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Why Students Are Asked to Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is a rather difficult but yet interesting assignment. It aims to show not only your writing skills but also technical and academic background, the mastership of a particular subject, and a chance to adjust to constantly changing market conditions.

This assignment is often given at colleges and universities, so most likely you will have to face it throughout the years. But how not to fail and to avoid sleepless nights and stress? The answer is simple: turn to our professional writing service!

Most Popular Types of Business Plans

To make a business plan that meets the requirements of the teacher you should first understand the type of assignment. Let us tell you more about the most common types of business plans, so you know their main differences and will be able to choose the necessary one when placing an order.


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Strategic Business Plan

Such paper provides a summary of the company’s goals and plan to achieve them. Here are the five most common elements that should be included: business vision, statement of mission, factors of critical success, strategies for achieving the goals and their implementation.

Operational Business Plan

To write a business plan of this type means to create a paper with elements that are related to an enterprise’s operations. Such a plan indicates deadlines and implementation markers.

Investor Business Plan

This type of business plan aims at a potential or an existing investor to show that the company is good enough for investing time and money. Here the company should include numbers on production, revenues, and other quantitative achievements.

Start-up Business Plan

To create a business plan for a new enterprise you should provide estimates and predictions instead of real numbers of the company’s performance. For example, you can describe the existing markets and companies in the same niche, explain your marketing strategy and provide numbers of how you will spend your first budget.

Internal Business Plan

This type targets a certain audience inside the business. For example, a marketing team, which needs to estimate a certain project. Such a business plan will describe the current positions of the company, its profitability, and operational costs.

Feasibility Business Plan

There are two questions, which this business plan format answers: who will buy the product or service and whether the enterprise can turn into profit.

Growth Business Plan

Such a business plan is often called an expansion business plan and contains a description of proposed growth. Such paper is written both for internal and external purposes.

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Order a Business Plan in 3 Steps

We are a reliable and reputable business plan help, which you can get in a matter of minutes.

  1. Tell us about your business plan. Our simple and convenient order form will help you to indicate everything about the task: its size, topic, deadlines, and other specific features. If you have a teacher’s guidelines or textbooks from the class, don’t forget to upload them;
  2. Pay for the order;
  3. Get a ready assignment. You will receive a notification once the order is ready. Download it and enjoy it!

Why to Choose Us

There are many business plan writing services on the market but none of them can boast so many years of experience and satisfied customers as we can. We not only create business plans for students but for global corporations, which shows that our writers are first-class specialists in multiple fields.

When hiring our author, you can expect the following features:

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Tips from Professional Business Writers

To write a business plan that will impress the teacher or the target audience you need to possess strong skills and knowledge. In case you decided to write the assignment on your own, our writers have made a list of the tips that you should use along the way:

  1. Set clear goals and choose the business plan type. You should have a clear understanding of the aims you are chasing: whether to attract an investor or to launch a new product. After setting the goal to choose one of the business plan types we have discussed above;
  2. Know your target audience. The structure of your text, its language and style will depend on the audience you are reaching. Make sure you know who will be reading the text;
  3. The text should be clear, brief, and structured. Stick to the point and avoid watery sentences and pointless information. Everyone values time, so provide only necessary facts and data;
  4. Use professional language. While jokes may be appropriate for an internal business plan you should still remain professional and formal;
  5. Never send the business plan without editing it. Reread the final version several times to detect any mistakes and imperfections. Your tutor will surely lower the grade if detects errors in the text. If you feel that strong English skills are not your virtue, we recommend turning for professional help or asking a friend, who can proofread texts.

Tips on Formatting a Business Plan

The business plan format greatly differs from the format of any other assignment. It doesn’t follow any widely accepted formatting style and depends on the type and company’s goals. If you want the future investors or your tutor to get the point and understand everything you are going to discuss in the business plan, we recommend turning to our professional writers. They have years of experience dealing with this type of paper, so your assignment will be in good hands.

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If you are looking for a business plan help or support another type of assignment, you are in the right place. Our writers, proofreaders, and friendly managers will provide assistance 24/7 and you won’t have to stress out about missing the deadlines or receiving a low grade.

Business Plan FAQ

Along with such massive works as a dissertation or research paper, writing a business plan is one of the most challenging tasks any student has to face. However, our experienced writers are always there to cover your back. Contact our managers or read the answers to the most frequently asked questions below and place an order putting all the worries aside.

Can I give you additional materials?

We always ask students to give us as much information as possible. It allows making the business plan comprehensive, personalized and tailored to your needs and expectations. Even if you remembered a notebook or a textbook when the order is already in progress, don’t hesitate to upload it.

Will I pay for a sample of a business plan?

We are not only an affordable writing company but also a company, which makes cooperation comfortable and beneficial. Thus, you won’t have to pay for business plan samples - they are free and aim to show students how good we are at this assignment. Get familiar with them and then place an order to get your own perfect business plan.

What types of business plan assignments you deal with?

We are ready to cover any type of business plan you may require including strategic, operational, investor, start-up, internal, feasibility, and growth business plans. If you haven’t found your own task in the list above, don’t worry. Just contact our managers and they will assign you with a writer, who has experience dealing with your task.

Can I order an urgent business plan?

As you know, we work 24/7 so you can place an urgent order even at night. Thus, there is no need to panic if you have to deliver a business plan in 24 hours. Contact us and we will solve your problem. But keep in mind that urgent assignments are more expensive, so it is always more beneficial to place an order in advance.

What are the guarantees that my order is unique?

We are ready to supply you with any guarantees that you may need. We are a reputable business plan help and you won’t find a single negative comment or accusations in plagiarism. Every order is unique and original, which is proven by a double-check and a plagiarism report. With us, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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