Best Phrases And Words For Top-Notch Essays

Best Phrases And Words For Top-Notch Essays

To make your essay look great, you must structure the text and use phrases or words to make the paragraph brighter. You can create a great introduction or conclusion, but if you do not use words that indicate that you have completed thoughts or words that suggest that a continuation is coming, the text may look ill-conceived.

If you have to write essays very often, language skills for reasoning ideas will help make the article more convincing. Below we have provided phrases and words that need to be used in the text and examples of sentences using these phrases/words.

The list provided does not mean that you cannot use other words. But this starter kit will help improve your writing. The longer you develop your vocabulary, the more ideas you will have. You can share them with us in the future. This article is excellent for native English speakers and students developing their writing skills for the first time.

Common Phrases And Words

Let’s start with phrases and words that you can use to explain your thoughts or topic. Also, these phrases will help you explain complex terms in simple words.

In Order To

The phrase “in order to” is suitable for those sentences where you want to explain the purpose of writing an essay or arguing ideas. An example of using “in order to:”

In order to understand how the mixer works, you must first disassemble its details.

In Other Words

You can use the phrase “in other words” to explain complicated terms in simple terms. An example of using “in other words:”

Frogs are usually called amphibians – this means that the animal can exist both on water and on land.

To Put It Another Way

The phrase “to put it another way” also comes in handy to explain difficult words. If you feel that this way, you can better articulate ideas and communicate to the reader, use the phrase, but not in every sentence, not to repeat yourself. An example of using “to put it another way:”

Photosynthesis is a process in which organic substances from inorganic substances are formed in cells containing chlorophyll under the influence of light energy. In photosynthesis, the plant absorbs carbon dioxide and water. Next synthesizes organic matter and releases oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. To put it another way, without the sun, the plants will wither.

That is to Say

If you want to add other details to the idea, you can use the phrase “that is to say.” Also, the phrase will help you explain concepts more precisely. An example of using “that is to say:”

If a whale lives in water and resembles a fish in its body’s outline, why is it not considered a fish? Because the whale is a marine mammal that descends from earthly ancestors. That is to say, a whale needs air to breathe, but it can live underwater.

To That End

If you want to explain to the reader why you think so or why you created the article, you can use the phrase “to that end.” An example of using “to that end:”

How do animals communicate with each other? Although animals do not speak languages, they have different ways of communicating with each other in human terms. To that end, researchers have created a scientific experiment to study dolphins’ sounds and understand their specific communication.

Words And Phrases For Additional Ideas

Sometimes students want to add more information to a paragraph but use the typical word “and.” You can use other words to complete your point of view or argue assumptions. Below are a few words and phrases that will add variety to your text.


The phrase “moreover” is best used at the beginning of a sentence. This way, you can add more information to support ideas. An example of using “moreover:”

Moreover, recent studies have given hope that the coronavirus will leave the Earth in a couple of decades.


The word “furthermore” is also best used at the beginning of a sentence. With this word, you can fill the paragraph with additional information. An example of using “furthermore:”

Furthermore, I am assuming that the poisonous substances entered the patient’s body with food.

What’s More

The phrase “what’s more” has the same meaning as the words above. An example of using “what’s more:”

What’s more, it is the only piece of evidence supporting the murder hypothesis.


If you want to bring up a problem again without repeating the same words, you can use “likewise” to draw parallels. An example of using “likewise:”

Up to a third of people believe that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory in Wuhan. Likewise, the same theory is held by scientists from the UK who think that the coronavirus is being used as part of a plan to ensure global vaccination and is spreading through 5G towers.

Another Important Point Worth Mentioning

If you would like to introduce additional facts that better cover the topic, use the phrase “another important point worth mentioning” instead of the simple word “also.” An example of using “another important point worth mentioning:”

Although Blake was considered insane by his contemporaries, later critics noted his work’s expressiveness, philosophical and mystical depth. Another important point worth mentioning is that Blake created paintings during the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps, for this reason, he formed a strange outlook on the world.

As Well As

The phrase “as well as” perfectly replaces the words “also” or “and.” An example of using “as well as:”

In China, a notorious geneticist was condemned, who allegedly conducted experiments on human embryos as well as created genetically modified people. The scientist claimed that he was trying to edit their DNA and protect them from the immunodeficiency virus. But that was just a deception.

Not only… but also

You can use the phrase “not only … but also” to supplement a paragraph with important, surprising, unexpected information. An example of using “not only … but also:”

Edmund Hillary is known for being the first to conquer Everest. This is one of the most famous people in New Zealand and the whole world. He became a role model and an idol for many people. Not only climbers consider him a great man, but also the royal family, who honored him as a Knight Commander of the British Empire’s Order.

Words And Phrases For Contradictions

When you want to disprove a thesis, you need to use contrasting words. Sometimes students limit themselves to words such as “but” or “disagree.” However, there are many such words, so here is a list of words for refuting ideas.


Use the word “however” to contradict an idea. An example of using “however:”

Scientists thought that global warming would freeze the Earth. However, another scientist suggested that global warming would lead to flooding due to melting glaciers.

On the Other Hand

The phrase “on the other hand” suggests that you want to express the other side of the assumption. An example of using “on the other hand:”

Historical events indicate that the Egyptian Pyramids were created by the Ancient and Middle Kingdoms’ pharaohs, even before they died. On the other hand, archaeological finds suggest that slaves built the pyramids after the pharaohs died.

Having Said That

Using the phrase “having said that,” you can replace the banal word “but.” An example of using “having said that:”

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of every inhabitant of the planet in one way or another. The Ant-Man and the Wasp star said on Instagram that she refuses to take precautions due to Covid-19. Having said that, many people condemned her.

Then Again

Use the phrase “then again,” you can question any statement. An example of using “then again:”

The film critic claims that the plot of the film resembles the one already shot. Then again, we can assume that he was paid to make such a statement.

That Said

The phrase “that said” means the same as the words above, but this way, you will not repeat yourself and show the reader that you have a rich vocabulary. An example of using “that said:”

Evidence suggests that the defendant may have been involved in the attack. That said, much of the evidence is not reliable and may have been planted by the real killer.

Phrases and Words to Conclusion

Have you supplemented your essay with general, transitional, contrasting words but do not know how to finish? In conclusion, you must summarize what was said previously, prove that your arguments were strong, and entice the reader to accept your point of view. Below are the best words and phrases to conclude.

In Conclusion

Usually, the phrase “in conclusion” is used at the beginning of the last paragraph. This is how you show the reader that you have finished discussing ideas or telling a story. Example of using “in conclusion:”

In conclusion, I note that all my proofs testify to the truth of the assumption.

Above All

The phrase “above all” tells the reader that you want to highlight the essay’s essential points and draw a conclusion. An example of using “above all:”

Above all, I want to say that if everyone thinks about global warming, then perhaps our planet will serve as our home for many centuries to come.


Use the word “persuasive” to show the reader that you did a good job and that your argument makes sense. Example of using “persuasive:”

Many scholars argue that Constanta Mozart married Mozart only for financial gain – this is the most persuasive fact that love marriage is rare. After her husband’s death, Constanta said that Mozart was not rich, but in fact, he did not know how to manage money. The wife created such a myth so that Mozart’s friends would provide her with a good life.


The word “compelling” has the same meaning as the word above. An example of using “compelling:”

The most compelling argument for human descent from the evolution of apes came from Darwin. Therefore, I adhere to the same idea.

All Things Considered

The phrase “all things considered” indicates that you are summing up and calling the reader to action. An example of using “all things considered:”

All things considered, we should seriously think about the consequences of pollution on the planet. If people do not start to process garbage in large quantities and store it in the ground, it will be hard for us to breathe.

The Final Insight

Essay papers will be too boring without transition words. However, you have to find the balance of their quantity. If you use them too often, the work will seem to be wordy.

Our team can help you with using words and phrases for essays. Just place your order with a message to proofread your text. We will do the best for your success.

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