How To Create A Penetrating Ethics Essay

How To Create A Penetrating Ethics Essay

Every day we make decisions that look ethically. More often than not, we do not think about why we choose this or that solution since we believe that it is correct. Someone perceives ethics as rules, norms, principles, but this is much more. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that studies human behavior, looking for ways to achieve justice in controversial issues at work, school, or family relationships.

Ethics can study questions about what animals think when perfumes are tested on them. Or why people choose between good and evil. Therefore, it is not surprising that educational institutions have included an ethics essay in the curriculum. Teachers do not give a specific structure because they rely on your creativity. However, we have prepared a straightforward writing guide to help you get an A+.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Ethics Essay

Our guide includes six steps. Please read them carefully so as not to miss the main thing.

Choose a Relevant Ethical Topic

Below we have prepared a list of ideas for inspiration. However, if you don’t like any theme, we recommend referring to books, articles, and scientific research that contain good ideas. Remember that you don’t have to describe the definition of a word in an ethics essay, so find a problem or issue of concern to society. In the paper, you must argue in favor of your assumption, so research the sources beforehand to make the text appear convincing. Ensure that you have enough examples, statements from authoritative people, aphorisms that will make your essay brighter. When choosing a topic, take into account the teacher’s requirements and your interests. According to statistics, students who are involved in the essay topic more easily cope with the task.

Make an Outline

Each science has its writing style. An ethical essay requires that you discuss an issue that involves moral principles, norms, human behavior, etc. Next, you must support the statements with arguments. To know precisely where to insert the arguments, you can make a plan. Most often, the structure of an essay looks like this:

  1. Introduce the topic to the reader and explain why it is essential to talk about it.
  2. Create a thesis statement – this is the idea of an article that you argue in the body.
  3. Divide the body into three sections and fill them with evidence.
  4. Find counterarguments if possible.
  5. Expand all the issues that are important to society.
  6. Summarize, reformulate the thesis, call the reader to action.

Note that you don’t have to stick to this pattern. However, the essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Otherwise, you will not structure the text. It would be helpful if you wrote down ideas in chronological order.

Create an Introduction

It would help if you were short and to the point in your introduction. Do not pour water or include too much information, as there is a risk that you have nothing to talk about in the body. Your task is to acquaint the reader with the topic and explain its importance. Decide what you will talk about. The reader should understand what awaits him in the article. Find a hook to get attention. It can be statistics, examples, aphorisms, statements of authoritative people, and any interesting information. At the end of the introduction, come up with a thesis to prove or disprove in the body.

Create a Central Part

When you write your thesis, be prepared to distribute the arguments in the center paragraphs. Start each section with a topical sentence that will remind the reader what your article is about if he is thinking about something else. Do not use many arguments in a paragraph – this can confuse the reader. Discuss what this argument means and why the reader should trust you. Give examples from real life, as they will evoke more emotion than quotes.

Create a Conclusion

Do not include new information in the conclusion, as this will mean that you have not finished your essay yet. Instead, you can reformulate the thesis, list the arguments, and indicate how the topic affected you. Please call the reader to action or leave a rhetorical question to ponder.

Reread the Text and Fix Errors

Please read the text and make sure it’s easy to read. If you find the evidence is weak, look for more substantial evidence. If you find repetitions, replace them with interesting information. Also, check if you used the terms correctly, did not make grammatical errors, and did not miss punctuation marks. Make sure your paragraphs are logical, and you use transition words.

Ethics Essay Example

We have provided you with an essay structure and want you to see by example what a good article should look like. Our essay topic: “How to behave in the era of social media and gender equality?” Read the example and get inspired to write your essay:

Each of us has ideas in our heads about what is allowed and what is not. At the same time, we are faced daily because other people have entirely different ethical principles. Therefore, I had questions about what people should follow the rules, how to interact with each other, and the information during the destruction of traditional foundations. I believe that ethics in the era of social networks is significantly different from the past, and therefore everyone should understand this.

The main task of a modern person is to sort the incoming information. Your calls, letters, or messages don’t have to be put first. People are busy almost when something requires attention, and it is not always easy to get distracted from it. Therefore, if you did not have time to reply to a message, this is not a sign of bad form.

Is it decent these days to call without warning? This is the central question of the decade. As of 2019, a phone call without prior agreement is a gross violation of personal space boundaries. Therefore, if you want to be heard and not harm a person, it is better to leave a voice message. However, this ethical rule does not apply to calls from relatives. If your family is calm about calls at any time, feel free to call.

Another question that worried me concerns whether it is possible to write to people in the messenger for work. In startups, the media, and related areas of the new economy, this is considered the norm: the first contact occurs much more often on Facebook than incorporate mail. For example, Microsoft allowed some employees to switch to a remote job permanently, and most often, their communication takes place in messengers. Hence, it all depends on the industry and human principles.

Recently I was faced with a situation where a man shook hands with a woman at a business meeting. So I wondered if it was ethical from the point of gender equality. Of course, this is considered the norm because if women are forbidden to shake hands with a man, it will be a sign of sexism. In the book “Ladies’ etiquette. A Guide for the Modern Woman,” Helen Brown, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, lists many types of handshakes, including for women. Therefore, the world moves in front and does not discriminate against women.

Based on my research, I learned how to behave correctly on social media and in the era of gender equality. I advise you to stick to the rules to be on par with the modern world. After all, can a person consider himself an example for others, not knowing the simple rules of digital ethics?”

Topics For Ethics Essay

For your essay to be successful, you need to choose a good topic. If you haven’t decided what you would like to write about yet, use our list of ideas:

  1. How should teenagers behave in schools?
  2. Do educational institutions need to teach a religious lesson?
  3. Why is gender inequality the most controversial in the United States?
  4. Who should take responsibility for abortion: doctors, women, government?
  5. What moral principles do Africans adhere to?
  6. What moral principles should doctors have?
  7. What ethical principles should parents lay down for their children?
  8. What ethical standards should a nurse follow?
  9. What does suicide look like from an ethical point of view?
  10. Can ethics shape people’s character?
  11. What moral principles should preventive medicine adhere to?
  12. What rules should people adhere to when caring for people with disabilities?
  13. Why is racism a problem for the whole world?
  14. Should marijuana be legalized?
  15. Why are children exposed to domestic violence, and how to stop it?
  16. What methods can be used to develop morality in the younger generation?
  17. Why do different countries have different ethical guidelines?
  18. Can mentality affect a person’s behavior?
  19. Why do people like to violate social norms?
  20. How to maintain morality in society?
  21. Can genes influence the formation of a person’s character?
  22. Is murder a psychological disorder or a deliberate choice of a person?
  23. Can a mental state affect people’s behavior?
  24. Should the country provide for homeless people?
  25. Do employees need to be tolerant when communicating with each other?
  26. Why is digital ethics important for the 21st century?
  27. Can one word harm a person?
  28. What ethical rules can be considered ideal for all countries?
  29. Who should supervise the teenager’s behavior at school: the teacher or the parents?
  30. Why does everyone have different ethical standards?

Use this list to create papers and get the A+ grade. You may also contact our managers to ask for writing assistance. We have completed more than 5000 orders, so we know everything about essay writing. Our authors can make the most outstanding papers for you.

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