Immigration Essay Writing Guide

Immigration Essay Writing Guide

Immigration is a process, which takes place in poor countries. People go to developed countries to have a better life. But this process becomes so wide-spread, that even tutors in the universities and higher schools start to take this phenomenon as a topic for essays.

It should be said that like any other kind of paper, an immigration essay has to be well-planned, well-developed and well-structured. In this article, we will tell the main secrets and tips for excellent writing. By the way, there is a variety of topics. For example, you can describe the history of this process; list its advantages or disadvantages, its impact on the society, reasons, etc.

Reasons for Immigration

Today the process of immigration is a problem of many countries. From business and economic points of view, this issue is a global one. There are some regions, which the population is increasing because of the immigrants.

Many immigrants suffer from the new land for them because of the absence of the family, lack of attention. They can be misunderstood by native citizens because of the different points of view. The prices for accommodation and food are also higher. But in spite of these disadvantages, too many people are ready to leave somewhere and have better lives.

There are some reasons for immigration:

  • Safety ones – people are in danger in their families, towns or countries. In this way, they start to find a new and safer place for living. Political views, orientation, social status or racial discrimination can be a reason for feeling themselves in danger.
  • Economic ones – citizens of poor countries try to move to more developed places to have more opportunities. They are ready to work hard but earn enough. By the way, there is the most popular topic among the students.
  • Social ones – people, especially young men, want to do their best for their families. They leave their wives and children and go to other countries where they can earn more money. Sometimes all families move on, because, for example, the medical service in other country satisfies them more.

Immigration to EU and USA

Looking at these two regions for the first time, it seems to be that they are equally interesting for immigrants. The USA and European countries have accepted thousands of immigrants during the few last years. It is explained with the low economic level of many other countries.

After the terrible accident, which happened on the 11th of September, it became more difficult to immigrate to the USA. If you are looking for an interesting topic, we advise you comparing the immigration laws of the EU and the USA.

Pros and Cons

Every phenomenon, which takes place in our lives, has both negative and positive sides. By the way, the immigration process has also its advantages and disadvantages. The tutors often assign the students to write an essay about these pluses and minuses.

The topic is wide-spread, so we want you to pay attention to which advantages can be discussed:

  • The improvement of the living conditions

Most people, who immigrate to other countries, want to live better. Of course, they miss their native lands. But only in another country, they can find better work, higher salary, social protection, and safe environment.

  • Better perspectives in professional and personal levels

Leaving the native land, the person becomes more independent. People feel free themselves. Sometimes people are shy and think that they aren’t good at the new job. But living in other countries, immigrant usually lives alone and doesn’t know anyone. In this way, he/she must apply to dwell-paid jobs and does her/his best to get this job. It means that the person demonstrates the best abilities and becomes a real professional.

  • Face with new cultures and traditions

When people travel, they just have a look at the new cultures, new traditions, and the local people’s lifestyles. But being an immigrant, you have to face these traditions and customs daily, so you dive deeper into everyday life. You start to understand slang, idioms and word combinations, which were misunderstood before. Immigration opens the doors to new knowledge, and your task is to use this chance.

As for the disadvantages, most often the next issues are discussed in this part of the essays:

  • The difference in race and culture

Of course, there are countries, which citizens are friendly and hospitable to immigrants. But the number of these countries is too small. Practice shows, that in most cases people, who look for a better life, become victims of cultural and racial intolerance. It usually happens when they have another color of the skin. 

  • Gaps in the knowledge of the language

People can learn a new language, and speak with a tutor well. But when you are in a new country, it’s too difficult to speak with native speakers.

Writing an Immigration Essay

So let’s look at the structure of the immigration essay. By the way, this kind of paper has the same structure as the other ones. Write a few first sentences to make a great first impression. Create a hook to catch readers’ attention. For example, you can add statistical data or write a fact, that no one knows about. The task of an introduction is to give an idea of your paper and to make the readers interesting in reading the whole essay.

It doesn’t matter what topic have you chosen. Anyway, you should give the definition to the term ‘immigration’. It will be great if you give your own explanation as well as few ones from the dictionaries.

As you know, the essay should contain such parts as an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. And let’s speak about the main part. Here you should pay attention to the next points:

  • Kind of the problem

Writing a thesis for your essay, you may deal with lots of thoughts and ideas about immigration. But you should determine your position. For example, you can describe the problems of immigrants in the EU or the USA. The second variant is to take two countries and compare immigration tendencies. Working with the paper, you should always be focused on the topic.

  • Choose a side you are on

The peculiarity of the immigration essay is the author should be on one of the two sides. For example, you can describe the issue form the governmental side. At the same time, you can take the side of the immigrants and discuss the problem from their point of view.

But let’s remember that the essay is a paper in which the author shares his/her point of view. That is why you should find which points of view are similar to your ones. And if you take a governmental side, you can support your thesis with the official statements and statistic data. Unfortunately, your thesis will look weak with the absence of strong statements or official information.

  • Consider the only one issue

If you are writing about the problems of the immigrants, don’t mention the advantages, or reasons for the process. The topic is too wide and there is always something to say. Our tip is to use less theory and more examples.

The Most Relevant Topics

As you may understand, there are too many variants for the topic. When the tutor assigns you to write an immigration essay, you may think about writing on one of the following topics:

  • Immigration in progress: how the immigration tendency does effect on modern society?
  • Which countries are most popular among immigrants?
  • Why do some local citizens behave aggressively toward immigrants?
  • Immigration conditions of the future
  • Is it stressful for all members of the family to immigrate?

As you see, there are too many directions. You can take either the legitimate side of the issue or physiological or economic one. The phenomenon is well-known for everyone. But it’s new and relevant, so there are not too many sources.

We recommend using different articles, online truthful sources proved statistics data. These pieces of information will add value to your essay. Don’t forget to create an interesting and catch-eye thesis. If you want, you can also make an outline and make notes of what you can write in the paper.

Our experts also advise everyone to proofread the text and correct some lexical, punctual and spelling mistakes. Pay attention to all the tips, which were mentioned above, and write a really quality immigrant essay and get the highest grades.

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