What Is a Gay Marriage Essay?

What Is a Gay Marriage Essay?

LGBT issues are extremely controversial in any society. If you choose this topic for your essay, you should be aware of many peculiarities and address them correctly. So, how to cope with these peculiarities effectively?

This type of writing assignment is not about discussing very personal matters, but about addressing the existing attitudes in society to this type of relations, including your personal point of view. 

Writing these types of assignments is often related to the issues of gender identification and human sexuality. Even if you don’t speak about these issues directly, you still should form your background at this point. 

Important Things to Consider

  • Real-life circumstances 

Behind all discussions, another type of human relations still exists. After all, that is only a part of our life, not more, not less.

Any society may have different attitudes concerning such, but this has no actual influence on the existence of these relations as such. The main point here is to address all attitudes politely and effectively without creating any excessive discussions and disputes.

  • Historical context 

In many ancient societies, gay relations were condemned very often and even seriously punished. Regardless of the severity of punishments, such relations still exist nowadays. 

  • Theoretical aspects

Psychologists, scientists, and philosophers have developed many concepts, explanations, and approaches on how to deal with the issue of gay relations. It is better to study all these issues and form your own understanding. Biological issues should be emphasized especially. The matter of gay relations is considered to be not only psychological but also a biological phenomenon. 

  • Stereotypes about gays 

Stereotypes about gays still exist in any society, and they usually have a negative impact. For instance, gays have an unmanlike appearance; they are doing not true-men activities. 

In fact, this is not true. For example, Maurice Bejart had his distinct masculinity, created an enormous number of plays. However, he never concealed his homosexual preferences. 

  • Political context 

Issues related to gay marriages are frequently discussed in any society. Moreover, such matters very often have even their political context. Unfortunately, this is often just for making political ratings without any care about these matters as such. Political figures don’t present their approach on how to address these issues correctly and whether to integrate gay couples in society or not. If yes, then it is better to discuss how to integrate them correctly without offending their rights and feelings of people with traditional views. If not integrated, then it is better to think about what to do with these couples. 

  • The emotional side of this issue

Many people treat the issue of gay marriages very emotionally because they see many threats behind them. One of them is that the legalization of gay marriages may lead to an increase in such couples. However, most people have traditional orientation, and they will not change it regardless of any circumstances. Nevertheless, it is difficult for many people to accept the fact that such non-standard relations exist. 

  • Limitations of gays’ rights

Unfortunately, gays frequently face the limitation of their rights. However, it is important to ensure their rights, as for all other people have. This can potentially help to decrease the frequency of demonstrations and protests in this regard. Consequently, far less attention will be paid to such issues.

Writing Process

Before starting your writing, it is better to identify yourself exactly your own point of view. Try to look at it impartially and identify all strong and weak points of your opinion. 

How to structure your assignment?

Your essay traditionally should include its:

  • introduction where you outline briefly the problematic of your paper, illustrate it using statistics data or other evidence, and make this issue open for discussion and finding solutions; think about and place your thesis statements in this part of your essay;
  • main body where you describe in details your point of view and provide supporting arguments; it is also advisable to think about any counterarguments and address them also;
  • conclusion where you summarize your arguments and reaffirm the initial thesis statement; in this part of your essay, it is also advisable to think about the appropriate concluding sentence to leave a positive impression for your readers.

Main writing tips

  • Always be polite

Even if you treat this issue extremely negatively and see real threats, still try to express your thoughts in a neutral manner. This way, you can communicate your point of view more effectively and persuade more people. In the end, the choice of gays may be biologically-determined, so they have nothing to do with this for themselves. Try to accept even not this choice, but the fact that such relations exist and they have no impact on your choices in any way.

  • Form your background 

Research this issue properly: its historical context, biological determinants, theories, different opinion, surveys. Nowadays, there are many organizations that study this issue. You may use their findings, reports, and the opinions of their specialists to develop your own point of view. 

  • Do your best to arrange all arguments logically and systematically 

Taking into account the overall sensitivity of this issue, you should not only develop your arguments in a polite manner but also range them logically. This way, you will sound more confident and will be able to convince more people in the correctness of your view, regardless of its character. To help yourself with this arrangement, try to develop your own line of thoughts where all arguments will be presented from the strongest to less strong.

  • Revise and ask somebody to give his/her feedback

During your writing, you may get used to your text and begin to miss your mistakes. Try to read this ready gay marriage essay from the third person’s perspective or, if you have such opportunity, pass it to somebody else for review and feedback. Just to check your politeness, correctness, and persuasiveness. 

Examples of Topics for Your Essay

Well, taking into account the overall sensitive character of the discussed matter, here are some suggested topics for you to practice:

  • Theoretical and real aspects of gay marriages
  • Features and essence of homosexuality 
  • Gender identity and gay relations
  • Positive and negative consequences of gay marriages
  • Religions and gay marriages
  • Allowing gay marriages is inevitable
  • What effects can gay marriages have on children?
  • About the increasing acceptance of gay marriages 
  • Legalization of gay marriages in all states
  • Comparing the parenting manners of gay and heterosexual couples
  • Are LGBT marches really necessary in the 21st century?
  • Rights and obligations of gay couples
  • Values that have gay couples
  • Comparing views about gay marriages
  • Political aspects related to gay marriages
  • Countries where gay marriages are considered as offensive
  • Countries where gay marriages are legalized
  • Moral and ethical issues of gay marriages 
  • Ways for integrating gays in society
  • Matters that induce men to form gay couples 
  • Determinants for gay marriages 
  • Wise approaches to educate children about heterosexual and same-sex marriages
  • Privacy protection for gay marriages 
  • The negative impact of gay marriages on society 
  • Ways for eliminating political issues related to gay marriages 
  • Role of marches and other LGBT political movements in the modern world 
  • Protection of the rights of gays couples
  • Gay marriage laws
  • Discrimination issues existing for gays couples
  • Perspectives of gay marriages in the future world 

Examples of an Outline for Your Essay

For your convenience, here is an outline for your essay 


  • Introduction 

Briefly describe the issue of gay marriage: what is the essence of such, mention the diversity of views about this type of marriage and list such. Outline your point of view in this regard in the form of your thesis statement. 

  • Main body 

In this part of your gay marriage essay, expand each view about this marriage by devoting a separate paragraph to each one. The address also the main advantages and disadvantages of each approach, provide examples (extracts from various scientific works, statistics, well-grounded opinions, etc.). Also, discuss your chosen point of view and provide your arguments in its favor.  

  • Conclusion

In this part of your essay, briefly summarize the information about all existing points and present your opinion briefly once again with your reasoning. 

Final Words

Addressing gay marriage issues can be very easy if you have formed your background about this topic, developed your opinion, and know how to talk about such issues effectively. 

Collect as much information as you can and select the most relevant for your topic. Present your point of view in a polite manner and include the supporting statements. And review your essay a couple of times or better pass to somebody else to check it from the point of politeness and correctness. 

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