a video essay. Therefore, we have selected for you the most interesting items that will be helpful for both students and filmmakers with experience.

  • The Art of Overanalyzing Movies – Now You See It

Jack Nugent opens our list with a film analysis theme. He states that we should not waste time analyzing the film and going into details. A film is not a book, and its role is to entertain and relax. The author offers us to postpone attempts to understand hidden signs and instead allow the film to give us emotional pleasure.

  • The vastness of the components in the movie Kill Bill – Fandor

In this film, Quentin Tarantino showed all his professionalism. Although his films always combine several genres, in this one they are even difficult to count. Several martial arts and spaghetti westerns can be seen with the naked eye. However, Fandor decided to conduct a deeper analysis.

  • The success of Snow White as a pioneer – One hundred years of cinema

The author of this video essay set a twofold goal: to explain the reasons for the fame of Walt Disney and his heroes, as well as to illustrate the text with examples of the cultural success of this cartoon. For Disney fans, this video essay will be a revelation.

  • References from the movie Zodiac – Hint of Film

In his video essay, the author published an unofficial list of all materials from the thriller Zodiac David Fincher. Fans rejoice because the project provides all the media files, an article and cultural guides described in the film.

  • Psychological secrets in the movie Finding Nemo – Screen Prism

This company creates some of the most detailed movie reviews that explore deep emotions and their impact on our feelings. The fragment raised the theme of the relationship between the parent and the child, so he easily finds the target audience, because this topic is relevant for everyone.

Tips on How to Make Your Video Essay Look Perfect

  • Do not save on quality. Please note that the examples presented above look professional because they have high resolution. To make the picture look attractive, choose the DVD format, it will be available to everyone. Sometimes it’s possible to publish a video in 4K format.
  • Pick the best music. Sometimes a good sound and voice-over text can cover the flaws of the installation or poor-quality picture. However, be prepared to spend a lot of time selecting music in order not to infringe on copyright.
  • Constantly develop your horizons. To find your gold mine, you should read articles, watch examples and chat with other authors of the video essay. At some point, you will understand what is right for you, and what information only interferes.

Once you understand the basics of building a video essay, it’s time to start practicing. Start with a draft for the script and come up with a strong thesis. Do not be afraid to get confused, because in front of you there is a scheme of the structure of work. Follow our instructions step by step – and you can create your best video essay.

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