Cause and Effect Essay: Features, Structures, Topics

Cause and Effect Essay: Features, Structures, Topics

If you look around you will see that every little thing in this word is connected to another: water helps the plants grow, plants clean the air we breathe; sweets make children happy; sad news make us sad. If you think about it carefully you will understand that everything has its cause and effect. Such observation will help students in composing a cause and effect essay.

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Cause and Effect Essay: features

Before beginning your essay it is better to define what exactly it is. Cause and effect essay is a kind of academic written assignment that describe events/actions/phenomenon and their consequences. When composing the essay, you should pay attention to the original causes and outcomes, and not the attributes.

Outline of Cause and Effect Essay

No matter what type of essay you are going to write you should begin it with an outline. Designing an outline is making a plan of your assignment. What to being when writing an outline? Think well, analyze your knowledge and materials you have studied in this particular field, brainstorm and generate ideas. This is what forms the basis of a winning essay.

We have prepared an example of such wining outline:


• Updated statistics of anorexia nervosa


• Over 15% of young people are affected by the consequences of anorexia nervosa in developed countries.

Body. Part1

• 3 main causes of the disease

Body. Part 2

• 3 main effects of the disease

Body. Part 3

• 3 potential changes caused by the disease

Conclusion: If you want to fight anorexia nervosa you should study biological and psychological aspects of the disease, change your eating habits and rest more.

Introductory part: how to write

Introduction is the initial part of your written assignment and you should pay a lot of attention to it. When you choose a book for reading you look through its intro part and understand whether it will be interesting for you or not. The same is with the cause and effect essay. For this reason your intro has to be really powerful.

In this section you should share the basic and primary information to let the reader see what you will be talking about further. If you choose to compose an essay with multiple causes that make one outcome you need to name and enumerate these causes that give this specific result. In case of writing an essay with one cause that gives multiple affects you should describe the cause and then name and enumerate the effects is makes.

A winning thesis: how to write

Once you are done with the intro part, proceed to designing a thesis. This is another important part of your essay that needs your attention.

A good thesis would include: main idea of its author, one opinion of its author, and a clear structure. If you know your topic and the title of the essay, and have at least a little knowledge about the subject you are going to write, it is not difficult to compose a thesis. In this case it is best to sum up the cause and its outcome in one sentence and choose proper words to present it in the most favorable light.

Paragraphs: how to write

Once the intro part is written, a student has to deal with the body of the work and write paragraphs in accordance with the designed plan.

Normally, you would have several paragraphs in the main part. It is important to analyze which information to put in which of them. Dividing all the materials you have into logical groups you should follow these tips:

  • Put all the facts in order according to the level of their importance – from the least to the most important;
  • Locate the facts in chronological order;
  • Divide the facts into categories according to their subjects.

It is important to make the paragraphs of the body interconnected. For this use special phrases and linking words in introductions and conclusions.

3 vivid examples of cause and effect essay

Theory is good, but to make sure you understand how to write this type of essay you should see several good examples. You may find a lot of examples online, and below you will find 3 helpful abbreviated examples:

  1. If you run out of fuel in your car you will be late for a very important job interview.
  2. Susan’s father worked as a financial expert and earned good money. This is why she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and went to college to study finance and accounting.
  3. If the number of working hours will be increased it will result in employees’ dissatisfaction, less productivity and general concerns.

Useful tips from experts

In addition to following a strict plan of action, use these useful tips from our experts.

  • Whatever topic you cover, always remember about your main goal – to acquaint the reader or argue the views of previous researchers.
  • When you work with the sources of information keep in mind marking evidences, they will help you make your essay more powerful.
  • Use professional terms in your essay that relate to your topic.
  • It is allowed to insert humor; it will help you connect with your audience.
  • Provide the reader with truthful benefits they are going to have from reading your essay, be precise, do not go into unnecessary details.
  • Try to predict possible questions and arguments to your essay and answer them in the text, prove your point with evidences from sources.
  • When finishing your essay ask questions about results of the conducted analyzes and emphasize the importance of it.

60 wining themes for cause and effect essay

If you feel like you need help with choosing a topic for your essay. The examples below will help you:

Good Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay

  1. What are the threats of hurricanes
  2. How are Syria and Russia related in terms of war
  3. Is there life after divorce
  4. How does alcohol affect human nervous system
  5. What are the effects of rowing with one parent
  6. Reasons and outcomes of racism
  7. Are taxi companies affected by the Uber
  8. Was it possible to avoid WWII
  9. What makes women enter destructive relationship
  10. How does music effect our brain

Fun Themes for a Cause and Effect Essay

  1. How YouTube video channel can make you popular
  2. What mistakes make your classmates laugh
  3. How does it change our life to have a cute pet
  4. Is it worth becoming a video game streamer
  5. What and how will change if you download a wrong picture to your social network profile
  6. Is it good to have too many subscribers on FB
  7. What effect will cleaning of your email trash folder give
  8. Online TV vs. Normal Television
  9. How to live without your phone for a day
  10. How good is it to laugh a lot

Topics and Technologies for a Cause and Effect Essay

  • What are the possible outcomes of human cloning
  • Does technological development make positive effect on modern kids
  • How does technological progress effect environment
  • Why is Japan ahead of other countries in terms of technological progress
  • How does the global network influence young kids
  • How useful are educational appliances in teaching process
  • What does virtual reality give people
  • Benefits of obtaining a degree in Computer Science
  • Did technological progress affect the nature of a person
  • Ho dependent are American students from their mobile phones

Personal topics for a Cause and Effect Essay

  • How did last holiday influence relationships in my family
  • Being a single child in the family
  • Should couples live together before marriage
  • What in modern world can cause mental disorder
  • What are my impressions from Mexico
  • Why should we help poor people
  • What is my attitude to personal freedom
  • How is it living in poor housing conditions
  • How does my favorite music influence my life
  • Do I follow the modern fashion trends in my everyday look

Themes on Environment for a Cause and Effect Essay

  • How does water contamination affect fauna
  • What factors of global pollution affect developing countries
  • Why should people conserve rain water
  • What makes the air in the cities to be so polluted
  • How dangerous are forest fires
  • Effects of illegal cutting of woods
  • Why it is worth abandoning whale oil
  • How dangerous is disappearance of some species of animals
  • It is possible to avoid wildfires
  • Reasons of wild animals migrating in Africa

Themes in Psychology and Social Studies for a Cause and Effect Essay

  • Why is alcoholism expanding
  • Affects of cheating
  • How dangerous is illegal immigration
  • What are the possible effects of global overpopulation
  • Divorce: good or bad
  • Is it possible to fight increase of drug abuse
  • What to expect from global warming
  • Ways to find compromise
  • Why older women date younger men
  • How does divorce affect children

There exist different methods and approaches to completing this type of written assignment. You should choose the one that is more suitable for you and use it in your work, and not only for a cause and effect essays.

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