Some Secrets For A Killer Causal Essay

Some Secrets For A Killer Causal Essay

The causal essay poses a very specific task. You need to choose any situation or event, analyze it and find what causes led to certain consequences. This skill helps students to evaluate any situations not superficially but deepening into them. Understanding the causes and effects, we can avoid dangerous mistakes.

Some students find writing a causal essay a daunting task. It is quite simple to fulfill if you responsibly approach the preparation process. Here are some suggestions to help you write an amazing causal essay.

What Is a Causal Essay

Understanding the sequence of events and phenomena that student’s study is carried out through an understanding of the events and phenomena themselves, the discretion of patterns in them, the disclosure of cause and effect relationships. If the students themselves most often see the essence of the events and phenomena themselves, then they experience difficulties in establishing causal relationships. For example, young school children confuse the cause of a fact with a coincidence in time; many students in elementary grades lack an understanding of the obligation of causation. It is easier for students to establish a connection from cause to effect than from effect to cause. And the causal essay is totally about it. You should choose two or more things and explain the connection between them.


Preparation is one of the most important stages for writing any academic work. Sometimes this process takes even longer than direct writing. That’s why you need to give it enough attention

Write down the features of the assignment

Few tasks sound like this: “Write a causal essay.” Rather, the teacher will offer you a choice of several historical events, political decisions, social phenomena. You will need to figure out what the problem, which reasons have caused it and which consequences are there.

Check the information

Make sure that you are aware of:

  • The volume of the essay. It is essential to plan your time and to understand the overall volume of the work. Usually, this type of essay takes 3-15 pages.
  • The number of sources. Find the required sources. If there are none, ask about the perfect amount.
  • The value of the work following the topic being studied or the volume of the paper. You need to find out which option you like the most. This can be a long essay with a detailed explanation of your personal opinion or a short text on the recommendation of the teacher.

Define the cause or effects you want to present in your essay

Most likely, the mentor will offer you a cause or effect and ask you to determine what kind of relationship exists between them. If you choose a topic yourself, you can decide what is more interesting to you: cause or effect. In the process of preparation, take short notes that will help you prove your point and come up with convincing arguments. It will be great if you find real-life examples. If you do not see a clear connection between cause and effect, try to choose others.

Make the outline

Your essay should begin with a brief and understandable thesis. This thesis explains the essence of your paper. After that, you will need to divide the text into 5 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Causes
  3. Effects
  4. Explanations of the relationship;
  5. Conclusion

In fact, there may be more paragraphs. The same goes for the arguments. If you need statistics, quotes, and other information to prove your ideas, use this. Follow your plan so that all information looks in the text appropriately and harmoniously.

There is some more information about the perfect outline:

  • Introduction. Your task is to prepare the reader for the situation under discussion. In most cases, a couple of sentences that describe how important your topic is are enough for you. Use the hook to interest. An intriguing question or unusual fact would be a good solution.
  • Paragraphs of the body. This is the main part of your essay, where you need to consider all the elements of cause and effect relationships. First, you simply describe them so that readers can understand and analyze these reasons. Next, you need to talk about their impact on society, the consequences. In the last paragraph, focus on your position so that the audience understands why you stick to it. In this section, you can use the facts and statistics that confirm your position. Do not use too much information in order not to turn the essay into scientific work. Readers shouldn’t consider it to be too boring.
  • Conclusion. This is the part of the causal essay where you can take stock. At the beginning you pointed out the main thesis, now you need to repeat it, but in a different context. Show that you were right after all, briefly summarize the results. A call to action will help end this essay. It will be great if you show readers further perspectives. What needs to be done to improve the situation? What can each of us do?

Writing the Draft

Write an introduction. To start, lay the foundation of the essay. Explain which aspects you will discuss. Add the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.

Then it’s time to write a paragraph describing the reasons. Most likely the teacher will tell you how many paragraphs are needed. If there are no exact requirements, you can solve this issue yourself. To do this, count the number of your arguments and break them into different categories. The number of categories will be the number of paragraphs. In each of them, you will explain a different point of view and illustrate it with convincing arguments. The purpose of the above provisions is to familiarize the reader with the situation and the multifaceted approach. You can encourage the reader to see the relationship, which will be discussed later in your essay.

Your next paragraph will explain the consequences. Here you also need to determine the number of paragraphs. Prepare only one paragraph for each particular option.

Take care of specific factors. You need not only to declare that the cause has led to a consequence but to explain how it was possible. First, describe the situation in general terms, and then move on to the details and arguments. Also in this section, you can express your own position.

In one paragraph, you need to put more emphasis on causation. Not just show its presence, but explain why it matters.

Complete your essay by creating a concluding paragraph. Conclude what you were able to prove. Explain the importance of such findings to our society.


Many students neglect this step. It is of great importance because this is a great opportunity to look at your essay from a new angle and make it even better. Here are some useful ideas:

  • Check the essay for meaningful content. Make sure your thoughts are clear. If in doubt, ask a friend to read your paper. Ask what he or she thinks about it. It is important that your idea is conveyed correctly, otherwise, the meaning in the essay is lost.
  • The logical sequence matters a lot. When re-reading the essay, a second time, answer the question: is it clear to the reader where the reason is actually, and where are the consequences of the decision made?
  • Reread the essay out loud. Check it carefully by reading it and writing a few drafts. If you see that you need more arguments, add them. 
  • Get rid of mistakes and typos. Make all the necessary amends.

If you doubt that your causal essay is really good, you can order a professional check. We will make sure that your paper meets the necessary standards or write a new one for you.

Causal Essay Topics

  • Can interpersonal relationships deteriorate due to the development of social networks?
  • Does the planet need a single language?
  • For what reasons do people lose their jobs?
  • How did news lose their popularity?
  • Change in marketing strategies influenced by social networks
  • Large corporations and cultural diversity
  • Should we bring up bilingual?
  • Where is racism more common: in developed or developing countries?
  • Can classical music heal?
  • How do stereotypes govern society?
  • Why are there too many products on supermarket shelves?
  • Has technology influenced contemporary art?
  • What could be the positive impact of the internet?
  • What skills does a good student need?
  • Is it possible to live a lifetime in a happy marriage?
  • Why do people no longer feel safe?
  • What threat is e-learning?
  • Financial Risks Associated with Online Shopping
  • Pros and Cons of the Internet for Child Education
  • Does YouTube promote freedom of speech?
  • What could be the reason for immigration?
  • Why are there wars in the 21st century?
  • How do political conflicts arise?
  • What does early pregnancy lead to?
  • Is it possible to build an ideal country?
  • Why are rich people not always happy people?
  • Influence of children’s professional sports
  • Parenting gender-neutral children
  • Stress relief techniques for students
  • Pets for raising kindness and responsibility.

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