How to Write a Terrorism Essay Properly

How to Write a Terrorism Essay Properly

The world is unstable now. There is a constant danger around us, but the terrorists undermine the remaining peaceful atmosphere and jeopardize the fragile balance even more. Thus, people are frightened to live a happy life as an increasing threat from the bombers upholding their ideals is here.

The situation gets even worse when we take into account what are the ramifications of the terrorist activities in the world. The fabric of the society is disrupted, people are intimidated by these kinds of attacks, and the economies suffer hugely as well.

The issues are for sure a double-edged sword, and there is no complete, single or correct approach when it comes to terrorism. To address the problem, we have to focus not merely on the aftermaths of the phenomena, but the causes as well. It can be confusing, but at the same time, it is substantial for every citizen to be aware of the up-to-date challenge.

We can contribute to it by helping you with writing a terrorism essay, as it can help you research the issue and comprehend it at last.

The Notion of Terrorism

Terrorism has become a common issue for us for the last couple of years. The reasons for it are not exact. The social fabric is disrupted, and terrorism is another manifestation of the present extremes in society. Some people have no idea why they are involved in this activity. For some people, on the contrary, terrorism is the only way to have their voices heard. However, any form of terrorism presupposes the act of violence and danger for those who do not join the movement. Thus, this issue is quite controversial and raises an abundance of questions within the governments of different countries.

However, we cannot overlook the obvious things, i.e. the fact our society lives in a constant fear to have their property damaged or life claimed accidentally. Therefore, we need to shed light on the issue and clear the air for those people being scared.

Hence, these are the reasons why terrorism essays are popular among students. Professors give such an assignment to see if the younger generation has at least any concept about what is going on in the world. However, being familiar with the topic is not enough to write good work. The structure is what you need to think about as well. So, let’s move to the next part.

How to Organize the Text Parts

When it comes to the structure of the work, the situation is not that bleak. Most of the writing assignments follow the same structural pattern. Thus, if you are familiar with the common “introduction – main part – conclusion” essay structure, you will not be confused with this task at all.


The notion of terrorism is a double-edged sword. That is why you cannot treat every topic with the same approach. There are different directions to develop the train of thought, so you have firsthand to present the reader the core message of your essay.

That is the statement that you have to compose. It should be concise but at the same time descriptive enough to convey the main idea of the problem. Moreover, you can always add some background information.

For example, if you want to discuss social instability in Eastern Asia, you have to provide your reader with some additional information, in case he or she has no idea what the Eastern Asia countries undergo at this very moment.

In this part you are thought to put a few ideas you are going to develop throughout the text. Make sure, you are not too long-winded with it, as further explication will be appropriate for the main body.

When the statement sentence is put down, and the background knowledge presented, it is time to smoothly flow into the main body paragraph.

Main part

Here we come to the most informative part of the essay. It is because of the arguments that are put in here to prove your thought. Nevertheless, the main part is one of the structure components, you have to adhere to the common rules of writing.

Be sure the text is structured coherently, and each new idea corresponds to the introduction statement and constitutes a single paragraph.

You are allowed to put in here not only the plain facts or real-life stories. Feel free to provide your reader with accurate data, i.e. statistics or figures. You need to include it to your text so that the reader believes what you consider right.


Before you end up your story, remind the reader of the main points reviewed in the essay. Try to present them with different words, but with the same sense.

If you have something to add, try to incorporate it somehow to the previous text parts, but not here. Your conclusion is aimed at summarizing, but not at confusing the reader with new emerging questions.

If you want, you can share your personal opinion on the issue and present possible solutions to cope with terrorism.

Check Our List of Appropriate Topics for the Essay

The topics for the terrorism essay can be different, however, there are particular sections the issues can be sorted out into.

Debate topics

1. How do children suffer from terrorist attacks?

2. Can the terrorism manifestations in European countries somehow reflect on the USA social life?

3. Does America suffer from terrorism more, than any other country in the world?

4. can we claim that technology contributed to the development of terrorism?

5. The children are involved in the terroristic schemes: how can we stop the bombers exploit children as their main resource?

6. The creation of Israel: did the terrorism contributed to it to some extent?

7. Religion-based terrorism activists: do they have the future in today’s modern world?

8. Is it possible that a terrorist presiding member rules a country?

9. Do crime and terrorism notions correspond somehow?

10. Separatists vs terrorists: are they different? Where do both of them come from?

Thesis topics

1. What rules the minds of the terrorists? What is their motivation?

2. Do we face with digital terrorism right now? Is it more dangerous than its conventional manifestations?

3. Do we need to differentiate between terrorism and organized crime?

4. How do social media influence the development of terrorism across the countries?

5. International terrorists: what is their main objective and will they ever achieve it?

6. Is Africa suffering the most from the terrorist groups?

7. Can we develop strategies to fight terrorism?

8. Can terrorism be a tool for the politicians’ personal gain?

9. Do we need to suffer from international terrorism?

10. How to befriend with the terrorists?

Global topics

1. Does social media participate in the dissemination of terrorist trends?

2. Can we justify terrorism?

3. Are there chances to prove terrorism as a single choice?

4. Terrorism to fight the unbearable political system: is it ok?

5. Terrorism as a direct danger for our society?

6. How can you benefit from terrorism?

7. How can we prevent terrorist attacks? Are there any security guarantees?

8. What do belief-based extremists fight for?

9. How do the economic systems suffer from the extremists’ attacks?

10. Do we need to classify the terrorists? Will it help to decrease the trauma?

An Exemplary Terrorism Essay Work

If you need a helping hand with your essay, you can make use of the following example. It is short but informative.

Stop treating terrorism in this way

It is difficult to cope with terrorism, but it must be done properly to ensure save a life for the civilians. Being biased and aggressive in response to the attacks is not the best choice. What should we do instead?

When the information about another bombing appears in news, we start expressing our emotions in an exaggerated manner. Thus, we are ruled by our mood, and therefore objective assessment is lost somewhere. That’s wrong. Being impartial is what you need first of all.

Another mistake is shown in the attitude towards the representative’s extremist groups. Consequently, various stereotypes are created on the bases of it. That’s the wrong approach, as this very attitude will only make the terrorist groups angrier.

As practice shows, terrorists only benefit from ordinary civilians acting this way. The society demonstrates its impotence in the face of terrorism and thus becomes even more vulnerable.


Writing about terrorism is the first step towards coping with it. So, practice terrorism essay writing to become aware of how to deal with extremists properly.

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