Top Essay Ideas for College Students

Top Essay Ideas for College Students

Being a student means not only having funny parties with crazy friends but tons of academic papers as well. A young person has to prepare numerous tasks during the term, and not all of them are easy to perform. An essay is one of the most common projects that is set to be done on various subjects, and most students find it quite complicated. 

The main challenge lies in choosing the best topic that will be both interesting and not very hard to reveal. Young people can waste days and even weeks trying to come up with a great idea to write an essay and impress the professor. While some of them would like a teacher to give a particular topic, it is better to look at this as at an opportunity of full freedom and choice to write what really appeals to you.  

How to Choose the Best Essay Topic?

As you now know, some students are experiencing incredible stress while choosing a suitable topic for an essay that is even greater than crafting content itself. Writing a good piece of content is about the passion and interest of the author towards a selected topic; that’s why it is crucial to find a gripping idea that perfectly suits your mind. 

Luckily, you are in the right place with an awesome collection of essay topics for college students. It can be of great help to you but only if you consider some helpful points to make the right choice:

  • Look through a collection of topics and choose ideas that sound appropriate or interesting to you; write them down and create your own list of most suitable ones.
  • Read selected topics once again; think of supportive arguments that you can use for each of them.
  • Cross out ideas that seem to bring not enough thoughts and prompts to you while crafting an essay.
  • Remove topics one by one until you have exactly what you have been looking for. It may be the idea towards which you feel more passion or simply the one that you understand best of all. 

In such a way, you can use a collection of essay topics not only for some inspiration but for choosing a single one that will become your starting point for creating winning content. 

The Best Topic for Your Essay

You are not alone who are experiencing difficulty when it comes to choosing a topic for the next essay. Lots of students feel the same until they discover numerous interesting ideas. Look at a full collection of the best essay topics for college students that are grouped by subject and type of essay. Here you can also find some fun ideas that won’t surely leave readers indifferent. 

Essay ideas by subjects

A teacher asks a student to write various essays while studying a course on a particular subject. Subtopics can easily make a young author confused, that’s why we have prepared a list of the best ideas:

1)Science and technology:

  • Can personal computers really become smart?
  • How can the 360® degrees selfie camera impact the way people share their lives?
  • What are recent science creations for disabled individuals?
  • How can 3 D printing influence medicine?
  • Does adding connectivity to home devices make sense or not?


  • How to take notes efficiently in the class?
  • Is online education better than traditional schools?
  • How does the home task contribute to general student’s performance?
  • Should special students obtain another type of education?
  • Public school, private school, or remote study: what is better?

3)Social Media:

  • Is it worth to judge people by social media accounts?
  • Is it possible to use Pinterest and other social media in the classroom?
  • In what way social media impacts the relationships between children and parents?
  • Does social media negatively influence the lives of young people?
  • Can people start long-term relationships online?

Essay topic by category

There are many types of essays, and their general concept differs based on the primary purposes. For instance, narrative along with cause and effect topics differ a lot, while argumentative and persuasive seem to be much alike. 

1)Persuasive essay ideas:

  • Are cats or dogs winning the competition for the human’s heart?
  • Star Trek and Star Wars: key differences.
  • Is it necessary to allow students to bring their phones to be high and elementary school?
  • Is it high time to change the laws for immigrants?
  • Should kids have the same punishment as adults for committing violent crimes? 

2)Argumentative essay ideas:

  • How does “faked news” impact on social and political life?
  • Should the government give immigrants more rights?
  • What impact do reality shows have on society?
  • Most films and TV shows are more diverse?
  • Does society have big pressure on young people to enter college?

3)Cause and effect essay ideas:

  • How technology development impacts the state of the environment?
  • What are the causes of natural disasters?
  • How family trips affect family relationships?
  • How is human curiosity related to the planet?
  • What roots do the technological revolution in Japan have?

4) Compare and contrast essay ideas:

  • MySpace & Facebook: which one provides more opportunities?
  • What are the benefits of being a freelancer over being a full-time worker?
  • What should a modern student choose: remote or traditional learning?
  • Various mental processes of males and females: how they take place?
  • Open and closed internet resources: should we care about intellectual property?

Funny and interesting ideas for college essay 

If you would like to catch the reader’s attention with the first sentence, make him or her laugh, and show other emotions while reading your essay, consider the list of funny and interesting topics:

  • The details of unhappy and successful marriages.
  • Tell what consequences a student may face in case of dropping the college.
  • State causes and effects o not attending the elections.
  • Why are foolish cat movies ruining virtual space?
  • Should historical places be open or closed for visitors?
  • Explain the social importance of wearing a school uniform 
  • The capabilities of the human body are endless.
  • What consequence does Chornobyl disaster have?
  • Tell about a time when you were injured for on the playground for the first.
  • Share morality issues that are bothering you and why.
  • Can e-books save the planet?
  • What issues is surrogate motherhood surrounded with?
  • May the way to a total success be lazy?
  • Why are skinny models remaining a common standard of beauty?
  • Must an artist have the talent to paint abstract pictures? 

What to Start with?

After you have looked through all popular and interesting essay topics for college students, and choose the one that appeals to you most of all, it is high time to look for some ideas and inspiration. It is necessary to find something unique that will grab the reader’s attention at once. Avoid writing on overused topics, as this may play a bad trick on you. Mind the type of essay and be specific. It is better not to use unchecked facts or controversial issues. You need to decide what is your attitude towards a specific question and do your best to reveal it well. Remember that your main goal is to get acceptance at the college or receive a good grade from your professor. Thus, you should check your every single word and ensure it makes any sense. 

Final Thoughts

If you select a suitable essay topic, your chances to get a high grade are very good as every professor can notice how enthusiastic you are with the first line. When you choose the idea that is close to your way of thinking, you do not count every single word and write quickly with deep expertise in a particular field. Frankly speaking, a successful choice of the essay topic is at least 50% of positive outcomes as you enjoy the entire process of creating content and work out great ideas. 

Some students think that essay writing has other more serious challenges like a proper citation or anything like this. Yes, it may become a real difficulty but not as serious as if you have no idea to write about. When the teachers are asking students to write an essay, in most cases, they mention the necessary format and other peculiarities. Selecting a good topic is your task that decides from the very beginning how successful it can be. 

Check the best essay topics for college students from our collection based on the subject or other characteristics. Think which one you can reveal better, what ideas you can introduce, what thoughts may interest the reader. Do not hurry, and do not think for too long. Use our simple and efficient tips to make the right choice. Writing a college essay may be awesome if you are working on a topic that is interesting for you, and you have what to say.   

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